Thursday, December 21, 2006

Kennedy's surgery update...

We just got home from Kennedy's colonoscopy and everything went really well. She got bumped up because the kid in front of her ate breakfast this morning. LOL It was over in about half an hour and they didn't have to intubate so she woke up SO much better than usual!

The good/bad news is that they didn't find anything that could be causing her bleeding. She sometimes gets constipated, but she bleeds LOTS even when her poop is soft. Her GI said that she just tears up there no matter what and there's really nothing they can do. They did take biopsies while they were up there so those results should be back in a couple weeks. 

After we left the hospital, we ran through and got her some french fries. She ate a few and then fell asleep. She's in her bed now. She is REALLY annoyed with the bandaid on her hand from where the IV was. She keeps pointing and saying "Owie", but she won't let us take it off either! LOL 

Anyway, thanks for all the prayers! They worked!!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Strep, Strep, Strep... (and other medical stuff!)

I could just cry! I had this HUGE LONG update all typed out and before I hit "update journal" I always copy my entry just in case something happens. Well... instead I hit PASTE! UGH It's all gone. Now you'll never know the wonderful update I had for you all. *sigh* So here's my half hearted update.

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to update. We have been busy and sick... and busy... and then sick again... and busy. HA! I will try not to take so long again!

Speaking of being sick... Kassidy is now on round SEVEN of antibiotics for strep throat. Every time she gets better and her meds are gone, she gets sick again a few days later... she then passes it on to either Kennedy, Frank or I. Kennedy has had 5 round of meds... me, I've had it twice... Frank has had it once... even my mom got it once. Did you notice who I left out? Oh yes, my darling son Kameron... the one who never got sick. We decided to take him in anyway, and it turns out he's a strep carrier! Little booger! I have to say though that Kassidy got a kick out of telling him he made her sick! LOL So once we treated Kameron, they assured us the cycle would stop. One week later Kassidy got it again! *sigh* Can I just say I HATE strep throat?? Kass and Kam both have appointments with ENT on January 16th. They are going to talk about when to get Kass' tonsils out (SOON I hope) and set up a sleep study for Kameron... he snores something HORRIBLE and I'm hoping they can fix it. His future wife will thank me! I will update on them when I know more.

Speaking of snoring... did I ever mention my husband snores? I'm not talking about a light snore... I'm talking a helicopter IN our bedroom, while I'm trying to sleep! After several nights on the couch he decided to see a doctor. Like most Military docs this one took a wait and see approach. Did you TELL him how bad it is? I asked. Yes, yes blah blah blah. The next week we ran into this doctor and his family at lunch! Hallelujah! I am not ashamed to say I begged (actually I told him that a visit to an ENT would be WAY cheaper than marriage counselling! LOL). And viola! A week later he was in to the ENT! Turns out Frank has a deviated septum. His nasal passage is really messed up. She asked him if he'd ever been hit in the nose. When he said no she said he must have been born that way then. LOL She said it's a pretty dangerous thing to live with though so they will be doing surgery to correct it. They want to do a sleep study first though to see how bad his apnea is.

Speaking of sleep studies... Kennedy had a follow up sleep study on December 1st to see how well her T&A surgery went. Her ENT said that if she still has apnea she will have to use oxygen while she sleeps every night. Needless to say we were praying hard that wasn't the case. She had a really rough night the night they did it, so they were worried they didn't get enough info to tell. We got a call a few days ago though, and her ENT said she still has VERY light sleep apnea, but not enough to be concerned about or warrant oxygen! So her surgery worked! YAY!!! Next on the plate for her is this Thursday. She will have a colonoscopy done to see why she bleeds so much when she poops. They are thinking she may have polyps, which if she does, it's easily correctable that day, so we're hoping this is the answer. Please keep that in your prayers and I will update when I know more.

Speaking of... ok just kidding, I can't think of anything to relate to that! LOL So I guess onto me: I am now 18 weeks pregnant (or very close to it) and starting to get big!! Funny how the 4th kid does that! LOL This Tuesday is our 8th wedding anniversary, and the day that we found out that Kennedy was a girl 3 years ago, so what better day to have our ultrasound??? I am praying this baby cooperates and we find out what we're having!!! I am so torn on what I want this time. I'll be totally happy either way... I just want to SHOP!!!

Speaking of shopping (bet you thought I was done with that huh? LOL)... I have a couple boxes to mail, 2 more things to wrap, and I am TOTALLY done with all my Christmas shopping! YAY!!! I'm so excited for the kids to open their presents this year. We picked things all 3 are totally going to love! In addition to leaving cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer, we also bake a birthday cake for Jesus! I love traditions! 

Anyway, I guess that's it finally... though it will never be as grand as the original update I wrote. But I'm not bitter!