Friday, January 12, 2007

Happy New Year... and more strep!

Happy New Year!!!

Welcome to 2007! We rang in the new year the same way most families do... with strep throat! We were on vacation in Gatlinburg at the time so we got to spend New Year's night sitting in an ER in the middle of nowhere... I have to say though, we were in and out with all 3 kids diagnosed with strep in under 3 hours! Talk about service! 

Anyway, we cut our vacation short and came back home to let the kids recoup. They ended their medication on the 5th and Tuesday night I was back at the doctor with Kass and Kam who both tested postive again. Now Kennedy is sick as well and she has an appointment tomorrow morning... 3 guesses on what is wrong with her!

Kassidy is now on round 10 of antibiotics, Kameron is on round 7 or 8 and if Kennedy does indeed have strep it will be round 6 for her. I guess not having her tonsils does help a little. 

The appointment we made with ENT back in October is FINALLY here! Kass and Kam go in on Tuesday and hopefully they will agree that they need their tonsils out... if they don't you'll be seeing me on the 6:00 news for freaking out in a Nashville doctor office! I am just praying that they can get this done SOON especially before May! I do not need a newborn getting strep!

So anyway... that's it for us lately. We had a wonderful Christmas and I have tons of pics that I will get posted soon. Hope you all are well!