Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Long overdue update!

Well I figured this site is long overdue for an update! Our family has been busy with vacation! We explored Tennessee and did all the touristy stuff.

We went to Eastern TN on the NC border and went to Gatlinburg and Dollywood. The kids loved it! Kass and Kam are still talking about all the rides they went on. Then we came home for a day and took off for Memphis (right on the AR border). We met with friends there from one of my message boards and then stayed with another friend who was our Chaplin when Frank and I were in college. It was great to spend time with him, though I have to say West TN is NOT very pretty! We went to Graceland but the tour was almost two hours and over $50 for our family so we decided against it. I've heard we haven't missed much!

After Memphis we came home for a couple days and then took off to Chattanooga. We love it there! We spent lots of time in the water and we also went on a boat ride, went to the aquarium (we went to one in Gatlinburg too) and we went to the Children's museum. It was all so fun! We were there the weekend of the 4th and the fireworks display was kind of disappointing, but oh well! Can't have it all, right? :)

On July 12th Kassidy and Kameron both had tubed put in their ears. We're hoping this is the end of constant ear infections for both of them! They both did really well and it was over so quick! Thank goodness! The hospital gown had clowns on it which freaked Kam out, but beyond that it was a breeze. Kam woke up hungry and ready to run. Kass woke up a little weepy and played the drama card the rest of the day... oh she's so much like me it's scary!

Kennedy is doing GREAT! She weighs 14 lbs 5 oz now and is starting to fit in some of her 3-6 month clothing finally! She turned 14 months old last Saturday... I can't believe it!

On our vacation she learned how to clap her hands and say "YAY!" She is her biggest fan I think! ;) She is also Army crawling all over the place and if you ask her where her head is, she'll point to it! She's one smart cookie! :)

This Saturday Kennedy gets to go on her first plane ride!!! She and I are flying to California for a Down syndrome conference in Anaheim. I can't wait!! We'll be there for two weeks so we have time to see all our friends (most of whom have not met Kennedy yet) and eat all the food I've been missing!

Frank has to work so he won't be able to go, and Kassidy and Kameron will be staying with my mom in Florida. I'm going to miss them!! It'll be a nice break for me and them though. After Frank deploys in September, it'll be just me and the kids for a year... they're going to get tired of me I think! ;)

Kennedy and I will return on August 5th and school for Kass and Kam starts on August 9th! It's so early! I can't believe Kassidy is going to Kindergarten! She's so excited!

Anyway, there's our update! When we get back I will update again!