Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Lots of appointments!

Well, we're right smack in the middle of Kennedy's slew of doctors appointments! I'll be glad when we are done for awhile!

We saw ENT to get her hearing checked and they found a lot of fluid behind her left ear. They couldn't really tell how her hearing was because her ear canals are so tiny, so they are recommending tubes, even though she's never had an ear infection. They said most likely she'll end up having to get them anyway. *sigh* We're not sure when she'll get those done, she has an appointment to see a different ENT at Vanderbilt on August 1st.

Last Monday we saw her surgeon in Nashville. He was VERY pleased with her weight gain and said we no longer have to follow up with him! YAY!! One less doctor in the equation! They made us promise to come visit often though! :)

Last Wednesday we saw her new developmental pediatrician on Post. Her old one retired. I really like him! He was a little concerned about her vascular ring and thinks we need to keep a very close eye on it. I'm supposed to talk to the cardiologist about it when we see him and make sure he doesn't want to take care of it. I'm torn, so whatever he decides I'll go along with.

Last Friday (I know, long week, huh?) we went back to Nashville and saw her nutritionist and GI doctor. I was dreading this appointment because it has been her GI doctor who has been pushing the feeding tube. However, they BOTH said it looks like she's doing great and there's no need to even think about a feeding tube for now! You could have knocked me over with a feather I tell ya! I almost said, "Are you SURE???" LOL

Today we saw an ophthalmologist here in town. The purpose was just a yearly check up to make sure her vision is ok, which it is. However he said he didn't like the fact that her tears are not draining correctly and wants to go in with a little scope and unclog her tear ducts... it's an easy, quick, painless procedure BUT they have to put her under again! *sigh* I hate it! I convinced him to hold off for awhile... let us get through the summer, get the kids back in school and THEN we'll deal with it. Fortunately he said that would be fine. Whew!

Now we're free and clear for Kenn until July 26th when she will see her cardiologist. Next would be the ENT on August 1st to pick a date for tubes. On August 26 we are going back to see the surgeon that did her hand surgery. He just wants to look at her thumb and make sure all is ok... he had mentioned right from the beginning that it may take two surgeries to fix it. We'll see...

Kameron saw the Developmental ped last week as well and he said he looks great! He does want us to get a hearing test on him and said we should get one done every year. That date is pending.

All 3 kids and I have been struck down with a cold for the last week and Kassidy's turned into an ear infection so we took her back to the ENT and guess what? She's getting tubes too! I may try to switch Kennedy over to Kass' doctor and he said he can do both girls at once. We'll see. Kass goes in on July 12th for her tubes.

OK I think you all are brought up to speed now! Please pray for Kennedy to keep gaining weight, she's up to 13 lbs 5 ounces as of Friday! And pray for all her upcoming appointments. Also, please pray for Kass on July 12th. She's never been under anesthesia before!