Monday, January 31, 2005

Things I've learned these last 2 weeks

Kennedy and I have been a resident at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital for two weeks now. The things I have witnessed will change my life forever.

As each day passes I become more familiar with our temporary home. I am learning the nurses’ first names, how many children they have, what they like to do for fun. They are here to take care of Kennedy, but I can't help but feel they are looking out for me as well.

We are becoming friends with the other "residents" on our wing. As I walk down the hall, I stick my head into our neighbor's room, "How's Kaleb doing today?" We swap the latest updates as our babies reach out to touch each other, each connected to their various machines.

We have said goodbye when one family leaves, and I wonder who will fill that room next. Will we still be here when they leave too? Or will they be the ones seeing us off, wishing they could be in our place?

During the day the halls are busy. Doctors come and go, checking in on their patients and discussing the next step in each child's care. Family and friends come to visit, bringing gifts and lots of encouragement.

There is one room, though, that remains empty, except for the tiny baby in the hospital bed. His only companion is his nurse who comes in to feed him and play with him in between taking care of her other patients. The rest of the day he lays in his bed alone, and waits...

Every parent walking the hall shows tell tale signs of what their child is going through. You can see it in their eyes: Fathers with brows furrowed in concentration, mothers with tear streaked faces as the doctors discuss their child's prognosis. Others are filled with relief as they realize the worst is behind them and they will soon be going home. Most often I see the same thing that is reflected in my bathroom mirror: Sheer exhaustion.

The nighttime is quieter. Parents settle their babies in as the care partners do one last round of vitals. The doors are closed and prayers go up for a peaceful sleep, a worriless sleep, a refreshing sleep. If they are lucky, their prayers are answered.

My mind often drifts back to one of the nights we were here in November. I was up late and wandered out into the hall to see a team of doctors in one baby's room. I stood at a distance, trying to make out the hushed voices. Seconds later, the mother walked out carrying her baby's blanket and crying softly. Soon the doctors left, giving her one last reassuring pat, one last sympathetic glance. She stood there for quite some time staring off into space, not quiet knowing what to do next. Finally she dialed a number on her cell phone and uttered two small words: "It's over." My heart broke as her tears flowed down her cheeks onto the blue blanket she clutched to her chest. I retreated to my room, knowing I had already intruded too much, and I prayed.

Our time here seems to have run into one long day. The date, the day of the week, even the time seems unimportant. I don't know what the weather is like outside, nor do I care. I DO know our room is set to 75 degrees, day and night. The fact that the rest of the world outside these walls is going on with their lives is sometimes incomprehensible to me; yet I am reminded of it with every visitor, every phone call, every email.

While the length of our time here is still unknown, we are slowly starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Each task that is accomplished, every illness that is overcome, is one step closer to Kennedy's surgery and one step closer to us going home. I am anxious to leave, to see my children and fall back into my daily routine. At the same time though, I pray I never forget the things I have learned here. Hopefully I can help others with my findings:

1. No matter your surroundings, there is always an opportunity to let the love of God show.

2. Nurses do not like to be called "Hey you!" Take the time to remember their names.

3. Doctors don't always tell you everything. Don't be afraid to ask questions, or get a second opinion.

4. Hospital food, by definition, contains no salt. Ask for extra!

5. Wash your hands often. When in doubt, wash again.

6. You could hear the beeping from the IV in your sleep at any given time.

7. Don't fight with the side rail of the hospital bed. You're sure to lose and you'll probably get hurt.

8. Times of crisis show who your true friends are. Cherish them and thank God for them every day.

9. No matter how alone you feel, take comfort in knowing that God is always with you. He won't even look away when they draw blood.

10. No matter how weak, tired, or hopeless you feel, God WILL be your strength.

As hard as these last two weeks have been, the things I have learned about myself, my family, my friends and my God have taught me lessons I may not have otherwise learned. Would I choose to do this again? No! But I promise to remember and maybe even come back to visit.

Sunday, January 30, 2005

No news is good news!

Well, we know nothing more today than we did yesterday, so I guess no news is good news! :o) Kennedy is doing well. She's still retaining a lot of water, but she's in a great mood!

My mom brought Kass and Kam up today and we decided to go to Chuck E. Cheese. It was WAY crowded but we had a lot of fun. It was nice to spend time with them away from the hospital. Kass wanted Kennedy to come too though! Hopefully next time! My mom is going to try to bring them back up on Wednesday.

I'm still feeling pretty yucky from my cold, so I'm praying for one more night of good sleep and hopefully it will get out of my system!

OK, I know this update is boring, but I can't think of anything else to say! :o)
More tomorrow!

Saturday, January 29, 2005

X-rays, Infections and a Prayer

Weekends are SO boring around here! The halls are quiet, the food is blah, even the gift shop is closed. It's been a long day. Kennedy and I have both been lazy and just laying around for the most part. I have to say though I was making her toy dog do tricks earlier and she was laughing SO hard! My mom is going to bring Kass and Kam tomorrow to see us and hopefully we can do something fun! :o)

SO we got Kennedy's X-ray results FINALLY! And her lungs look clear from the pneumonia. However her doctor said she has (forgive my spelling) Peripheral Airway Disease. This is not an immediate concern for her, but he said many times this will develop into Asthma. We'll worry about that when/if it happens! At least the pneumonia is gone! Praise God!

He also had the results of her blood cultures so far and it's still showing infection! (GRRR) So he's going to check it tomorrow and if it appears to be the same infection(s) they are going to take her PICC line out and just have me continue nursing. He said her blood tests showing her nutrition came back great! He thinks once we get the PICC line out, the infection should clear up and then he can operate the end of the week. (Haven't we heard this before?) :o)

She's lost a little of her water weight, so that's good! She weighed in at 9lbs 11oz last night, I believe. He said she will lose the rest once the PICC line is out.

So we've had more good news than bad today, the end is in sight at least!

Last night the father of Kennedy's friend, Kaleb (who "lives" two doors down from us here) stopped by to see how we were doing since she hasn't been to visit in a couple days. We chatted for awhile and then he headed back to their room. He came back later though and said he was reading his Bible and praying and he felt the overwhelming urge to pray for Kennedy and our family :o). So we talked some more and then were able to pray together! It was so neat! Kaleb's family has pretty much lived in this hospital off and on his whole life, so they totally understand what we're going through here. I just know God sent him right when I needed him! As soon as her blood infection is gone I am going to get pictures of Kenn and Kaleb together! Who knows, we may have made life long friends! :o)

Frank arrived to JRTC safely. He gave me a quick call about half an hour ago just to let me know he was there and they were unpacking and stuff. He said he should be able to call every night when they aren't out in the field. Please pray for his safety!

I guess I have rambled long enough. Kennedy is snoozing so maybe I will go lie down too. My cold seems to be a little better today as long as I keep taking my medicine, so hopefully one more night of good sleep will knock it out of me!
Until Tomorrow,

Friday, January 28, 2005


Hospitals and medicine are funny things. We came in for Kennedy to have surgery and she got sick instead. So they put her on medication to make her better and the medication gives her thrush. So now she needs more medication to get rid of the thrush, and since I'm breastfeeding, it could be passed on to me, so then I'll be on medication too. And still no surgery! Just shows the smallest decisions can change everything!

Besides the thrush, our newest problem is weight gain. (Not lack of weight gain, not weight loss, but weight gain. Never thought I'd be hearing myself say that!) When they weighed Kennedy yesterday morning she weighed in at 9 lbs 8 oz which is a HUGE gain since she was only 7 lbs 2 oz when we got here. The nurses said the nutrients would make her gain a little, but they were suspicious. Last night they weighed her again and she jumped to 10 lbs 2 oz! In one day! Not only that, she is blown up like a stuffed sausage (no, I'm not calling my baby a stuffed sausage! LOL). Her ankles and wrists have completely disappeared and her belly is sticking out WAY too far. She's retaining water. They said it's probably from being over hydrated with the nutrients, but she needs the nutrients, so there's not much they can do. They said after she's weaned off she'll lose all her water weight. In the meantime, I have a very chubby baby with huge chubby cheeks. I'll take lots of pictures :o).

Her chest xrays from this morning have not come back yet, so we don't know how her lungs look or if the pneumonia is gone. They did more blood cultures at 5am so we're waiting on those too... they will take a few days to really grow out and see what's going on.

I am officially sick with Kennedy's cough/cold. (Isn't is nice to have a child who shares!) :o) I've been sucking on cough drops and Frank brought me a vaporizer, so please pray for me too, that I can get over this quickly. Being sick in a hospital where no one can help you is no fun!

So, again I leave you with a whole lot of nothing. Frank is here today. We went out to lunch after the nurses assuring me Kenn would be fine (and she was) and now he's up playing with her while I sit here to update you and then I have to run and do laundry.

Thank you to those of you who sent cards, I will send you personal thank you emails later. Kennedy's door is the most decorated on our wing now! :o) We haven't gotten any duplicate cards yet either, so that's really neat!

Please pray her xrays come back clear! It's baby steps towards surgery now! :o)
Love you all,

PS to the person who asked about the pay day candy bars, I'm ready and waiting! :o)

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Long night and a crazy day!

There's no better way to describe the last 20 hours or so!
Kennedy had a bad tummy ache last night... at least that's what we think it was. She wasn't happy unless someone was patting her tummy or her back. Finally at 3am I pleaded with the nurse for some tylenol, tummy drops, something! When neither of those worked another nurse took her for an hour and banged on her back for me so I could sleep. Kenn fell asleep around 4, the nurse put her back to bed and she woke up screaming 15 minutes later! AHHHH!!! We had a student nurse that came around 8 and she took over with Kennedy so I could sleep again. Thank God for nurses! She seems to be feeling better this afternoon, so we are praying for a good night's sleep tonight! :o)

This morning her surgeon came in to inform us that her blood cultures have grown out more. She has two different types of staph infections, and one of them is showing resistant to penicillin so now the doctors or nurses who come in contact with her have to wear gloves and gowns before they can touch her. I guess so they won't spread anything to anyone else. We can still have visitors, as long as they wash their hands really well before and after touching Kennedy and they don't recommend having children visit :o(. (Kass and Kam can still come, we just have to sanitize them before they leave and they aren't supposed to touch Kennedy at all!)

The saddest part is that Kennedy can no longer leave her room. She's going to miss our evening strolls around the 7th floor!! Tomorrow they are going to redo her chest xray and blood cultures since she's been on antibiotics for a few days now and they are hoping by Monday she'll be allowed out of her room again.

Her surgeon is now saying he should be able to operate the end of next week... if nothing else crazy happens! All in God's timing! :o)

Besides being tired, I'm ok! I was picking through my stash of junk food last night and came across a payday candy bar... I forgot how much I like those things! :o) (It's the simple joys in life, right?) Frank is coming tomorrow to spend the day with us before he leaves for JRTC, as long as Kennedy is doing well and I feel it's ok to leave her, we plan to go out to lunch. We're hoping the fresh air won't kill me! HA!

Anyway, that's all for today. We'll have good news tomorrow, I can feel it! :o)
Love you all,

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Boring day...

First let me say, thank you to everyone who has signed Kennedy's guestbook! I was sitting here reading with tears streaming down my face. How blessed I am to have such good friends, such a support network. To see the prayers going up for Kennedy, all over the world, just makes me all the more sure that Kennedy is going to get through this just fine! (and I will too!)

Wow... I just looked at the journal date and time... I totally didn't realize it was Wednesday! LOL The days are starting to run together. Last night I needed to borrow scissors from the nurses station, so I went and asked a nurse and she said she didn't know where any would be. I said "They're right there in that drawer." A doctor standing nearby started cracking up and said "You know this is your home when you know more than the nurses!" I laughed, but it kind of made me sad too... I'm tired of this home! I promised the nurses we would come visit from time to time, and no offense, but we're ready to get out of here!

Anyway, today has not been a very productive day. We haven't seen her surgeon who usually comes in and wakes us up at the crack of dawn. (Maybe he got a day off, imagine that!) We still haven't heard the results of today's blood cultures, so maybe we'll find out tomorrow. We'll see!
On a good note, Kennedy's fever has stayed down. This morning it was REALLY low, like too low, like 95.8 or something like that. So we wrapped her up and I held her close to me to give her some of my body heat. She warmed up after a bit. I think the highest she's gotten today is 97.8. She is going from one extreme to the other!

A respiratory therapist has come twice already today and will come again tonight to beat on her lungs. (She loves it!) The two from earlier have seemed very pleased with how her lungs sound, so that's good!

My mom came to visit with Kass and Kam today. They wanted to go play in the play room of course, so my mom and I walked around for a bit with Kennedy. They will come back again this weekend and maybe I'll venture out to go to lunch with them if Kennedy is doing ok :o). So, like I said, a boring day!

Frank leaves Saturday for JRTC and will be gone until March 1st. Please pray for his safety while he is gone.

I've decorated Kennedy's door with all the cards we've received! I will take a picture sometime. Thank you!!! OK nuff rambling from me. More tomorrow.
Love you all,

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Pneumonia and Blood infection

Hello everyone!
I thought this would be an easier way to update you all. I will update every day, so just keep checking back. The computers here won't let me send bulk emails, so it's difficult to keep sending updates out via email. I do hope you'll keep checking back to see how Kennedy is doing though!

That being said, we have had another very bumpy day. Kennedy's fever went down last night and stayed down and I really thought we were over the worst part. This morning they took her temp and it was 99.9. A few minutes later she started shivering really hard and crying. A nurse and I had our hands on her and we could literally FEEL her skin getting hot. It was so weird! The nurse took her temp again just 20 minutes after the 99.9 reading and it was up over 105! They got motrin down her and have been rotating it with tylenol all day and it's down again to 99.8.

I was told this morning by a student nurse that Kennedy had a urinary tract infection (UTI) which made sense after the ordeal we went through with her catheter the other day, so I figured that was the reason for her high temp... however, I never officially got word that it was a UTI. Tonight I asked my nurse again and she said NO she doesn't have a UTI (and even if she did they could only diagnose it with a urine culture which would require another catheter. NO thank you!).

She went on to say that her blood cultures came back and she has a blood infection probably caused by the PICC line they put in to give her her nutrients. They need to wait one more day to see what the blood does so they can identify the particular strain of infection she has and make sure she's on the right antibiotics to fight it.

The good news is, she's not contagious. The bad news is, they definitely won't be operating this week. It depends on how bad the infection is and how long it will take to clear to even get an idea when her surgery will be.

They also officially diagnosed her with pneumonia. A respiratory therapist came in 3 times today to knock on her back with a little rubber thing to help clear her lungs. She's also on an antibiotic for that.

So, again we wait. Kennedy's surgeon came in this morning and just gave me this look like, "I am SO sorry this is happening". He said "You know, maybe this is God's way of saying she needs more time on the nutrients." I think I agree with him! It's good to know he's not going to operate until Kennedy is safe and ready... so many doctors these days would just do the operation to get us out of here. I know we're in really good hands here.

On a brighter note, we met another baby on the next wing over with Down syndrome :o). He's here for the long haul too so he and Kennedy are becoming friends. :o) At least they can keep each other entertained!

OK I'm off for tonight. More tomorrow.
Love you all,

Monday, January 24, 2005

Sick :(

Hello everyone,
I know I just updated yesterday, but here's the latest. Kennedy's fever spiked to 105.7 this morning :o(. They have been giving her Tylenol and Motrin all day and running all kinds of tests but they can't figure out what's going on. They got her fever down to 103.9 but can't seem to get it any lower. She's miserable poor thing. Her chest xray showed one side of her lungs is partially collapsed so they are treating her for pneumonia, but they're not sure that's what she has.

They are giving her IV antibiotics and have sent out blood cultures. In the meantime they're hoping the antibiotics will cover whatever is wrong. The surgeon will be back in tomorrow and I am preparing for him to say he needs to postpone the surgery. We'll see. Anyway, please pray that Kennedy's fever goes down and that we both get a good night's sleep tonight... we need it! I'll update again when we know more.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Planning for surgery

Kennedy is on her 3rd bag of nutrients, and so far so good. They had to do a catheter on Friday which was just AWFUL! They said she has a REALLY small urinary tract. After about 5 different tries, they finally called a nurse from the NICU to come get it in. Kennedy pee'd all over 3 different nurses . LOL They only left the cath in for 24 hours. They needed to test the nutrients in her urine. I'm glad it's out now! LOL She has too many tubes coming out of her already!

The doctor is shooting for Thursday for her surgery. They have been talking about Kennedy in conference the last few days and they have decided to leave her heart/esophagus situation alone. They said she could live forever without it ever hurting her, or she may end up needing surgery on it in the future, but it's best to wait until she's bigger and stronger if she does have to have it taken care of.

SO they will only be doing the surgery on her intestine. They had told me at one point they would probably cut out the blocked piece of intestine and sew the two good ends together, but it turns out the part that is blocked holds the links to other vital organs, like her pancreas, so they can't remove it. Instead they are going to build a little bridge over the blocked part and reroute everything through there. I wish I could scan the picture he drew for us on our wall! LOL We'll be here for 10 days after the surgery.

The only setback we're looking at now is that it appears she is getting sick. She has a low grade fever and a terrible cough. Of course they can't operate when she's sick and they won't let me give her cold medicine @@. Make things hard for a mommy why don't you? They finally agreed to let me use baby Vicks on her to help her sleep. They did an RSV test today which came back negative and they are going to do a chest xray tomorrow just to make sure her lungs are clear and then we just have to pray her fever goes away by Wednesday!

All in all Kennedy is in good spirits. Every evening we walk the length of the 7th floor and she gets everyone's attention right where she wants it: On her! During the day she sleeps a lot, we play on her bed and she eats and eats and eats and enjoys having mommy at her beck and call. I think she's going to be very spoiled by the time we get out of here .

Kassidy and Kameron are doing well. My mom got in yesterday and they spent the afternoon here with us. Frank goes back to work tomorrow but they will let him have the day of her surgery off... how nice of them! I'm hanging in there, I'm a little tired, but I'm enjoying time to read and play with Kennedy. We've been meeting other patients on our wing, including another baby named Kennedy and a cute little boy named Kaleb who just loves her to death! (I need to get a picture of them together!) I've been SO spoiled by friends who are loading me up with junk food and books and movies! One friend even brought me some comfy sweats and a laundry basket!! They think of everything!

OK sorry this got so long. I will try to update again if anything changes, just continue to pray!
Love you all!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Vascular Ring

Hello from Vanderbilt!
We have been going through a whirlwind the last few days and some of this update
you may have heard either from me on the phone or from someone else passing
along the info, so I apologize if it's a repeat. I just didn't want anyone left

On the way to the hospital Monday afternoon we rec'd a call from Kennedy's GI
doctor and she wanted to make sure we knew everything we were facing when we
arrived. As far as I knew it would be the week of IV nutrients and then her
surgery on her intestine. Not so.

Apparently when they did the endoscopy last week they also found an indentation
in Kennedy's esophagus (sp?). There is a blood vessel from her heart that has
been misplaced and is wrapped around her esophagus. A cardiologist will be
coming in to see her and run some tests, and she may have to have heart surgery
before they can do the surgery on her intestine. Her GI also warned me not to be
surprised if they want to do two weeks of IV nutrients instead of one. SO if
this heart surgery happens, we could be in the hospital for over a month.

My mom is coming this weekend for the kids and if she has to go back to work and
Kennedy is not home yet she will take Kass and Kam back to Florida with her.
Even though I will miss them like crazy, at least I know they will be safe and

Frank is still scheduled to leave for pre-deployment training on the 29th... as
far as I know they have no plans to let him stay behind.

Kennedy is doing ok, she is in pretty good spirits for the most part. They put
her PICC line in yesterday for her nutrients and last night it came loose and
there was blood EVERYWHERE! Very scary! While they were trying to get the blood
to stop they accidentally pulled the line out a bit and they had to redo it today.
We're hoping it's in right now. They haven't started the nutrients yet because
they need to be sure the line is secure... she will get one bag of nutrients
every 24 hours and each bag costs $1,000!! Praise God for good medical

Anyway, Kass and Kam are doing ok, Kass was sad when I called last night because
she missed me but she's been having fun with daddy. I think he took them to see
a movie this afternoon. No fair! :o)

In the meantime Kennedy and I are hanging out. She has her nurses wrapped around
her little finger and I am filling up on junk food lovingly sent to me by good
friends! Another friend is working on getting me a loaner laptop so I may have
constant Internet access soon! (What a concept!) In the meantime, I will update
as I can.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and emails. They mean so much to me. I am
trying to reply to each person personally, but it may take some time.
OK I'm going to get back to my baby now.
Love you all,

Monday, January 17, 2005

Not good news...

Hello everyone,
We went to Kennedy's pre-op today to get her surgery date and we did not get good news. The surgeon said that with Kennedy's nutritional needs right now she would not make it through the surgery. So, we are going back later this afternoon to have her admitted and they are going to pump her full of nutrients via a long IV for a week, and then he will operate next Monday and said her chances would be "better" then. I'm not sure what "better" means exactly. He was throwing information at us too fast. We have lots more questions to ask.

So, we're going in today, we'll be there all week for her to get nutrients, he will operate next Monday if he thinks she will be ok, then we will be there another 7-10 days after the surgery. In other words, we're moving in.

This is all getting really scary. Frank and I are both on edge. Please keep us all in your prayers, especially Kennedy and the doctors that will be working on her. My mom will be coming this weekend to stay with Kass and Kam, and I know they will be really happy to have one on one time with Grandma.

Anyway... I'll keep you all posted as I can. Please please pray for our baby!

Friday, January 14, 2005

Kennedy update

Hello everyone!

Wednesday morning we headed to the hospital to get Kennedy's NG feeding tube put in through her nose. We knew we'd have to stay in the hospital for one night. When we got there though, her doctor said he wanted to do another test called an endoscopy where they would put a little camera down into her tummy and intestines and look around and also do little biopsies of her tummy to check for allergies. They had to use general anesthesia for this procedure and said we would be in the hospital at least until Saturday. (Thanks for the warning!)

The feeding tube was just awful!! They put it in Wednesday evening and she screamed and cried so hard that she broke out into a sweat which made the tape on her face let go and the tube came back out :o(. Right after that they put her IV in so I made them wait awhile to put the tube back in. Poor kid. They came back at 10pm to put the tube back in and start the feedings. They wanted me to put it in, but I couldn't. :o( At 4am they stopped the tube feedings because of the general anesthesia she would get at 10:30. She woke up at 7:30 and threw up EVERYWHERE! It was awful!

At 10:30 or so they took her back for her endoscopy. It went really well, it took about half an hour and she came out of the anesthesia just fine. My pastor's wife came to sit with me since Frank was with the kids so I wouldn't drive myself insane! The doctor's came to talk about what they saw and they found more than they were expecting. While they were putting the scope down inside her, they went through her stomach, into her small intestine and hit a wall. There is a huge blockage there. Kennedy has an condition called a duodenal web. Her intestine didn't form correctly while she was in my womb. She has one tiny hole there for food to get through that's about the size of a pin. Since I am breastfeeding, Kennedy had control over how quickly and how much she ate, so when we gave her a bottle or the feeding through the tube, she had no control. The formula then piled up on top of this blockage and had no where to go except back up.

The good news is, this is the answer. This is why she's not gaining weight. Once they repair it, she will be able to eat more successfully and she will thrive! The bad news is, it's a pretty extensive surgery. They told us we would not be going home before the surgery, but they can't do it until next week or the week after so they agreed to let us go. We go in for a surgery consult on Monday and then we'll schedule her surgery from there. We'll be in the hospital for a week to 10 days afterwards. She won't need a feeding tube or anything though when all is said and done! :o) So, we're looking at the positive and trying not to think about the surgery for now.

Once we get the surgery scheduled, we'll make plans for Kass and Kam. Either my mom will come here and stay with them or we will take them down to Florida so they can stay with her there. I'm sure they will enjoy their time with Grandma. I'm going to miss them like crazy though! Frank leaves on the 29th or 30th to Louisiana for a month to do pre-deployment training so we're praying her surgery is before then so he can be there and know she is going to be ok.

Anyway, please keep us all in your prayers, please pray for the doctors that will be operating on her and please pray the operation goes smoothly and she recovers and then gains weight just like they anticipate! As I understand it, they will cut out the part of the intestine with the blockage completely and then sew the two ends of the open intestine back together. I hope that makes sense. OK I'm off to go tuck my kids into bed and unpack our hospital bags so I can repack them next week! Thanks in advance for your prayers!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Checking in...

We are at the hospital right now and Kennedy will be admitted today to have her
tube put in. They also want to do an endoscopy to test for allergies... this
will require her to go under general anesthesia. If she does have allergies I
will have to stop breastfeeding. :o( They will also be doing either an MRI or an
ultrasound on her spine to test for Spina Bifida. *sigh* Lots going on. We'll be
here until Saturday at least. I'll post again when I get home or I'll call
Heather and she can update you. Keep the kids in your prayers. Especially Kam,
he is having a hard time right now and it makes me nervous to be away from him
so long. Thanks!