Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Baby K Update!

I had my level 2 ultrasound yesterday, and everything with the baby looks great!!! They were a little confused as to why I was there... partly because my OB didn't send the records over! So they could only go off what I told them, and I didn't know much! They said the baby's head looks great, all the bones are forming correctly and they promised me if they weren't they would have caught it at my last level 2. They sounded really irritated that I was there and said the hospital should have known better than to scare me and since they cleared the baby medically at the last level 2, nothing is going to change. BUT I'm glad my hospital said something if they weren't sure and sent me for reassurance because this is the same hospital that missed tons of stuff with Kennedy. 

ANYWAY, YAY!!! All is well! They also said he's about 4 pounds right now which is perfect for my due date and said I shouldn't have a 12 pound baby... which is oh so comforting! LOL

Thanks for all your prayers!! Now I'm praying for a very uneventful 8 1/2 weeks!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Praise and Prayer Request!

Kassidy and Kameron had their post surgery appts today from their T&A surgery... it's been a LONG 3 weeks for them trying to keep them from running around (soccer season started last week and they are just dying to play!) and the no straw rule has been harder than I thought it would be! The ENT said their throats and ears look great and they are good to go! YAY!!! On the way home we stopped and got them milkshakes to celebrate! I, on the other hand, am down with strep again! As long as I don't pass it onto the kids, we're ok though!

Kennedy is doing just fabulous, she is talking more all the time and taking several steps on her own! She never fails to brighten our day. Frank has his surgery to repair his deviated septum and have his tonsils taken out on March 27th. Please keep him in your prayers for an easy surgery and quick recovery!

We also need prayers for little baby boy K. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes recently so my OB decided to do another ultrasound just to check his growth. That was done at BACH on Sunday afternoon and today I got a call saying I need to go to Vandy ASAP for a level 2 u/s. I called my OB and she said that it appears one side of the baby's skull is not forming correctly. I've had several ultrasounds before this and nothing has been noticed, but still they need to make sure everything is ok. Please pray that it was just a fluke thing with the way he is laying and everything is fine... only 9 1/2 weeks until he will be here! I can't believe it!! My level 2 ultrasound is Monday though I'm not sure they will tell me anything there, but I will post again as soon as I know!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Family update

As usual, things around here have been crazy, so my apologies for not updating. Kassidy and Kameron's T&A surgery went fairly well. Kam freaked when he came out of anesthesia and really beat himself up with the wrap over his IV... he had 2 black eyes and a huge scratch on his cheek! Silly kid! 

They were both on heavy duty pain meds for well over a week and ate a LOT of popsicles, jello, pudding and ice cream! Kameron had quite a few hard nights where he would wake up in pain but refuse to drink anything to help his throat not be so dry. It was a hard couple weeks for all of us!

They are both feeling fine now and are back to school where they are still not allowed to run around, get sweaty or drink from straws... torture for a 5 and 7 year old! We go back to Vandy on March 13th for them to get rechecked and then they can get back to their normal routine.

Kennedy's doing just great. She is taking a few steps on her own before she head dives, she'll be running around any time now! She was loving life after the kids' surgery because every time they got a popsicle or whatever she felt she was entitled too! All the sweets and none of the pain... such a hard life! :o) Her speech has also exploded the last few weeks. She is putting words together (like "stop it!" and "let go!") and has a new favorite word: "SpongeBob!!!" Of all the things for her to get interested in!

I am doing ok, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes last week and have to check my blood sugar 4 times a day... hopefully this can be controlled by diet and I won't have an 11 pound baby!!! I have another ultrasound on Sunday to see how big he is right now and a class I need to take to change my diet to help him slow down on weight.

Frank's surgery has been scheduled for March 27th for his deviated septum and taking his tonsils out. He'll be in the hospital overnight and then be off work for 2 weeks. Please pray everything goes well with that!

I will try to do better on keeping this site updated, but you know how that goes! LOL