Thursday, May 7, 2009

Busy busy days!!

I'm sorry for blog slacking lately! I have been running crazy today... and yesterday... and the day before that! LOL We have slowly been getting our carpets shampooed, one room at a time. Unfortunately, with the color of our carpet, I really can't see a difference... except in the dirty water I pour out of the machine of course! At least I know it's clean!

We got room darkening shades for the boys room and it's really made a difference! They both have been sleeping in longer. Keeghan woke up screaming again this morning, and ended up in our bed in the middle of the night, which is unusual for him. He was definitely awake though so I don't think it is night terrors. Kassidy had those as a baby and it was awful!!! Someone mentioned molars, and I didn't think about that. I tried to look in his mouth but he wouldn't let me... go figure! haha We'll see how tonight goes.

Kassidy and Kameron have Field Day tomorrow. It was supposed to be last Friday but it got rained out. I'm really praying it doesn't rain tomorrow too. They are SO looking forward to it!!!

Anyway, I guess that's about it. I have pictures to post still from Keeghan's birthday party, but it's going to have to wait until tomorrow. I can hear my pillow calling my name. I must be getting old! HA!


Rachel Beanie-weenie said...


Idk, maybe he felt...lonely???? lol :O) Maybe I will understand this better when I have kids. lol :O)


ps. THANK YOU! I got my cards today! I'm probably going to give the Mother's day card to my step-grandmother...she'll like that! :O)

Rachel Beanie-weenie said...

Oh! I forgot something: When is Mr. Frank being deployed again? I hope it isn't very soon! And when does Kass and Kam's school get out? Our local school goes out May 22nd. Is that the same with you guys?


mom2natnkatncj said...

Ahhh, don't you love the end of the school year craziness? Well, I hope things settle down for you soon. Wanna come shampoo my carpets, hehehehe?

Molars could be the problem with Keeghan I suppose. A call to the doctor might not hurt though. If it's only happening when he gets up I wonder if the tubes aren't draining the fluid correctly. Hopefully it's something simple and he gets a good nights sleep. I hate when they can't tell you what's bothering them.

Is the weather looking like it will be good for Field Day tomorrow? Hope so. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the thought that my kids should be having field day already. Do you know theres isn't until June 11th? I'm still working on ordering the t-shirts for it. The craziness of the end of the year has already begun though.

♥Lisa♥ said...

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow for field day.

maybe bad dreams for keeghan?

Matthew had a bad dream last night and when he told me about it today he started crying because it seemed so real. (there wasn't enough room in the car for him, so he couldnt get in with all of us) how sad is that. poor baby.

momof4as said...

Ooh I'm jealous of your clean carpets... I just bought my 3rd cleaner the other day (we're hard on them apparently - in fact I would say so since Jason RAN OVER our last one) and am yet to take it out of the van...

So sad and frustrating when the kids are upset and you don't know why - hope it eases up soon!

Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

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Tammy and Parker said...

Clean carpets? Sleep? You get all the good stuff. ;D

Tammy and Parker

Anonymous said...

I never thought about teething...but you know...I wonder if it could be. Olivia and Keeghan are about the same age and for the past 3days she hasn't been wanting to eat much. I thought about her teeth as that's how she gets when she's teething. Has his appetite changed? Maybe he's also going through some separation anxiety????