Friday, October 20, 2006

A Modern Stone-Age Family!

Our Buddy Walk went just great!! Thank you to all of you who helped support us! Our local group together raised over $5,000! And they estimate that the Nashville walk raised over $38,000!! YAY!

Tonight was the kids' Fall Festival at Kassidy's school. They get to wear their Halloween costumes and play games and eat food! It's a lot of fun (and a little hectic! LOL)

We broke tradition this year and decided not to do Disney costumes... must be that California blood is slowing dying away... so sad... still I think the kids looked awesome!

Here is our modern stone-age family!!!

Flintstones... meet the Flintstones...

Fred and Wilma

And my adorable Pebbles

Austin aka Bamm Bamm... Kennedy's future husband ;)

Don't they make a cute couple???

And a couple from the Pumpkin Patch!

Until next time!

Thursday, October 5, 2006

Family update!

Sorry it's been so long since the last update, this pregnancy has been starting out not so fun! I have a kidney infection already which I dealt with when I was pregnant with Kass and Kam but not in the first trimester! Sheesh!

Kennedy is doing well... she had another bout with pneumonia last week, but she's on the mend finally. She had her repeat swallow study and is not aspirating on the thickened liquids which is good because she would have needed a g-tube if she were. She is still aspirating on thin liquids so they will repeat the study again in February. Hopefully she'll grow out of it!

She will have a repeat sleep study in November to see if she still has sleep apnea now that her tonsils and adenoids are gone. If she DOES she will have to go on oxygen every night. I've heard this is a pain in the butt for everyone so we're praying the apnea is gone!!

Kassidy will be going in for a sleep study sometime soon... she is taking part in a research project at Vanderbilt through the Down syndrome clinic. They need typical peers to do the study on so they have results to compare to. Should be interesting to say the least! I had her first parent/teacher conference yesterday. She is WAY above grade level in everything and is making straight As. The only thing she needs to work on is her organizational skills... must be heriditary!

Kameron is driving his teacher crazy and she in turn is driving me crazy. It's going to be such a fun school year for him... bleh. He is doing well for the most part and reading everything he can get his hands on... including looking over my shoulder while I type! LOL He just amazes me!

OK I'm going to really really really really try to keep updated more often, promise!!

BTW, October is Down syndrome awareness month!! There are buddy walks all over the country that would love to have you walk... or you can sponsor Kennedy!! Let me know if you need more info!