Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tips for the Terrible 3's of parenting

Our Pastor had this posted on his blog today and it made me smile... because we've been through it, and are going through it, and are going to be bringing home a 3 year old soon!

"It goes something like this: One day your precious angel; the one everyone thinks is so cute, who was hardly ever a problem before, suddenly becomes a holy terror at times. You have never dealt with such temper tantrums, back-talking sassiness, and outbursts of anger. You may have entered the terrible threes."

I'll never forget when Kassidy turned 3 and I was pretty sure she had become demon-possessed! She was whiny and demanding and stubborn and bratty and I thought, "What the HECK!? Who stole my kid and replaced her with this evil alter-ego twin?!" But, after a year of battles of will (most of which I won!) she turned 4 and things got better. WHEW! I think God does that to trick you into wanting more kids! He reminds you how cute and fun they are in hopes that you'll forget the terrible 3's (or 2's in some cases). It worked for us. Obviously! ;)

Anyway, Ron gives 7 tips for surviving the Terrible 3's (or 2's... or TEENS! haha). You can read them all right here.


Sewconsult said...

I'll take terrible two's or three's, but frightening FOURTEEN's were the worst with my two daughters. When the younger one was 14, my older daughter asked if she was that bad at 14. I said yes. She quietly said, "I'm so sorry". It was a red-letter day in my heart!
And just think how many times you have to go through it! I'll say an extra prayer for you!

momof4as said...

I totally agree - for my kids, three was MUCH harder than two! (I'm sure Ava will not surprise me, either!) I had a neighbor who used to say ages 1-3 were the hardest (well, of young kids, they can definitely be even harder when older). So true around here!

Amy said...

For all my kids (so far) ages 1 and 3 were WAY harder than 2! So weird... but glad to know I'm not alone. :)

Loved your pastor's article... thats some good, solid stuff. Those seven steps need to be an everyday reminder for any parent with kids that age.

SSquyres said...

My son was anxious for his first daughter to turn three ... he thought somehow the Terrible Twos would be over. I didn't have the heart to tell him otherwise.

Ha ha my kids are grown! The 30s don't seem so terrible.

Anonymous said...

I use to tell people that the Terrible 2's were just trying to prepare you for the "Gawd AWEFUL HORRIBLE TERRIFING 3'S!". I also would add to wait until the turn 4 for shortly after that it does get better.
Sad part is most people did not believe me unless they had been through it already. LOL!!


Jennifer said...

I need this about now! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I can so relate to this. I always wondered why people talked about the "terrible two's" when it was the 3's that were the most horrible. ROFL And I can also relate to the frightening 14's, Becky. What's interesting is that, despite the fact that boys and girls are supposed to develop at differing ages, it was about 14yo when both my daughter and son became so very nasty. I remember my daughter (who is 3 yrs older)saying, "Don't worry, Mom. He'll grow out of it like I did." They are now both adults and delights to us. :-D


Anonymous said...

Ooops, sorry for misspelling your name, Beckie.