Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Aspiration Pneumonia

So it's now 11pm and we're home from Vandy... *sigh*.
Kennedy's simple procedure today proved to be not so simple. First, they got her to sleep, went down with the scope and found she had food in her belly. She had not eaten anything for over 12 hours at that point so her doctor was a little worried about that. He is ordering more tests to see why that happened. He thinks maybe there is a narrowing in her stomach or something that is not allowing the food to empty correctly. He said it looked like peaches which she hasn't had since Sunday! Anyway, they got the biopsy done and said we could call in a week for results.

Usually when they allow me to go back to recovery to see Kenn she is screaming and thrashing, she does NOT come out of anesthesia well. Today though she was sleeping HARD. It took us a good half hour to wake her up. When she finally did wake up she seemed to be ok, she was smiling and babbling and trying to make us laugh, so they let us go home.

She slept the whole way home and we gave her a bottle which she drank a little of, offered her lunch which she refused and she went right back to sleep. I laid down with her and when I woke up an hour later she was burning up! Her temp was 102.9. We picked the kids up from school, had her doctor paged and told him we were heading into the Vandy ER and please meet us.

By the time we got there her temp was 104.7 and she was completely lethargic. She couldn't lift her head or even keep her eyes open. It was really scary! She has had 106 temps before and not been lethargic. Her doctor wasn't returning our pages and the ER was crammed. It took 2 hours for us to be seen (they gave her motrin and a triage nurse checked her in the hallway every 30 minutes) and come to find out her doc had called and told them we were coming and to see us as soon as we got there. Lot of good that did! @@

Anyway, they got her temp down and did chest and belly x-rays. They were checking for bleeding from the surgery which there wasn't any, thank God, and a few other things. Turns out that the anesthesia made her aspirate on the food in her belly which then turned into pneumonia. Her right lung is partially collapsed. They gave her a dose of rocephin through her IV and debated on whether to keep her there or not. Every room was filled in the whole hospital and they had over 20 people already spending the night in the ER, so they decided to send us home. We have to go back to her ped tomorrow and get another shot of antibiotics and we're doing nebulizer treatments. Hopefully between the two we can kick this out of her system! I will update again tomorrow after we see her doctor.

Thanks for keeping Kenn in your prayers, they mean more than you know!!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Still here!!!

I bet you thought we forgot all about you, huh? LOL
Our family has had a wonderful time being complete again these last couple weeks. We pulled the kids out of school and went on a great adventure to Florida! We got to visit with friends, old and new, and see Mickey and Minnie and some whales and dolphins too!

I have tons of pictures (but of course!) and you can see them all here: http://www.ourkjkids.com. There are 4 pages. Also, notice our new domain name! No more angelfire.com/yadda yadda yadda! ;o)

Kennedy is doing well. I think Florida air is really good for her! Her skin wasn't so dry and her breathing was awesome! We may have to move there one day! LOL Tomorrow she is finally having her endoscopic surgery to confirm if she has Celiac's or not. I get the feeling this is only a formality. Once it's confirmed we get to go to the nutritionist and Kennedy's feeding habits will be forever changed. *sigh*

The good news is, the Army decided to let Frank stay for her surgery! He was extended one week. He will be here until March 4th now and then it's back to Iraq until September. We are so grateful for this extra time together.

OK I guess that's it! Go check out the pictures and sign our guestbook! :o) I'll update tomorrow on how Kenn's surgery went.

Thursday, February 9, 2006

Quick Update

Kennedy went backt o the doctor yesterday and her staph spots are healing well. She has 2 big scars :(, but hopefully they'll fade in time and this WON'T happen again! UGH!

Anyway, Frank is back in the states! YAY! He'll be here in a few hours. We get to spend 2 weeks together before he goes back to Iraq. Needless to say I won't be around much!

Thank you always for your prayers for our family!

Friday, February 3, 2006

Appointment #5

We just got home from day 5 at the doctor's office not too long ago. Last night Kenn screamed for an hour and a half, there was no consoling her. I finally called her doc but by the time he called back she had fallen asleep. Her temp spiked in the middle of the night again.

This morning when she woke up the first spot that the cut open was filled with puss again GRRR. I gave her a bath and it popped on its own afterwards.
The doctor said she looked good today and to keep her on the antibiotics and come back next week. He still can't explain her temp, and neither can I, so we'll just see how it goes.

Hopefully this is the end though!!
Thanks so much for all your prayers for Kennedy!

Thursday, February 2, 2006

More spots...

OK so Kennedy woke up with another staph spot on her belly this morning. It wasn't bad, but it's the same way the other one started out. Her temp also spiked again last night to over 103. We already had our follow up appointment made so we just headed right to the doctor.

Her test results came back, no RSV, which I figured because she has no symptoms, and the staph culture came back positive for the CA-MRSA, which we also already assumed. It did show a sensitivity to the bactrim that she's been on since Monday, so why the new spot? They are dumbfounded. They repeated her CBC and her white blood cell count has come back down, which is good.

The NP who has been following her really felt she needed to be on IV antibiotics and wanted to admit her, but needed the OK of her doctor to do so. He came in and basically said he doesn't really know what to do with her. He suggested maybe she has the flu... Ummm NO! And took a little stick thing and pulled wax out of her ears thinking maybe she had an ear infection, but they looked fine too. He was just grasping at straws thinking maybe 2 things were going on at once.

SO he decided to cut open this new spot before it got bad and went ahead and cultured it again just in case this was a different kind of infection. We won't know until Monday though. He said to call right away if she spikes a temp no matter what time it is, and we have another appointment for tomorrow morning. Five appointments in five days. I wonder what the record is?

Anyway, please pray for no fevers and no more spots! We both need a good nights sleep tonight!

Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Kennedy update...

No gross pictures tonight! :o)
OK so last night I went to check Kennedy's temp and it was 93.1 with the rectal thermometer. I thought surely that CAN'T be right?! So I did it again, same thing. Tried a different thermometer, same... then did under the arm and finally the forehead with our thermal scan thermometer. Each time it showed 93.1 - 93.3. WTH? UGH

Anyway, she was acting ok so I put her to bed. She woke up screaming at 3am and she was burning up! Her temp was 103.7. Talk about from one extreme to the other!

SO I called her doc this morning and she told us to come right in. She did blood and urine cultures and an RSV test. The CBC showed that her white blood cell count is really high (of course because of the staph infection) but nothing else showed up so we'll see if the culture shows anything on Friday. Her urine was clear, but they sent off the culture for that too, just in case. She had no idea WHY her temp was so low last night, but did seem concerned about it.

The spot on her belly looks a little better today. It's still sore and pretty bruised. They decided not to try to drain it again today, and I'm kind of glad.

SO we go back again tomorrow at 9:30 to get the results of her RSV test and the stuff that they tested that came out of her sore.

In the meantime, she still has a low grade fever, but tylenol and motrin is keeping it at bay.

That's today's report! LOL