Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Q&A #89

how does your Q & A work? Is there some other place that you go to view questions?
Nope, all the questions I answer are from my comment section on different blog posts :).

Adorable and wish it was me, too! Is her neck OK in that position?
Seems to be, I don't think she has any restrictions as far as that goes anymore. :)

That is just beautiful!! Emmalee said, "She's night night."
LOL Kennedy was asking for a blanket that day so she could do just that!

I am not able to schedule a post and I can not view some blogs or make comments on some blogs. I get some kind of box that I have to click out of and get kicked off the blog. I was told it was explore and to try fire fox. have you tired livewriter to post? it is free, I have only used it once so far. hope they fix all this!
I have firefox and am STILL having this problem so it doesn't seem to matter much. I've never heard of livewriter...

Swimming Lessons
It looks so sunny and warm there though. It's not fair. We should be there doing swimming lessons with you all. Instead we're stuck in the cold and the rain here freezing our butts off in the pool. The first session is always a little cold, but this has been outrageous.
Ohhh we're MELTING here. Temps in the 90s with heat indexes over 100! YUCK!

They allow the floaties? They won't let them use them here. Occasionally they'll put a life jacket on them, but that's it. And they also don't really use the noodles except on "Fun Friday".
She only allows them for certain things... she doesn't really like them either, but that was the first lesson.

Are these private lessons? Can I just say I love love love doing swimming lessons with CJ. I did a parent/child class with Kaitlyn until she was old enough (5) to go into the regular class too. I don't know about Keeghan, but for CJ I think a big part of his anxiety with someone besides me in the pool would be someone else touching him. Is Keeghan past that stranger anxiety? CJ's getting better, but he would much prefer me anyday. And I really enjoy that time we have together too. Well, when he's well enough to do it again.
Yes these are private lessons, he actually does better WITHOUT me there because he thinks I will "save" him! haha He really doesn't have much stranger anxiety and goes with her willingly, he just doesn't want to be off the top step of the pool ;).

Glad you're there okay! Would love to see Kennedy's eyes when she sees that there's a huge building named after her!
It was awesome! LOL We went into the gift shop there and she kept pointing to everything saying, "LOOK! Kennedy!!!!" hahaha She's gonna have the biggest head EVER!

I'm gunna hope that you were driving while Frank was sleeping :-)
Uhhh yes! LOL

P.S. My friend Jodie from CA calls the highway the freeway too!
That's because that's what they ARE!!! LOL

Are you going to be riding the metro at all? Did you hear about the wreck on the 22nd? I believe it's all cleared up now, but it took us 3 hours to get to our destination because of the holdups and such when we rode it.
I DID hear about that!!! We are driving though, I don't like relying on other people's schedules. Does that make me a control freak? Hmmm...LOL

How can I find you on Facebook??
You can search for me under Renee Perkins Garcia :)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Remembering Charlie

Two years ago today, our friends Chad and Kim lost their 3 year old son, Charlie, to Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. I'll never forget that day. It was, by far, one of the worst days of my life. I know it was THE worst day of their lives. Since that day the Porter and Pople families have been finding ways to make Charlie's memory live on, to help other kids fight cancer, and to make sure that Charlie's life was not lived in vain. Of course the hundreds and hundreds of people he touched all over the world when he was alive could tell you stories of how much Charlie Porter meant to them! Still, Charlie is going to continue to change lives!

Kim's brother, Keith, has helped start the Twilight Foundation and the Charlie Porter Research Grant.

The Charlie Porter Research Grant will award a goal of $50,000 to one research scientist (possessing an M.D., D.O. or Ph.D). The purpose of this grant is to support experienced investigators with a promising new research approach relating to the etiology, treatment and cure of Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) in children. This Grant represents an important step in understanding leukemia and associated cancers.

You can read more about Charlie and his grant and how you can help, here. We are SO excited about this grant and the hope it brings for kids with AML now and in the future. Thank you, Charlie, for your life. We miss you SO much, and we can't wait to see you again one day in Heaven!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

We are here!

We are here in the DC area. We are actually staying in Alexandria, VA. It took 12 hours to drive here. Kass and Kam did GREAT (thank heaven for iPods!) and Kennedy and Keeghan did... OK. They were definitely ready to get out of the car by the time we got here! Kennedy stayed awake the whole time! Frank didn't even manage that! LOL They all ran crazy for a bit, we got some dinner and now everyone is settled down for bed. Yay!

Tomorrow we are going sight-seeing... White House, monuments, memorials, Arlington National Cemetery and the Kennedy Center, of course! We will be seeing some old friends too which is always exciting. :) To those of you who asked, we will be here until late Monday afternoon :). Email me if you're in the area. CAMommy2KJ@aol.com .
Night everyone!

On our way!

We are on our way to DC right now. We're actually driving down the freeway. Kass and Kam are on
their iPods, Kenn and Keeghan are watching Diego, my mom is drinking coffee, Frank is driving and I'm blogging. Life is good. LOL

I have NO posts set up for the rest of the week but I'm sure I will be around. If you haven't noticed, I've been using Twitter lots more lately. I'm trying to figure out how to make it update my facebook status. If anyone wants to give me a tutorial on that, I'd appreciate it. :)

Mrs. GPS says we'll be getting to DC around 5:00 (not counting bathroom, lunch and gas stops of course) so we're hoping to be there by 7:00. We're excited! OK that's all from me for now!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Swimming Lessons - Part 4

Keeghan isn't too thrilled with swimming lessons right at the moment. Our goal with him is to just get him comfortable with the water and if he were to fall in by some horrible chance, he'd be able to save himself, or at least turn over and float until someone could get to him. Hopefully as time goes on he'll start to enjoy the lessons like the other kids do.

I know she's trying to coax me into the water...

I'm not too sure about this...

REALLY not too sure about this!

WHAT is she doing to me?!

Somebody HELP me!!!

Swimming Lessons - Part 3

When my mom moved here and decided to have a pool put in, she mostly did it because she knew it would be good therapy to help Kennedy's low muscle tone. We were all set for Kennedy to start swimming lessons in 2007 and then she was diagnosed with Leukemia and obviously that didn't happen. SO when she ended treatment we made plans for her to take lessons last Summer and of course her spine fusion surgery stopped that. We were kind of hesitant to make any plans for this Summer! haha Lo and behold, here she is! Taking swimming lessons and loving EVERY minute of it! Her swim instructor has high hopes she will be off and swimming on her own by Summer's end! :)

Kicking our feet...

Enough of that, let's jump IN!

Blowing bubbles... or maybe drinking pool water. hehe

Look! I'm SWIMMING!!!

Dear God, I know I have floaties on, but please don't let her drop me! Amen.

Swimming Lessons - Part 2

This is actually the second Summer of swimming lessons for Kass and Kam. Last time though, Kameron wasn't all that interested and didn't really want to learn. As with all things with Kameron... and ANY child really, if they don't WANT to do something, well... it doesn't go so well. SO we were really excited this year when HE got excited about it. I think he's SO over the floaties! Even after just two lessons he is able to swim the length of the pool by himself! He's one determined little boy! :)

I'm holding onto the noodle for dear life!

Here I come, don't let me drown!

I'm floating... sort of.

Look at me go!!

You want me to jump off here into THERE?!

Swimming Lessons - Part 1

All 4 kids are taking swimming lessons this Summer. Kassidy already knows how to swim but she is now learning the different strokes and dives (she's still scared to dive off the diving board) and she's working on becoming a stronger swimmer. Here are some pictures from her first lesson of the Summer. Pics of the other kids coming soon. Maybe. If blogger cooperates and posts them. LOL

After a dive

Coming up to breathe

Faster, Faster, Faster!

Ahhh I'm tired!

Time for a break!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Conversation with Keeghan

Poor Keeghan has been feeling kind of yucky today. I've been a little concerned he might have another ear infection. He started crying a few minutes ago and so I thought I would see if he'd tell me what was wrong...

Me: Keeghan are you ok?

K: Noooo

Me: Do your ears hurt?

K: Go ni-night

Me: Keeghan, do your ears hurt?

K: I wanna hold youuuu.

Me: Are you ignoring me?

K: Yes.

Glad we cleared that up.

A couple prayer requests

We have another Vanderbilt Angel. Nate Richard went home to be with Jesus yesterday morning. Nate had ALL and got an infection. He was on antibiotics but the chemo had his counts too low to fight it off and he went into cardiac arrest. This are the things I'll never understand. This cancer that has an 80% cure rate... the good cancer. *sigh* Please pray for the Richard family as they deal with the shock of losing Nate and as they start the rest of their lives without him in it. Cancer SUCKS.

Also, my friend Jen sent me this request this morning for this sweet little guy Jonathan Lee. He is up at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and is battling cancer for the second time. He has Choriocarcinoma and he needs a miracle NOW! Please go visit and be praying for Jonathan!!

Also, don't forget to be praying for Austin Bickford! He started chemo this week. He's doing great so far, he even went to baseball practice on Tuesday! :) Definitely one of my heroes!

Lose The Training Wheels Bike Camp

Do YOU live in Middle Tennessee?!
Maybe you can help! Please read!!!

The Down Syndrome Association of Middle Tennessee is holding a Lose the Training Wheels Bike Camp from June 29 - July 3rd in Nashville, TN

DSAMT is in need of volunteers for Tennessee's first Lose the Training Wheels Bike Camp. Lose the Training Wheels is a five-day program for kids and adults with disabilities who want to learn to ride a conventional two-wheel bicycle independently.

During Lose the Training Wheels, participants each attend an assigned 75-minute session Monday through Friday. During the sessions they will learn to ride on specialized equipment, assisted by camp staff and volunteer helpers.

This is where you come in!

LTTW needs volunteers to attend sessions throughout the day, offering physical and emotional support to participants as they learn to ride. Because the program works best when the campers are confident with their helpers, it is suggested that volunteers meet with the same participant during the assigned session each day, for the five-day camp.

Volunteer Spotters and Administrative Volunteers will sign up to attend one or more 75-minute sessions during the week of camp. Session times are listed below. Parents of camp participants are encouraged to volunteer!

Dates and Location
Monday - Friday, June 29 - July 3

Westminster Presbyterian Church is located just 3.5 miles west of Downtown Nashville at 3900 West End Avenue.

Volunteer Spotters
Spotters will run alongside the participant and provide physical and emotional support. Spotters should be physically fit and able to run with the participant as required, for the 75 minute session. Spotters must be at least 16 years of age.

Administrative Volunteers
Administrative Volunteers assist with check-in and check-out of participants and volunteers. They help keep the sessions running smoothly, bringing supplies and assistance when needed. Administrative Volunteers should be at least 14 years old, or should have parent supervision.

Session Times
Volunteers should make a commitment to attend their assigned session(s). There will be a short Volunteer Training Session at 4pm on the Sunday afternoon prior to the start of camp. It is important for volunteers to arrive 15 minutes prior to their session for a pre-camp briefing each day.

Session 1

Session 2
10:00am – 11:15am

Session 3
11:30 pm – 12:45 pm

Session 4
1:45pm – 3:00pm

Session 5

How do I sign up to help?

Contact Erin at DSAMT for a Volunteer Registration Form. If you know of a school group, civic organization or church group who may be willing to volunteer, please forward this email or contact DSAMT with the group's contact info. For registration forms or more information, contact DSAMT at erin_dsamt@bellsouth.net or call 615.386.9002.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Scheduled posting

Well my scheduled posting is STILL not working for me - hence only one blog post from me today (or yesterday by the time most of you read this). I don't know what's going on with blogger lately! I really hope they fix it before our trip though! Is anyone else having this problem?

Wordless Wednesday - It's a tough life

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

In just a few days...

We're leaving on a trip! Kennedy has an appointment in Philly and Frank is on block leave so instead of she and I flying up like usual we decided to make a family trip of it. We are going to drive through Washington D.C. on the way up so we can sight see for a few days and then spend a few days in Philly. My mom is going with us too. We're so excited!!! :) Hopefully blogger will fix it's scheduled posting by then or you all are going to get a REALLY long break from my blog! haha Be prepared for LOTS of pictures! :)

Applebees Real Burgers for Real Heroes Contest!

Applebees is hosting a Real Burgers for Real Heroes Contest!

Who's Your Real Hero?

Real Heroes are the people making a real difference in our lives and neighborhoods every day. They don't ask for thanks, but we think they've earned it. Let Applebee's help you honor the Real Heroes in your life by nominating someone special for Applebee's Realburgers™ for Real Heroes Contest and Sweepstakes. Your Hero receives some much-deserved recognition. And you both could win cash and prizes.

A real hero might be a favorite teacher, coach, local firefighter or police officer, or best friend – people who are making a difference in your life and neighborhood every day. Do you have someone that comes to mind?

You can nominate your hero now through July 5 at right here. So what’s the prize?! In addition to some much-deserved recognition, the Grand Prize Winner will receive $5,000 and a year’s worth of free Applebee’s Realburgers. Just for nominating, you're automatically entered into a weekly sweepstakes drawing for a $50 Applebee's Gift Card. Don’t forget to come back to the website to meet the Real Hero finalists and vote for your favorite between July 15 and July 23, 2009.

Small Group Pool Party

When we lived in California, we first started going to Sandals Church when it was like 7 people on a Sunday night in a living room. Then it was like 30 people and then 60 and we were in a fellowship hall of another church. Then we moved. When we moved back there were like 1,000 people, and besides the core group, no one knew us. WHAT?! SO we jumped into a Community Group and got to know people, then the hugeness of the church didn't seem so HUGE anymore. Then we moved. Again. *sigh*

When we first started going to Grace Community Church we were a little overwhelmed again by the size and the fact that we knew, literally, ONE person. SO with Frank back from Afghanistan we finally decided we needed to jump into a Community Group. I could have done it while he was gone, but I just... didn't. I don't really know why, I just like having him here I guess.

Anyway, our group has become fast friends! We are all married, we all have kids, there are a few teachers in the group (in fact one might even get lucky enough to have Kennedy next year!) and one family is even in the process of adopting! We usually meet every Sunday evening without kids, but with this past Sunday being Father's Day we didn't want to be without our kids, of course! SO my mom graciously offered her home for a bar-be-cue and pool party (and since it's like a million degrees here, it was the perfect time)!

So here's a few pics from our day... mostly of the kids... but they're cuter than the adults anyway. You're just going to have to trust me on that one.