Monday, December 7, 2009

Q&A #121

Today I saw Kellsey's groupa, and I thought about her, about her last couple of days with a family! My heart broke her the other children,and I held Nina a little closer to me. The realization of her new life struck me today, it slapped me on the face. I want Nina out of there ASAP!
I can't WAIT until Nina is home too!!!!

oh no what did kellsey get into that her face broke out in the last pic.
We don't know... we're trying to make it go away. It's a trial and error process at this point.

Pretty much everything is new for her, right? Give her time! Her poor tummy has a lot of adjusting to do! Did they say anything about watching her diet for a while?
Nope... we know nothing about what she ate there unfortunately. Our translator was sick the day Kellsey left her baby home so Frank wasn't able to ask any questions.

Renee do you have a glass door as well as a wood door? Looks like there is a reflection behind Kellsey
Yes, we have a glass storm door and then our actual front door is metal... which is odd, but the kids love it because they can put magnets on it! LOL

Does Frank report for work on Monday? I just can't imagine all the transitions ahead for you all.
Frank is off until Friday :o).

I'm always kind of curious about this when I hear about adoptions, so I'll just go ahead and ask.. are you planning to ever tell Kellsey that she was adopted?
Yes, when she's older we will tell her her story and show her pictures from Ukraine. We see no point in keeping it a secret, there's no shame in being adopted, and I'm sure Kass and Kam will tell her all about it anyway! :)

We are praying for a little one to find her forever family, but I don't think adoption is for us - did you ever feel this way?
At first, yes, I felt like there was NO way we could handle another child, but we prayed about it a lot and God clearly spoke to our hearts. That being said, adoption is not for everyone, but there are SO many ways you can help! You can read my post here about that.

How is she doing with the kids at school today?
Today went well! Kellsey and Keeghan had a lot of fun playing together! :)

They are so cute together! Do you have moderately matching outfits for all three girls?
LOL Not really... the outfits they had on this morning were actually both Kennedy's. She has 3 of the same outfit in different colors. I haven't really bought Kellsey ANY clothes yet except for the outfit she's going to wear for our family pictures... and Kassidy's will coordinate then :).

Do you have her in a crib or a bed? She probably learned early on that crying doesn't do much good. Jet lag and a new house though definitely makes it difficult too I'm sure. So are you getting Keeghan and Kellsey on the same nap time? Or trying to at least. Are you still pinching yourself making sure this is all real? Everytime I see you post I just can't believe it's real ;).
She is in a toddler bed. And yes they are on the same nap time which is nice! Still can't believe she's actually here!!! It's awesome! Even if I AM tired! LOL

Don't you wonder what's going on inside her sweet little head, what she's thinking? Although I imagine it's something along the lines of "I am the luckiest girl in the world!!!"
LOL Either that or, "These people are ALL nuts! They don't even speak my language!" hahaha

How is Frank doing? I bet he is glad to be back home. He was gone a long time!!
Yes he is very glad to be home! He spent the day catching up on his TV shows :).

Has Kellsey started saying any english words yet?
Only "bye bye", but she's understanding more and more, which is good! We're using lots of visual cues along with our words, so that's helping, I'm sure.


♥Lisa♥ @ FinalScore:Boys3Girls2 said...

Our door is metal too. (its only weird to us Cali's,;) lol) we put magnets on it too. haha

Ande said...

You could tell her that she was "hand picked"

P.S. I just got my first iPod :)

Ande said...

You could tell her that she was "hand picked"

P.S. I just got my first iPod :)

gillian said...

Let me know if you need any more food ideas. We got Evie's schedule with what she ate.

Funny, we can't imagine her eating half of what they wrote. Stuff like a hamburger pattie, etc... Evie is a very picky eater. Ugh.

Oh I forget to mention apple sauce earlier. Evie loves apple sauce.

The Roberts' said...
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The Roberts' said...

Hi Renee! Man, I can't express to you HAPPY I am to see Kellsey home! It feels like it isn't even real! Everytime I read your blog, I just HAVE to read back a few posts, JUST to make sure that she really is home! =]
I was wondering though, do they celebrate Christmas in the Ukraine? If so, Kellsey's orphanage probably didn't do a whole lot about, huh? Does she know anything about Christmas? I bet your probably VERY happy to have her home for Christmas!

Kelly said...

Hi Renee
I don't know if this will help you but the standard Ukraine/East European diet is a lot of soup(with root vegetables), potato and bread, some meat- mostly cheaper cuts of poultry and pork. There is not usually too many fruits, especially in the winter months. Breakfast,even in homes, is usually a type of cereal- kind of like cream of wheat, and kefir which is an unsweetened yogurt drink.Oh and for drinking its usually water or tea(hot or lukewarm) and sometimes milk for children. Hope this helps :) And Welcome Home Kellsey!! <3

mom2natnkatncj said...

Are you still calling her Vika to get her attention? Or now that she's home are you saying Kellsey more. It's too bad once you committed to her you couldn't have gotten her care givers to start using the name you would give her. But then again it's all a new beginning for her, right?

I'm waiting on my friend from Poland to give me some recipes ;).

Stephanie Cerqua said...

Yay! Kellsey is home! She is super cute and I'm glad she's doing so well with her new brothers and sisters.

Anyway, I also wanted to comment so you could have my marathon/training blog. I will try and update it more than I have been and I plan on doing my next update here soon with information on my Honored Heroes (Kennedy!) I will add you to my "followed" blogs (if that's what it is called...I'm new at this whole blogging thing!)

Talk to you soon! :)

Lynn said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Renee,

I have a question - how's Kellsey going with the change of name? Are you still calling her Vika or does she understand that she is now known as Kellsey? :)

I'm so touched by the story of your adoption - thank you so much for sharing it with us.