Sunday, March 9, 2014

Remember Me?!

Hello Bloggy World!!

So it appears I have been on a long bloggy break! I didn't really mean for that to happen but 2014 has come in with a bang and I feel like we have been going non-stop. Every time I sat down to blog, it just didn't happen. Thank you to everyone who emailed and checked in on us. I really appreciate it! :)

So for those of you who are FB friends, some of this will be redundant but I'm on a little FB hiatus right now too maybe some of it will be new. SO what have we done since the beginning of the year:

Kassidy has been enjoying her horseback riding lessons and is getting really good at it. She just finished her 10 lessons that she got for Christmas and wants to keep going so maybe this will be her "thing". Beyond riding, she's learning how to care for the horses, feed them, put on the saddle and other gear and muck their stalls (eww! LOL). She is anxious to be DONE with middle school, and I think we are both counting down the days. The last 3 years have definitely had their ups and downs for her. She applied to "choice" into a different high school in our district and has not heard yet if she got in, so she is kind of nervous about that, but she's feeling hopeful. The school she wants to go to seems great and we both have great expectations that high school will be a good experience for her. :)

Kameron is really enjoying middle school and comes home every day with fun stories about friends and classes. Since he's just starting out with his middle school journey, I'm glad he's having a good experience so far! His teachers seem to find ways to make every class interesting and fun, and that really helps. :) He has also decided to start taking Karate at Keeghan's studio. They're not in the same class of course (because that would be way too easy! HA!) but it's working out and he's having a good time. He just found out that one of the kids in his karate class goes to school with him so that's a fun connection to have as well. He came down with strep right after Kennedy recovered, so that was a bummer but with the help of antibiotics, he recovered quickly.
Kam in one of his daily bacon shirts

Kam on "Idiom Day" at school... can you guess what his idiom was? LOL 

His first day of Karate in uniform

Kennedy has been dancing, dancing, dancing! We are deep into convention/competition season and she has been enjoying every second! She missed her first competition because she got really sick (influenza topped with mono), but she's doing better now and is looking forward to her next competition next weekend. She is in 2 group dances and has a solo and duet this year. Her duet partner happens to also go to school with her so they were able to do their duet for their school talent show last week. :) More on that later. In January Kennedy went to the Down Syndrome Clinic in Denver for an overall check up. They said that she is doing GREAT and were very pleased with her progress. :) That's always nice to hear! They did order her a sleep study which is coming up in April and in June we are going to Philly to do a follow up at Shriners for her spine, but besides that, we are status quo medically which is nice!! Besides dance, she's been doing well in school and having fun hanging out with friends when she has time.

Headed to the Down Syndrome Clinic

Kenn doing her Solo

Kennedy and Elise doing their duet

Keeghan has been having fun in first grade. I can't believe the year is almost over. He has been growing so much academically this year. He has taken a love to reading and is pouring through the Magic Tree House books right now. We got rid of them after Kameron read them all in Tennessee (kicking myself for that one!) but we found someone who was selling their whole collection really cheap so we scooped them up. Score! It was like a belated Christmas present for Keeghan. He was THRILLED! Beyond that he has still been enjoying Karate class a lot and is so close to earning his next belt. They are having a "clean room" contest at the studio right now and the only way to stay in is to have your room clean EVERY night before bed. I LOVE this contest! haha It started the beginning of February and Keeghan is still going strong. The prize is a new Lego set so he's excited to WIN!

Keeghan getting his 2nd stripe. He just got his third last week!

Bowling with his friend Carly

He broke a board!

Frank has been very busy at work. He went out to the field for a few weeks and just got back. No deployments in his near future but they are definitely keeping him busy. He will be having surgery later this month on his shoulder to fix an old injury so he'll get some R&R then followed by extensive PT, I'm sure!

I have been busy with PTA stuff at the elementary school. The end of January is our annual Family Dance which I love planning every year. This year's theme was Neon and it was very... bright! LOL The kids and parents had a lot of fun dancing the night away! After that was over, we jumped right in to planning our first ever talent show for third-fifth graders. We had auditions with "celebrity" judges and a wide range of talent from singing to dancing to piano to animal noises to skits to a boy on a pogo stick! LOL The kids put on a GREAT show and I was so proud of all of them! We can't wait to do it again next year. Next up is the 4th and 5th grade play... I just do the program for that, so that will be easy, and then before we know it the school year will be over! Whew!

A few talent show pictures...

That's all for now. I will try REALLY hard to blog again before another two months has passed! :) Before we know it we will have some sweet kiddos birthdays coming up and they are both VERY excited!! :)

Before I go, here is Kennedy's solo for this year. :)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year, blogland! :)

We hope you all had a safe, happy New Year's Eve! We stayed home and had a fun night with the kids - good food, fun movies and everyone stayed up until midnight!! :)

Drinking sparkling grape juice and watching the ball drop

In true New Year's fashion, we couldn't be too uneventful! Kennedy woke up on the 1st with a really red left eye. Her eyes had healed so well after surgery so it was surprising to see it red again! She complained off and on that it hurt, and then when evening hit she really started complaining and her eye developed a big bubble on it. I called the after hours service for her ophthalmologist and they said the on-call doctor would call me back. After waiting for an hour with no response, we headed over to the ER. The answering service called me back and let me know that the on-call doc wasn't answering his phone. Awesome! 

Anyway, the doctor at the ER was pretty concerned about her eye. He took a picture of it and said he wanted to get the on-call ophthalmologist to come in and look at her because he wasn't sure what to do. Unfortunately, it was the same doctor that I had tried to reach earlier. After 2 hours they finally got ahold of him and he refused to come see her, even at the urging of the ER doctor. :( SO we went home with no answers and no help. Kennedy cried the whole way home because they didn't help her and her eye hurt. Breaks my heart. 

Her ophthalmologist called me bright and early this morning to see what was going on. I filled him in and he said to bring her in as soon as she woke up. When she did wake up I noticed the bubble had popped in the night but her eye was still really red. We got ready and headed over to the office. He said she is far enough out from surgery now and was healing so well that he was pretty surprised to see her eye looking so bad. He said the bubble was a cyst and gave me eye drops for her. If they don't work, she may have to have another surgery. :/ Praying hard the drops work quickly!! 

In other news, while my mom was here for Christmas we were able to go to Breckenridge a couple hours from here to see some cool man-made ice castles! It was really neat!! Here are some pictures... 

It was really neat - and really cold! haha! 

My mom was supposed to stay with us through the New Year but sadly, my grandmother (my mom's mom) passed away on the 30th. She had been sick for awhile so it wasn't a total shock, but still hard. My mom flew to Michigan on New Year's Eve to be with her siblings and help them get things taken care of. I am thankful my grandmother is not in pain anymore.

Anyway, that's about all that's going on here... Kennedy gets to go back to dance today which makes her very happy! She's missed it so much! (I have kind of enjoyed the break though! haha)

I will blog again soon with more pictures. :)