Friday, December 5, 2008

Gifts for Christmas

SO I have NO idea what to get my kids for Christmas this year. I've bought Kennedy and Keeghan a couple small things but that is IT. I ask Kass and Kam what they want and neither of them know! So I'm enlisting your help blog readers! I'm going to tell you a little about the kids and what we already have and you can come up with fabulous suggestions for Christmas, right?! Right!

We already have a Nintendo Wii with several games... they don't need more games for now. Kass and Kam both have iPod Nanos and I'm really against the idea of portable video game systems. In the playroom they have a television, karaoke machine, DVD player, air hockey table and a ton of toys including a race track, tons of Littlest Pet Shop stuff, and of course a million Groovy Girls in a big doll house. They have WAY too many books. At my mom's house they have a play kitchen, vanity set, tea set, and lots more little stuff.

Kassidy is 9. She likes Hannah Montana, High School Musical, and she occasionally plays with her Littlest Pet Shop stuff. She's not into Barbies, could care less about clothes for the most part, and is not extremely girly. She likes music, Spongebob, iCarly, and reading books. She occasionally enjoys coloring.

Kameron is 7. He likes Transformers, but has most of them. He says Spiderman is his favorite superhero, but I can't remember the last time I saw him play with any of his Spiderman toys. He has hundreds of little toy farm animals which he plays with often. He likes cars a little but has tons of those too. He hasn't played with his race track since last year. He loves to draw and make up stories. He likes Spongebob, music and reading books.

When Kassidy and Kameron play together they mostly play pretend with stuffed animals... which they have a lot of. They especially like these Tots which were prizes in kids meals from Sonic. Seriously, it's ridiculous how much they loves those things.

Kennedy is 4 1/2. She LOVES Groovy Girls (duh). She has over 70 though... she has most of the accessories but not a ton of clothes for them because 1. I can't stand seeing naked dolls everywhere and 2. she doesn't have the fine motor skills to dress them herself. She also occasionally plays with other baby dolls which she rocks and feeds and puts to sleep and then leaves them with me to babysit! HA! She likes Elmo and Wow Wow Wubbzy. She loves Spongebob and music and books and of course all things Princess.

Keeghan is 18 months. He is ALL boy. He loves trucks and books and balls and ELMO. He loves to bang on drums but already has 3 or 4. He has tons of peek-a-blocks that he rarely touches. He likes music and toys that light up. He dances at the first sound of a beat. He likes Dora and Diego and Yo Gabba Gabba. Really though, his most favorite toy is me. LOL

When he and Kennedy play together they usually play with the musical instruments. Keeghan's even been known to play Groovy Girls with her until he slobbers on one and she takes them away and calls him naughty. They like to play ball together and of course watch Elmo together.

So here's what I have already (or at least have plans for): My friend Jenn is making Kennedy a bench/toy chest for her Groovy Girls. She hand paints them and personalizes them. This will be Kennedy's big gift. I also got her this little toy laptop that her friend Kaylond had and she really liked. I think she'll enjoy pretending with it. I also bought her the Bride and Groom Groovy Girls because she doesn't have enough already because I've been wanting to get them for her and found a REALLY good deal on ebay.

I bought Keeghan Elmo Live, the newest Baby Signing Time DVDs.

Kass and Kam have nothing so far. I'm clueless. The only thing Kam has even mentioned was the Crayola Glow Board which I think my mom is getting him. So HELP!!!! LOL What cool new products have you heard of out there that fit my kids' ages? What are you buying your kids?


Jen T. said...

I so have the same problem this year!

Our big gift is Six Flags season passes. We also got them one of those 16 game tables (ping pong, billiards, etc.). Ryan is getting a larger Lego set and Emily a digital camera. Ryan is also getting my old MP3 player that I only used for two months before my in laws bought me an ipod. They are both getting furry Crocs and that's pretty much it. I may go to the Scholastic sale to get some cheap books, but honestly they go through them so fast I'd rather go to the library!

This year was hard...we got them the game table b/c we got a good BF deal, and wanted them to have something b/c Six Flags doesn't open until April! They don't need/want anything! Must be nice!

Jen T. said...

BTW, send me that CD of wedding pics so I can do the book for Kenn! That could be a gift, lol.

Lisa Turner said...


I found this for my nephew...he loves to draw, and loves to come up with stories. It is called Illustory: Write and Illustrate your Own Book!

Imagine your child's face when she or he sees their own story and drawings made into a professionally typeset, hardbound book! With this multi - award winning kit, you simply have your child write and illustrate their story using the supplied materials, which are then mailed in for publication. You'll soon receive a beautiful 12 page 7" x 9" book, complete with an "about the author page" and your little author's name, title and drawing on the cover.

Extras books are optional and make great gifts for grandparents.

I got mine at Barnes and Noble for $18.

If I think of more, I will let you know.

Joy said...

Well, I can't help much because I am having the same problem. Have you seen the cupcake maker. You micromave the cupcakes an then this contraption helps you decorate them all pretty. I got the for Katie. How about some new writing and art supplies. One thing I am doing for Katie this year is buying her some blank hard cover books for her to write her stories. We go through so much paper because she is constantly "making" books. I can't really offer much more. Maybe for the big 2, you can get them show tickets or something. Check and see if anything is coming to your area that they might enjoy. Goodluck!

Amber said...

I was going to suggest Legos also for Kam, and Lincoln son is 6 and he loves both. I was at Sam's Club yesterday and saw a really awesome cedar playhouse for $199 if you have the space. It's something all the kids would use. If Kam doesn't have an art easel, that would be great for him to be creative with. Do the kids have a tent to play with indoors?

Jen T. said...


Illustory is great! My mom got it for Emily a couple of years ago and it's one of her most treasured items!

grecia said...

You might have said you were against these...but my nieces love their Nintendo DS Lites!

Anonymous said...

This is Kelly.

I always like getting kids tickets to events they would like to see. Like Disney on Ice shows, trips to rollar skating. A friend of mine gave her children each a calender for the next year and each month had an envelope taped into it with a promise to do something special just the two of them that month. (Go to dinner, see a movie, have a picnic, take a day trip, go get ice cream, etc.) This helped her spend one on one time with each child, too. Another friend did something simular with their granddaughter.

Kassidy and Kameron might be ready for some special art classes or cooking classes, language arts, music classes - opportunities to expand their horizons.

I also like getting sleeping bags for the kids. This was one of my favorite gifts as a child. Or a supper cuddly blanket.

I would also listen to what they are telling you. If they do not know what they want, they may not have to have the amount of stuff they normally get.

This also might be the year to have each of your kids "adopt" a service project and the "gifts" they get are to support that service ministry. i.e. Suppose Kassidy chose to adopt a child in a third world country or a missionary child living in another country - her gifts could be clothes for that child, toys that she likes bought for that child, a map of the country that child is from, a book about their culture. Or if Kameron decided he wanted underprivleged children to have books, he would get duplicates of all his favorite books that he will donate to a needy library or have a book drive in honor of him, so you pass out flyers all over the neighborhood for "Kameron's Book Drive". Kenndy might get appropriate toys for the children in the hospital (of course, delivered by her smiling face) and Keegan might get new born supplies for a battered woman's shelter. The possabilities are endless and if your kids have an interest and passion for helping others, they will appreciate the gifts supporting those passions.

Just a thought. They might be a little young to understand, especially in the two younger ones. Okay, enough of the suggestions from the childless, anonymous, blog stocker! - LOL

Lisa Turner said...

Jen T.

Thank you so much for the comment! I am even more excited to give it to him for Christmas now!

Jen T. said...


You're welcome. My mom always finds really neat gifts (except for the tadpole kit she gave my son for his this year...did you know frogs can live up to FIVE years and that they eat LIVE crickets, lol?).

They give you the option to correct spelling or not. Emily didn't want to correct hers, and three years later, she loves seeing how far she's come!

Tamar said...

do Kass and Kam enjoy sports etc? maybe one of those combined sport toys that has basketball, soccer, football etc it last a long time and has many uses!

Jenn said...

I'm all about the "experience" gifts too - last year we bought each of the kids a new wallet and stuffed it full of gift cards for: the movie theater (with enough for a kid and an adult ticket), two different restaurants, blockbuster, the local zoo, and a couple of other things. With the exception of the movies and the zoo all the gift cards were between $5-10 each. We gave the kids the option of using their "Fun Day Wallets" individually with mom or dad or as a family. We were quite impressed when they put their heads together to figure out how they could maximize the fun and each got their own individual fun day and we had two family fun days out of it.

I am pretty sure we'll be repeating this as a new family tradition! I have also considered bedroom makeovers (a la Bed in a new furniture or paint) but will probably wait on that until we have a referral for the adoption so we know whether we will be adding a new brother or sister to our family.

Karen said...

I saw recently that Coleman Scott and his brother got a really neat toy, that I thought your kids might like. I had to go back and look it up. It is the VTech KidiJamz and the KidiDoodle. With the Jamz studio, they can record their own music/singing and then play with it. The Doodle comes as a two pack, and they can play head to head drawing games (might be great for Kenn's fine motor skills), they can draw, and they can send ecards to each other on them. I also thought of digital cameras for the older two. I think my kids were about their ages when they got their first cameras, and they LOVED to take pictures. And the great thing about digital cameras--they don't have to print all the pictures!

Another gift we gave our kids that they loved were scooters. We opted for the basic scooter, not the power ones or the kick-to-go scooters. We figure that if they are going to scooter, they may as well get the exercise too!

I second the idea of sleeping bags!

Also, since I think you mentioned three of your kids like SpongeBob, how about instead of a "gift", you give them a redecorated play room? You could paint the walls, and maybe even put up some SpongeBob decals on the walls. We redecorated our kids' bedrooms one year for Christmas, and it was overload on toys, and they loved their new room. One person got them the bedspreads, one got them a light for their room, one got them new sheets, and my niece and her husband did the painting, complete with a hand-painted border. The kids still love that room--and that was two years ago.

Lyndi said...

For Kameron, Marvel has started making transformers. They have iron man, hulk, spider man, human torch, etc. These look really cool, and Steven begged for them. They are a "big" item this year, so if you go this route, good luck finding them!

For Kassidy, JC Penney's has some cute Hannah Montana stuff, like a storage bench and other things that toys stores aren't carrying.

For Kennedy, Target has an interactice doll that talks to her highchair, crib, etc. It's only like $29.99.

I have no idea for Keeghan, I can't come up with anything for Jessie either! Let me know if you think of anything for that age group...I'll be reading other's ideas!!

Good Luck!

Lyndi said...

One more thought for the older kids. Brentwood has a cooking school. It's like $75 a month. I you wantto drive there once a wekk, it looks like something really fun. Here's the link

We are going to enroll Kylie in Feb, if I can convince my mom-in-law to take her!!

Laura said...

I have no idea...and am NO help!

I love Christmas, it's my favorite!
But here I sit reading your blog and being reminded...I have 9 KIDS and haven't bought the first GIFT...UGH!!! I might be getting the worst mom of the year award if I don't get busy.

If I think of something I'll let you know. Mean while I'm up for suggestions and YOUR help :) I'm looking forward to reading the suggestions you get!

Teresa said...

Hi Renee,
I am a mom of 6 and our only girl is 8 yrs old. We are getting her new bedding for christmas. She is pumped about it. Go figure. She really wants it and like your kids has "everything else". I don't know if that will help but I hope so.
Teresa Barnett in Oklahoma

Maureen said...


Anonymous said...

I would suggest that the older kids get one gift that they would really like and go out with you to get a gift for another child that may not be getting anything this Christmas. This way they would be getting the gift of sharing! That's what I want to do with my older kids.
Good Luck and Merry Christmas.


Rachel said...

I am at a loss... My kids are 14, 10, 7 and 16mo. Now that I am a single mom again (of 4 this time) and cannot afford much Christmas, my boys school nominated us as an adopted family!!!!! I hate to take hand outs, but as this years Chrismas (and 2 kids birthdays in Dec) I decided to accept. However, the second I asked the kids, "what do you want for Christmas" (they do not know we were adopted) they just dont know.

I feel we are not like everyone else! I cannot afford much this year! But my kids have no clue what they want!!!!!!1

I can only tell you that I asked for stuff they need. Like socks, P.J.s' and clothes and shoes.

I hope you find what you need. I just wish I could do the same for my kids.


Terri said...

I have often thought that Keeghan sounds a lot like my Mitchell. After reading your description of him, they are a lot alike! I am hoping to get Mitchell the Yo Gabba Gabba Dance mat, have you seen it?

Beth said...

I'm so glad to be done with it all - wrapped and under the tree! And luckily - my girls are still small enough that they like anything we get them! They are getting a big kitchen for their big gift - rumor is Santa is bringing that one - hope he comes through!!! Otherwise - they are getting some DVDs, books, and some little things...They don't need anymore toys - but you know how that goes! I'll need to get something for the baby once he/she arrives and we know if he/she is a he or she! Oh and the girls are getting 2 groovy girls - we'll see if they like them!

Good luck!

Lu (Lucille) said...

This might sound strange, but since they already have so much, maybe let them choose a toy to give to someone who may not otherwise have a gift.

That way, its from them since it is their toy money and they feel a sense of ownership for choosing the recipient. Maybe you can find some charities or even just a family in need and ask them which person they want their gift to go to. Obviously Kennedy and Keeghan have their gifts and may be too little to understand the concept but the older two it could be a nice change!

Sorry, other than that I have no ideas. I'm sure we have many of the same toys here but I don't really know a lot about toys for kids that age.

Janet said...

Rachel -- I think it is wonderful that you are able to be one of the "Christmas Families". My church does this each year. This year our family selected the requests of items for a baby that will be born early in 2009. The girls and I loved being able to pick out the things that matched and add some surprises too. We often talk about how people need different kinds of help at points in their lives.

Terri -- concerning the Dance Mat, my son just got one for his birthday. I can't remember the measurements, but it is small (Luke is 6, but has global development delays). Looks fun, but check the measurements. It came from Target

I love all of the ideas. My girls are 10 & 8. The 10-year-old turned 10 last week, and the 8-year-old will turn 8 the day after Christmas. Ugh!

The 8-year-old loves to write notes, letters, make cards. I'm getting her a box and put in stationary, tape, pen, etc.

Leah said...

UGH! I haven't even STARTED Shopping yet! Angela is tough to buy for, and my boys are even more difficult. What do you get for 20 and 21 year old men who NEED lots of things, but don't have a place of their own to put it? They NEED new winter jackets, but the last time I bought them they disappeared, abandoned at some friends house or another. Not making that mistake again. Anyway, I'm just stuck this year, which is probably part of the reason I'm really having a hard time getting into the mood!

Marsha said...

Did you every get the kids new bookbags for school back in August? If not, maybe getting them new bags now. This way, you will not have to worry about the dilema next summer and you do know it is something that they want. Get them LL Bean and have them personalized.

Sarah said...

I am not sure what is popular with children these days, especially but there is so much electronic stuff. However, I still remember things that I got as a child that are still around and fun. I don't know if your kids are into board games and if you already have some but there are lots of fun traditional board games.
Does Kam like puzzles? I always liked puzzles (I still do in fact).
There are also a lot of cool arts and crafts kits out there. It was always fun to get a bracelet making kit or something.
I noticed someone mentioned Illustory. There are also kits available in which you can design a plate or mug. Some of them involved drawing on a template, sending it away, and getting the plate with the design on it. It could be fun to get one for all the kids. Have then color on it, put there name and age on it so that they can see if for years to come.

Other than that, if they really don't need anything, I like the idea of adopting another family.

Shelley said...

Your oldest 2 sound like my oldest 2. Both of mine are getting digital cameras. Jakob (who's 9) is getting one that's also water proof because he loves taking pictures in the pool and at the beach. I got it through AAFES online for $70 (no shipping, no tax remember!). He's also getting (also from AAFES but from the grandparents) a digital camcorder. He is very creative and he wants to "make movies". Again, the camcorder was $70 and it even comes in 3 different colors. So, he's getting what looks like 2 "big" gifts but both of them were bought at a great discount. He's also getting the Nerf Vulcan gun so that he and Robert can play in the back yard...and a remote control helicopter cuz you know it's all about the helicopters down here (and again, it's something he can do with Robert). Olivia likes Hannah Montanna too. I actually ordered her several HM things from Avon of all places! She's getting a cute HM ottoman that will also store things. Inside it, I put a few books and it'll be a place she can store other books that she already has.
If you're thinking about the new bedroom option, the PX has a very cute MH bedding set and all the accessories. It's cheaper than others I've seen in other stores. Also, if she likes to color, they have HM fashion plate set that you change out the templates and draw HM in different outfits and stuff.
Both of my girls also asked for Meebas.

Melissa said...

I don't have any ideas for the other three but my 9 y.o. loves Bakugan. They are similar to Pokemon, so not sure how you feel about that. But, I thought it might be an idea of stocking stuffers maybe for Kameron. My son just likes to play with them and thinks they're cool since they kind of transform from a ball into some type of animal.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Renee for asking this question. Also thank you all that responded! This was great to see what other kids are wanting and what is given and the special gift of service or adopting a family. I know we have done adopting a family in the past and it was so much fun to buy for the families. I can remember growing up helping with the thanksgiving or christmas dinners for the needy or having a family to buy for.I want to pass that on to my kids. It truly is better than receiving the gifts ourselves- so to the woman and family who is adopted, you are blessed to have such a loving place to take care of you and your kids during Christmas.We all need help sometimes and you deserve this! This year at my daughter's school they have a food drive and gently used toys drive and we have been very busy getting the toys around and washing them up and putting fresh batteries in some. My son is 4 and my daughter is 6 and has special needs. I have cancer so this year santa and my husband did all the kids christmas shopping. My daughter is having a Tinker Bell theme this year and a doll house.My son is getting some games, hot wheels track, cars, and batman mask w/wings.
I saw a great gift list for teachers but forgot what site it is on- very helpful though!
Hope you get some great ideas from everyone. Take care and thank you for having this blog.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fourth grade teacher, and most of my little girls enjoy pretending to be "grown ups." They get excited about things like lip gloss, nail polish (even the non-girly types), and like Vera Bradley lunch totes (they are only around $15--even cheaper if you find older patterns). Maybe some of those ideas might work for Kassidy for smaller stocking stuffer items. :)

narretto said...

What about some type of magazine. My kids like animals so last year we got them a Ranger Rick subscription for the year. We gave them a magazine wrapped and then told them that they would get them the entire year. It was a huge hit.

Tess said...

we need a club..I don't know what to get my kids for xmas ARGHH!!

I'm in the same boat, my boys have everything, yet if you ask them, they have NOTHING! I decided no computer games, consoles etc this year so have bought some large lego and also a remote control mechano set each for the husband, i mean kids to put together.
BUT when I said no game consoles, I forgot that I would love Singstar for the ps2 so think I'll get that with a couple of extra games like..ABBA..yes, that they/I will really enjoy that LOL. I also bought a thing/game/whatyoumacallit that you plug into computer via usb that makes you beat box! I don't have a clue what this means BUT it will be super cool so I overheard a 12yr old boy tell his mother! (so naturally, I had to buy it!)(I think beat box is that ridiculous noise they make with their voices that they think is music but we think is irritating!)
sorry, not much help to you at all! I do however have the grandkids covered! Trampoline for one little family and Thomas the Tank Engine table that folds up to a blackboard when not in use for the other little family + extra train track and trains..they were easy!!
I think the older they get the harder it is to choose and the more expensive.
NOT forgettting, I have 3 kids birthdays leading up to on the 15th, one on the 20th and Mr I'm turning 13 so you better buy me an iPod nanoTOUCH on the 21st!!..what was I thinking???? LOL
sorry for the novel!

Sandy and said...

I only read about half the comments and this may have come up already, so if it has i apologize.

What about games? My brother and I always loved board games as kids (and we still play together whenever we're both home from college!)

The new DVD games are a lot of fun. They have the "real" scene it games for disney and stuff, but I've also seen ones that are specific to Hannah Montana, Lego, and others (I haven't seen a transformers one, but it is probably out there somewhere) There are also lots of fun pre-school games for all kinds of different characters.

Another fun, more personalized thing is a puzzle made out of one of your pictures. You've got so many great pictures, it could be a lot of fun for them to get to put together a picture of themselves (or the family!)

lesliemarie said...

I'm gonna have to go with Kelly's suggestion above about having them choose an organization to volunteer for or give to this Christmas. One of my very favorite things to do with my mom when I was a kid was shop for "those kids on the tree at the mall." Every year my brother and I got the name of a kid about our age and we got to pick out their presents. My mom and dad used this to teach us what Christmas really is all about, and it would be "half" of Santa's gift to us (Santa sent us the money early to spend...until we were really old enough to understand). It is one of my very favorite memories!

Anonymous said...

Kass sounds REALLY hard to shop for. Have you ever considered getting her a Build-A-Bear? That kind of sounds like something she would like. She can even make her own Hannah Montana bear. She can get outfits and accessories for her bear, and since her and Kameron like to play together with animals, and since she likes Hannah Montana, that sounds right.

Kameron-have you ever heard of Pixos? They're these beads that has this Pen-like shaped thing that holds the beads, and he can creat his own things, like stars, etc. It's like those iron-on things, but these all you do is spray it with water and they melt together. It sounds like something he likes.

Kenn-she sounds pretty hard too. I'm really not quite sure you could get for her. If she likes musical instruments, there's always this Backyardigans saxophone and guitars, and a piano and what-not. That's all I can think of.

Keeghan-There's this Yo Gabba Gabba guitar that sounds like he would like. There's also a Diego animal music chair.

Well, that's all I got! I hope that helps!!
Amanda R.

Lisa's Journal said...

webkinz? epets? My 9 year old daughter wants a password journal ( she wants a digital camera ... probably will get that for her in April for her birthday. I know you said you didn't want games, but Dance Dance Revolution is a blast ... for grown ups too, you can get the hanna montana version .. ... board games? easy bake oven? Can't help much with the boys ..

Sherry said...

How about rubber stamps with ink pads? Lite Brite. Aquadoodle mat. Puzzles. Board games - Guess Who is a big hit with my son (but get one of the normal ones - it is kind of tricky to play with Marvel Heroes). My kids love to play a board game called Money Bags. I think I got it at Amazon. I did a lot of Amazon shopping last year. There is a store called Toys To Grow On that has some interesting things. Let us know what you decide on!

Ann said...

I have the same problem for my 3-year-old and 8 months old. Jonathan just doesn't need anything right now and I can't find anything I like for Jason. I know that's not much for advice but I must admit its nice to know I'm not the only one without any ideas. I don't even have any ideas for my husband.

Ann said...

BTW thanks for stopping by and commenting today :)

Judy said...

Sounds like they have a lot of great stuff. Have you thought about giving them a "coupon" worth an amount of time: half-hour, hour, whatever, with you and/or Dad. Give them a deadline for a place to go, a thing to do... then do it with each child some alone time with mom and dad.
How about having them choose one toy or item - not broken and in good working order - to give to Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, etc. Make a big production of it. Teach them to love giving.

Anonymous said...


Is High School Musical on Ice coming through your area or another show that they might be interested in? That's a great gift. I'm taking Bri the day after Christmas as a Christmas present.

Lori Kyle

Anonymous said...

My kids are 9 (girl), 7 (boy), 5 (girl) and 2 (boy).
The three oldest love playing with legos and playmobil.
The youngest loves duplo.
From playmobil you also have farms and farm animals sets which might interest Kameron.
The good thing about these sort of toys is that you can keep expending as there is so much of it.
Otherwise they also like puzzles, board games and books.

Kathyb1960 said...

Renee, I was reading this blog, and while most of the stuff she has on there is Homeschool stuff, she has some great ideas for educational gifts.

The blog is

Just scroll down and look at the left side, and it's about half-way down or so.

Orange1086 said...

You could let Kass and Kam each pick a child from the Angel tree and make a donation in their name, and then they can each have an ornament of child that they helped.

mom2natnkatncj said...

Okay, so Avon has a ton of Hannah Montana stuff and even High School musical. I got Natalie some stuff from that since she loves Hannah Montana. I don't have too much else. She pretty much wanted everything Hannah Montana. And Kaitlyn wanted everything Tinkerbell. And CJ's really quite easy since he's our first boy we don't have nearly enough trucks around here. We really have to watch ourselves to make sure we don't keep buying for him and not the girls.

Anonymous said...

Why not ice skates for everyone? Or, an indoor pool pass and get them all beach wear? Or, just craft kits. To keep the kids doing things. Also, a Jr. cookbook for the older 2 would be fun.