Saturday, December 10, 2005

More surgery for Kennedy and Fall pictures!

On Wednesday Kennedy had ear surgery. I forgot to tell almost everyone apparently, so my apologies! We've been so busy these days we don't know which way is up sometimes!

She went in to have compacted ear wax cleaned out and possibly have tubes in. She passed her hearing test in the booth and she had never had an ear infection, so they weren't too sure about tubes. They said they would decide once they get into her ear and looked around. They also decided to do a sedated hearing test while she was out so she was under a little over an hour.

They cleaned out her compacted ear wax and found she has an ear infection. (Her first one!) I started to get mad at her ped for not catching it but the ENT said that he looks at ears all day and HE didn't even see it until they got into the ear drum, so there's NO way a ped would have caught it. OK I'll buy that! He went ahead and put tubes in to help with draining.

He said that her hearing is perfect, which is awesome! He also said he has never seen a kid with Ds who's ears looked so good :o). He was amazed. Nice to have someone amazed over her for a GOOD medical reason! LOL

She was in quite a bit of pain when she woke up, so they gave her a narcotic which made her a little loopy for a bit, but an hour later she was wide awake and back to her old self!

Anyway, one more thing under Kenn's belt. We go in next Thursday so they can clean out her tear ducts in her eyes and then hopefully we can stay away from anesthesia for awhile! They are also running a blood panel on her next week. She's still really anemic and they want to see if they can find the reason.

Thanks for check in, as always! Here are some of Kennedy's Fall pictures that I promised to get out and never did! LOL I also have the professional pics, just waiting on one of them to come back and I'll send those out too.
What is this??

I think I like it!

I can hold it...

This is amazing!

I need to think about this...

Let me show you my tongue!

OK Ready???


I found another one!

Hey, it landed on me!!

Let's see what happens when I bang them together...

MMMM Yummy!

This has been an interesting experience!