Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who's watching you?

Thanks for the reminder Pastor Ron!

Question of the Day #19

What qualities do you look for in a friend?

Q&A #56

You did make a police report and took pictures of the spray paint art, right?
Our neighbor did. She called the police and they came and took pictures and talked to the family... which I'm sure did no good.

I believe that constitutes a hate crime does it not?
I guess it should... but we're not Jewish... so does that still make it a hate crime? My next door neighbor's aren't Jewish either so it really confuses me why they would paint Swastikas... but whatever!

If the mom's a constant drug user/dealer, can't the cops arrest her for that?
I've seen the cops take her away in handcuffs a few times... lot of good it does obviously!

By the way...what if something terrible happens to one of these children? People will be screaming "why wasn't anything done?" Then heads will roll when it becomes known how many people tried to get them help. Maybe your CPS needs to be reminded of this.
I KNOW!! This is why we all keep calling. The last time I called was when I saw one of their daughters sitting in the driveway in a t-shirt and panties eating dirt with a plastic spoon. The time before that it the next door neighbor called because the little kids were having a tea party in the middle of the road. She was driving down the street and told the kids to move and they just stared at her. The CPS lady said, "Yeah we get a lot of calls about that family and they're under investigation." Sadly, I assume nothing will be done until one of the kids is dead.

I cannot believe that the city will do nothing for your neighborhood. I don't suppose you have a home association? I know they can get things done as well.
We don't have a HMA but we've been in contact with our district rep and he's trying to help, but even that seems to be to no avail.

Do these people own the house or rent?
The father's father owns the house (the kids grandfather) so the family is living there for free. I don't see them leaving any time soon, which is why my next door neighbors decided to put their house on the market. One family came by to look at their house but the neighbor kids were out front cussing so the prospective buyers high-tailed it out of there. Can't really say I blame them.

You would think a roaming dog constantly being picked up though would mean they couldn't get the dog back.
I know! Apparently there is no leash law in TN. I thought every state had that!

Is the paint on the city/county street? if it is I hope you call the transportation people or whoever in your neck of the woods does upkeep on the streets because there may be a violation there and plus they can clean it up.
Yes it is on the city street and the cops actually sent someone to paint over it before Frank even got a chance. I'm sure no charges will be pressed though... there never is.

Might sound mean but if the dog is a good dog could he somehow disappear to a good home that would take care of him properly?
Well you know, they used to have 2 dogs and I haven't seen the other one in AGES so hopefully he is at a good home and didn't get hit by a car :(.

Hey, I'm sure missing seeing pictures of my favorite "K" kids! Have you lost your camera, Renee?
Not really... I left in it my friend's car, so I didn't lose it, just forgot it! I have it back as of today! :)

So are you gonna sue them?!!!!=)
LOL Nah, too much work!

At least you aren't like that lady who had to have the nasty pictures taken of her burns from McD's coffee. lol
Ewww I know, right? That's enough reason for me to never sue! I wouldn't want anyone taking pics of my chest and stomach! LOL

Ugh, how rude! Maybe find a new MacDonalds???
Yeah, I guess I could... the rest are just so far away!

A question for you readers!
My angel also has Down's Syndrome and we are battling leukemia FOR THE THIRD TIME! More than likely we will be spending Valentines Day in the hospital as we live here now! or at least it feels like it. Our hospital room is already decorated with hearts. Does anyone have any good ideas of something special I could give the nurses on heart day?

Friday, January 30, 2009

A Valentine Giveaway!!!

The people at Hallmark are at it again! They are taking greeting cards to a whole new level! You can now send greeting cards with your voice recorded on them!!! They sent me a bunch to check out and give to all of YOU!!

SO leave me a comment and tell me your FAVORITE thing about Valentine's Day!!! It can be a favorite memory, something that you look forward to each year or even your favorite Valentine candy! (ME??? Talk about candy??? NEVER!)

For an extra entry, post this on your own blog and leave me a second comment telling me you did so!

On February 5th I will choose TEN winners! YES TEN!!!

Here are the cards below that you can choose from... I have more than one of some of these designs.

Plays "I'm Just a Love Machine"

Plays "I Hear a Symphony"

Plays "We are Family"

Plays "Let's Get It On"

Plays "Do You Love Me"

Plays "I Got You Babe"

Winners will be drawn on February 5th and first winners to email me will get first choice of card!

Thank you Hallmark for sponsoring this great giveaway!

Stupid McDonalds!

So this morning Frank decided to go to McDonalds and get us some hot chocolate. I love their hot chocolate... it's even better than Starbucks! Last time I ordered 3, (one for me, Kass and Kam) they gave me smalls instead of mediums. I told them I ordered mediums, showed them my receipt and she rolled her eyes at me and went back to get more. A different person came out with medium cups a few minutes later, and after I pulled away I found they were only half full. GRRR

So anyway, today Frank came home with my hot chocolate and I went to take a drink only to find that they bent down the rim of the cup when they put the lid on and HOT hot chocolate poured down the front of me. My stomach and chest are burned... I don't think it's bad enough to go to a doctor but MAN it hurts!!!! I guess I need to start checking the rim of the cup... or stop ordering their hot chocolate... but did I mention how good it is?!

Man, I'm whiny today huh?! Q&A coming later!

Love thy neighbor

It's a commandment straight from God. We are to love our neighbors as ourselves. For the most part, we have good neighbors here. To my left is a family comprised of grandparents, a mom and 3 kids just about the same ages as my children. For the first 6 months after we moved in, our relationship with these neighbors consisted of a friendly wave across the driveway. We were still settling in, and we had just been submerged into a life with children who had just been diagnosed with Down syndrome and Autism.

Then, one day, the mom came and knocked on our door. "Hi, I live next door," she said, "and I hear you have a child with Down syndrome." My defenses immediately went up. Funny. I wouldn't have thought twice about it now, but back then I was sure everyone was out to ridicule. "Yes..." I said cautiously, "We do." She broke out in a huge smile and said, "We do too!!!" Her son was just a few months older than Kennedy, and an instant bond was formed. Because both our families lead busy lives we don't get together as much as we used to, but every once in awhile we will take the time to catch up with each other. When Frank was deployed they checked in with me and made sure we were ok. They did store runs for me once when the kids were sick and my mom was out of town. It's very easy for me to love my neighbor.

To my right is a family with one teenage daughter. They are friendly and quiet and we have chatted on occasion. They actually put their house up for sale last summer and it made me sad. They're great neighbors!!! Fortunately (for me anyway) their house didn't sell. (Yet.) But see, there's a reason they want to sell... and I really can't blame them.

On the other side of their house is another family. The house is trashed. Now my house is by no means immaculate, but to compare, the police told this family to get their house cleaned up and when a cleaning crew came they had to wear hazmat masks just to go inside. Seriously. At last count they have 7 children. I think. I've seen these children outside in short sleeves in 20 degree weather. They rarely wear shoes and most of the time look like they haven't been bathed in weeks. Several times, I've seen a small child locked outside the house all day. We've called CPS... all of us. Practically everyone on the street has called. They come and they leave and the kids are still there. The mom is a known drug user and the dad stands out on the driveway screaming obscenities at his children.

When we first moved in 5 years ago, the kids would come over and ask to come in our house to play. I had already been warned not to let them in. They steal, and they beg for food, and once you feed them, they come over every day to eat. A couple years ago I caught one of the children throwing rocks at my van. I took him down to his house (he screamed obscenities at me the whole way) only to be told that he just got off restriction and she didn't know what else to do with him. Nice. The next time I was outside he came over and let me have it. In front of our kids. And so to protect our children we've had to refuse to let them in. Every neighbor on the street has had to make the same choice.

My biggest complaint however has been their dumb dog. They have a backyard with a fence, but their dog runs free. He's a friendly dog, but Kameron is terrified of dogs and so we don't go outside. Ever. One day the dog came up to our van door just as Kameron opened it to get out. He screamed and cried and for the next month he wouldn't get out of the van until I got out and checked and made sure the dog wasn't there. The dog poops in our yards, eats flowers, digs through our trash, and barks and howls at 3am. We've all called the cops. Continuously. They send animal control who takes the dog away and a few days later he's back home again. It's frustrating.

So last night I got a phone call from my neighbor on my right letting me know that she talked to the mother of these children the other day because the kids are constantly running through our yards and bending the fence at the back of our houses. She asked the kids to stop coming through our yards. And now? She has obscenities spray painted on the street in front of her house... and we have swastikas in front of ours. We didn't even do anything!

And so, as Frank goes out and spray paints over the swastikas in front of our house, we will remind ourselves to love our neighbors. Sometimes it's not so easy.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Q&A #55

So did you sign up for in order to get that score? LOL I don't think I better sign up for a dating service to get my score, my luck I'd get caught doing something I really wasn't doing!!!
LOL NO! There is an option to skip that and go straight to your score! :)

btw, I was at Wal-Mart today and noticed about 9 different kinds of kisses. I almost wrote them all down for you. :) No candy cane, though. :(
LOL See, now you're out of control with me! LOL I REALLY need to try some of the marshmallow ones I think! They look so good! LOL

Maybe if we all write letter they will keep the shakes there do you think it would work???lol
MAYBE! Can we write a letter to Hershey's about the Candy Cane Kisses at the same time?!

Just to make you feel better and realize that you are not the only woman in the world, I too do not like cheesecake ;). That's probably not saying much since I'm a very picky eater. Usually if it's not chocolate though I won't eat it ;). Even if cheesecake has chocolate on it though I don't like it. I do make some pretty mean cheesecake items though I'm told, but I've never actually eaten them myself ;).
OK this cracks me up. I don't think I would go out of my way to make something I don't like... well... I DO make peas for the kids and I hate them, but those aren't nearly as hard to make as cheesecake! LOL

Oh my I was watching Ellen today and Gladys called lol. Can you believe it she has a CD? Of her phone calls to various people/ radio stations etc! So FUNNY..
That is hilarious!!!!

So I am thinking this could be for me if I were to win. You could make it to fit an adult, right?
Yes, I can do it in adult sizes.

Can you do a bracelet rather than a necklace? Will you post to Australia if I pay postage?
Yep! I can do it as a bracelet and I will send anywhere! :)

love the picture. move to'll get loads more all winter. :0)
LOL NOOOO Thank you!

How do we live in the same neighborhood and I was out of power from 4am-4pm.
That's weird huh?! One of my other friends had no power but the people across the street DID! Go figure!

is that (the crazy eye brows) for real? i wish i could do something interesting like that. :)
I think so... kinda creepy huh?! LOL

I have never seen that before! It made me laugh, my husband got a good kick out of it also!! Can you do moves like that? haha
Uhhh NO! LOL

Frank really took this photo?! It's amazing!
YEP :)

I love that picture... does Frank sell photos? Or enter in contests?
No... but he should!

Wow! Is that like a for real picture?
LOL yes! :)

Renee, could you make a button for me? I'm going to update my blog later but when I do you'll see why. I cant work out how to get the codes etc. I'll make the picture??
Absolutely! Just email me the info!

What does the winner get? Hmmmm, do you think you can nominate your own blog? Or would that just be tacky? But truth be told who doesn't think they have the best mommy blog ;)?
Sure why not! I don't know if they'll LET you nominate your own blog, but you can try... just don't tell anyone! LOL I'm not sure what the winner gets... Fame and Fortune?! LOL

What's your favorite mommy blog?!

Scholastic is hosting their Mommy Blogger Awards! You can go and nominate as many mommy blogs as you would like! You can nominate blogs like this one until February 13, 2009. The blogs with the most nominations will be voted on starting February 23rd! I'm off to nominate my favorite mom blogs!!! I hope you'll do the same! :)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow in Tennessee

Wordless Wednesday - Crazy Eyebrows

Cadbury Eyebrows from Nils-Petter Lovgren on Vimeo.

Prayers for a baby

Someone commented recently that reading my blog was sometimes just too sad. Unfortunately, life is sad. It's especially sad when it involves cancer... and it's even more sad when that cancer afflicts a child.

Childhood cancer has been an integral part of our lives since Kennedy was diagnosed in 2007. Even though she is not fighting anymore, we have made many friends who are. We have rejoiced when kids ended chemo, cried when they relapsed, and mourned when they passed away. We have been angry at the lack of attention and funding focused on childhood cancer. It will forevermore affect our lives. By sharing their stories here, I hope that childhood cancer will affect your lives too. I do. Because I want to make you sad? Yes. Sort of. I want to make you sad and I want to make you mad. If enough people get MAD about childhood cancer, maybe we can make a difference. Maybe we can make our voices be heard.

Most importantly, I want you to realize that childhood cancer is REAL. It affects 40 new children EVERY day. By posting about a few on my blog, I hope to make them real to you. I hope to make you stop and think and cherish your own children... and I hope you feel called to pray. Every family fighting childhood cancer covets your prayers, your support, your words just saying, "We're thinking about you". It means more than you will ever know. And so, sometimes, this blog is sad. I won't apologize, but I will thank you for continuing to read and continuing to pray.

While browsing through blogs the other day, I ran across The Maxey Family. In 2004, their one year old daughter, Madeline, passed away from a cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma.
Madeline Maxey
July 16, 2003 - August 21, 2004

In 2006, Kirk and Natalie Maxey welcomed a son, Grant, followed by a daughter named Annette in October 2008. On December 15, 2008, Annette was taken to the ER where she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. They learned not long afterward that Annette has Atypical Teratoid Rhabdoid Tumor (AT/RT). It's an aggressive, nasty cancer... one that we've seen claim children's lives time and time again.

The Maxey family is once again battling cancer. They are living in the shadow of their daughter Madeline's death while trying to stay strong for Annette. They know the lingo, they know the ups and downs of the cancer world. They know the joys and heartaches of being immersed in a world of chemo, radiation, and doctors delivering news - whether it be good or bad - at every turn. And honestly, I think that sucks.

Seeing your child fight for their life is the most heart wrenching thing a parent will ever endure. Having to go through it with a second child, is to me, unthinkable. And so, I'm calling you all to pray for Annette. Please. Go visit them. Let them know you're praying. Lift them up and help carry them through. Cancer sucks. We know that. Sometimes life is sad, and I for one am so thankful I have the Lord to help me get through it. Please cover this family in prayer and let them know they are not alone. I know it will mean the world to them.

Copy and paste this code to your HTML/Java Script:

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Ahhh it's COLD! We're having a small ice storm today which of course closed schools... and I just got the call that schools are closed tomorrow too. We actually lost power for about an hour last night, so hopefully it will stay on tonight!

SO we've been lazy today... we've laid around, Kennedy took a LONG nap on my lap, and Keeghan didn't nap AT ALL... which is weird! He did sleep in until 10 this morning though which I SO appreciated!

Kass and Kam have been playing on the computer and watching movies and tomorrow we get to do it all again! :) YAY!!!

I would take pictures but I left my camera in my friend's car so I'll just tell you what I would have taken pictures of...

1. The ice on our branches and power lines
2. Kennedy sitting on time out. Again.
3. Keeghan's black/swelled up eye. What is it with my kids and their eyes?!

You'll have to just imagine it I guess! LOL SO what did you all do today?!

Google Name Meme!

So I've done this before but this one is a little different and a little more fun. If you try it out, let me know! :)

Type in "[your name] needs" in the Google search.
Renee needs a break. (SOMEONE out there loves me! LOL)

Type in "[your name] looks like" in Google search.
Renee looks like a crazy person. (Yeah well... it happens)

Type in "[your name] says" in Google search.
Renee Says She Doesn't Need A Man. (That's right! OK maybe I need one.) ;)

Type in "[your name] wants" in Google search.
Renee Wants to be your Verbal Punching Bag (Yeah... not so much.)

Type in "[your name] does" in Google search.
Renee Does Her Good Deed Of The Day (Ohhh what did I do?!)

Type in "[your name] hates" in Google search.
Renee hates candles (This is just simply not true. Yankee Candle can confirm this!)

Type in "[your name] asks" in Google search.
Renee asks that you please forgive her for the posted picture. She didn't have time to shave. (ROFL What do you expect?! I have 4 kids... don't worry, there will be NO hairy pictures on my blog EVER!)

Type in "[your name] likes " in Google search
Renee likes to kid around a lot. (NO! Really?!)

Type in "[your name] eats " in Google search.
Renee Eats Underwear (Um... I don't even know how to respond to this! LOL)

Type in "[your name] wears " in Google search.
Renee wears a cute sundress of brightly colored stripes. (Aww I wish I had one!)

Type in "[your name] was arrested for" in Google Search.
Renee was arrested for burglary and forgery. (WOW did I steal the underwear I supposedly ate?)

Type in "[your name] goes" in Google search.
Renee goes under cover (Maybe I'm an under cover burglar? That would make sense, right!?!)

Monday, January 26, 2009

YUM Chocolate!

So I've entered almost 100 giveaways from the bloggy carnival. I figure I have to win SOMETHING right?! There are some great things out there... gift cards, cold hard cash, purses, baby items, shoes and on and on but this... ohhhh this makes me drool (not like I get attached to food or anything LOL). Seriously though, FREE CHOCOLATE! (Need I say more?!) And it's not just ANY chocolate, it's amazing yummy looking chocolate. Go. Enter. Shop. Get fat with me. I wonder if they have any peppermint stuff?! Hmmmm

A Blog of Goodies!

Monday Moment for Down Syndrome - My Own Special Angel

Over the last 4 years I have collected MANY poems and stories about Down syndrome and special needs in general. Since a lot of my readers have kids with special needs, I thought I would post one poem or story every Monday. Chances are you'll find one you've never heard along the way!

"My Own Special Angel"
by Norma Henneke

As we walk to your classroom my heart swells with pride
for the children all run to you to walk by your side.
They hug you and greet you; they all seem to know
just how much you need them and love them all so!
You march down the big hall with your most grownup stride
and turn and wave bravely, "Bye, Mommy! Bye-bye!"

Such a big girl, my Misty! You give life your best
though sometimes even the smallest thing can be a big test;
like struggling to run just as fast as the others
or trying your best just to straighten your covers;
things like coloring, swinging or brushing your hair.......
Sometimes Mommy feels that it just isn't fair!

Once late at night as I lay in my bed
I cried just to think what a little girl had said:
"Why's Misty so dumb? Can't she talk? Can't she run?"
I said, "Please be nice to her, please don't make fun.
See, God didn't make her as perfect as you
And I think he would want you to help her, don't you?"
She shook her head slowly and gave a small smile.
She had understood perfectly and that made it worthwhile!

Yes, sometimes it hurts and I don't understand
How God could have done this as part of His Plan.
Yet each time I hold you or we kiss goodnight,
I know in my heart He did everything right!
You're my own Special Angel, and how lucky I was
To be chosen by God to receive your sweet love.

My own Special Angel, sent straight from above!

For more Monday Moments, Click Here.

Bloggy Carnival Giveaway!!!!!

A few times a year you can go to the for their Bloggy Carnival! Last time I entered about 200 giveaways and won 4 things! Not bad!!! This time I decided I may as well give something away, too!

SO what can I give away you ask? Well...

How about one of our ID necklaces?!

I made one of these necklaces for my daughter, Kennedy. It was designed for safety, first and foremost. It has her full name, her address and my cell phone number so should she ever get separated from me, I can be contacted. And then of course, she has to look cute! Hence the fun colors!!!

Here are a couple more necklaces I've made:
This necklace alerts people to the fact that Kallie has diabetes.
It also has her name, address and mother's cell phone number.

This one was made for Jonathan who is 9 and has Down syndrome.
He thinks it's the coolest thing EVER!

Your child already knows her address and phone number?
That's ok! You can use her favorite Bible Verse or quote!

These make GREAT gifts for that special child in your life and provide parents with a feeling of safety should a little one disappear.

Want more than one? read the details here! 100% of the proceeds go toward the adoption of our new daughter, Kellsey!.


LEAVE ME A COMMENT and tell me who you would get your necklace for if you win! That's it! I will close the contest and announce the winner on FEBRUARY 2ND.

Be sure to go back to Bloggy Giveaways and enter MORE great giveaways!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

How addicted to blogging are you?!

OK I have to say, I thought it would be higher than 80% for me! LOL I guess I have more blogging to do! ;)

80%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

A letter from the Bush girls to the Obama girls

This is so sweet, what a beautiful letter.

Q&A #54

But, Renee, what I REALLY want to know is . . .
Do you only "get one piece when they've (you've) eaten a good meal" - "no more than 2 pieces per day" or are you hiding your candy wrappers behind the deep freeze? Hmmmmmmm?????

As far as the kids know, YES! LOL I wish I COULD limit myself to 2 per day... see what I'm trying to save my children from? A life of candy addiction! LOL

Have you read the recipe on the back to make the cheesecake? I'm waiting for the day that I can make that. I have a whole bag in my fridge just for that reason! : )
Actually, I'm not a fan of Cheesecake... I know, I know, I'm a traitor to women everywhere! LOL Frank would probably love it though!

Have you tried the cheesecake kisses? Personally, I like the caramel ones the best.
No... for the reason above. But I've heard they're good!

Have you tried looking at Big Lots for them? They often have "out of season" candy that is still perfectly good.
NO! But I will now! :)

Oriental Trading has them for $2.49 a bag:) You should stock up!
Ohhhh I will!!! :)

The important question here is - how does an entire bag of these things GO MISSING? Unless, of course, there were so many in your car to begin with. . . HA!
hahaha You've never seen my van... it's not pretty! LOL

Hey Renee we could have a beading party and help you with those necklaces!! Let me know how I can help!!!
Now THERE'S an idea!

what the heck is cajeta????????
That would be the Spanish word for Caramel. LOL

Um.. I was cleaning out my closet and found a pair of shoes.. a necklace that belong to the Miss K's. I'll trade you for the pictures from the UK and my jacket!!! I'll mail those items off to you on Monday.. unless you guys are planning a trip south anytime soon????
I know, I BADLY need to get to the post office. I have SO much stuff to mail out! We DO want to travel down there soon, just not sure when yet!

Anyway, I've never seen like 95% of these. Where do they even sell them?!
Unfortunately most of them are very hard to find :(.

okay where do you begin to find all these flavors? Hersheys needs a kiss of the month club...each month they send you a new flovor or two!!
Ohhh that's a GREAT idea! I found all these pics on the internet! LOL

Ok now I am just really hungry to try them all..lets meet somewhere with ALL the bags and try them out I am game :) YUMMY!!!!
Sounds good to me!! Let's do that! We just need to actually find all the flavors first!

But Renee.. how could anyone NOT love Kennedy?
VERY true ;).

What a great kid. I would be on the phone with his parents telling them what a proud moment that is. Hunter sounds like he just may be the best kid. So were you teared up about this or just all of your readers?
Oh no I definitely got teary. I get teary just THINKING about Kindergarten orientation! LOL

You, my dear, are out of control! :) As for the candy cane kisses...have you tried Chick-fil-A's peppermint choc. chip milkshake? It's like those kisses on steroids...AMAZING! but, it's seasonal too. :) so hurry and go try one before they're gone!
I know... but at least I'm not in denial, right?! hahaha YES!!! I LOVE those shakes! Hmm I wonder if ours still has them...

I'd have to go with Knott's Berry Farm with Montezuma's revenge
Ohhh I MISS Knott's Berry Farm!!!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Question of the Day #18

Which amusement park is your favorite and what is your favorite ride?

Thank you for being my friend!

Kennedy LOVES school. When she wakes up and we tell her it's a school day she gets so excited! She gets dressed (with a little help), lets me do her hair, grabs her backpack and says, "OK let's go see Darcy!" (Her teacher.) When we get to school she runs in and says hi to her friends and heads over to the kitchen play area. I get a quick hug and kiss and she sends me on my way.

There is a little boy in her class named Hunter. I know this because one day last week she took my hand, took me over to him and said, "This is Hunter." (I catch on quick!) When I picked her up yesterday, she exclaimed, "MOMMY!" and ran into my arms for a big hug. We went to get her backpack and then she went back to the doorway of her classroom to say goodbye to her friends. "BYE BYE!" She said, "BYE HUNTER! BYE!!!!"

And then I heard one of the sweetest things I think I've ever heard. Hunter called back, "BYE Kennedy! Thank you for being my friend!"

Thank you, Hunter. It means more than you'll ever know.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Give me a little kiss...

Will ya, huh?

So, I found 39 flavors... which ones would you love to try? Which ones have you tried that you love? Which ones sound horrible? Anyone know of flavors not here? I'm missing so many!

Q&A #53

Most People I know, think that I'm crazyyyyyyy" by Billy Thorpe (aus singer dont know if you have heard this, i'll put it on my blog if you haven't!!)
I haven't heard it!

You are requiring me to think today to answer a question? LOL--
LOL Yes!!!

The last winner (David Cook) is from my hometown. Maybe this time around, it can be from Clarksville!!!
LOL Maybe... Was there one from Clarksville on TV? If so, I missed it!

Ok, I know it's none of my business, but PLEASE don't wait a month to have the lump checked out. Please drive the 45 minutes away to get in quickly.
No the one 45 minutes away is the one that's going to take a month. The one 5 minutes away can take me soon but I need to get a referral to go and no one will give me one @@.

Huh, does the lump hurt? Strange. Don't you love insurance or people who have never met you get to decide where you get seen for treatment?
Nope, it's just annoying. Yeah, and it's not even the insurance people, it was the commander of the hospital.

Is there no one that you can appeal to (i.e. threaten) regarding the ENT? Please don't wait a month! Don't you love unsolicited advice? :)
Yep, I have an update to post in a bit about that. And I do love advice when I know it's done in love :).

When is that on? (Army Wives)
Sunday nights on Lifetime but I think it's on a break right now.

I do watch it and really like it, the hubby watches with me but is forever commenting on things that would just not really happen. He was in the army 10 years and that's nice he knows what is fake and all but I wish he wouldn't tell me while we are in the middle of watching it!
LOL Frank has made a couple comments too, he especially gets irritated about the way they wear their berets! hahaha

I love Army Wives! When does the next season start?
Not sure! We were looking online earlier but couldn't find anything.

How'd he download the episodes?
He borrowed DVDs from a friend and copied them to his computer and then he figured out how to download them to his iPod which he hooked up to our TV. I have NO idea how he does that! haha

I don't know anything about this show, but what impressed me is that Frank helped you make necklaces! Awesome hubby you have! :p
Yep! He's been a HUGE help... and we STILL can't manage to keep up! LOL

However, I did get to thank a soldier today! I was at the lab getting Ava her lead screen test (she was her usual "bad patient" self) and an older guy shook hands with a waiting soldier and thanked him for his service and I said "I second that!" Am I a cornball?
Not at all! :)

When Kennedy is an adult she might not like it that you shared her butt rash with the entire world :) kind of like naked bathtub pictures shown to boyfriends.
LOL Yeah well, I gotta give her something to talk about in therapy! hahaha

Oh Yeah!! these are yum! and I don't generally like white chocolate, but I LIKE these!!!
They're not white chocolate, just mint :).

Have you tried the cherry kisses?
*ahem* I have a bag in my bedroom... I have the hot cocoa ones too. Those rock.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Best. Candy. Ever.

Do you know that there are over 100 flavors of Hershey's Kisses? Seriously. I kind of knew this. I knew there were a lot more than I suspected because this summer we went to Hershey, PA and went to Chocolate World. I could live there. I'm pretty sure I'd be 300 pounds, but I could SO totally live there.

So around Christmastime I was at Target and I found these:

Those would be little dollops of minty heaven called Candy Cane Kisses. I bought a bag... then another, and another, and then two more. And now? They don't sell them anymore. It's like some cruel cosmic joke. Just as I was almost done mourning over them, I was digging in the back seat of my van and found a full bag! YES! So now I'm savoring each one, sharing a little... sometimes. And when I eat my last one, I'll be sad again.

Hershey's better bring them back next Christmas... only 11 months to go.

Army Wives

I think I've mentioned once or twice that I'm stubborn. No comments from the peanut gallery. Well, one area of my stubbornness transcends to television. If I don't watch a show from the beginning, you can pretty much guarentee that I won't pick it up in the middle and start watching. Two shows I can think of in particular that people promised me I would love are Grey's Anatomy and One Tree Hill (is that even still on?!). Since I didn't catch them from the beginning, I don't watch them. I don't like coming into the story part way through. I'm sure they're great shows, but I just can't do it.

The other one people seem to love which, of course, sparked my interest is Army Wives.

But I'm stubborn, remember?

Well my wonderful husband figured out how to download every episode so far!! SO last night we sat on the floor, made necklaces, and watched Army Wives from the beginning. We're about 6 episodes in now. I'm hooked. I admit it. It's a great show! But see, if I started with season two I wouldn't have stuck with it. I know, I'm weird. Whatever.

Anyway, I can't wait to catch up so I can talk about what's going on NOW, but no one ruin it for me, k? One good thing about doing it this way is instant gratification AND no commercials! How great is that?! haha I might be a little sad when we're all caught up.

How many of you watch this show and love it (or hate it)? If you're a Military wife and watch it, I'd be interested to hear how accurate you think it is to living on Post (or Base). I've always lived off Post so I can't really relate.

OK off to watch the rest of season one!

Medical stuff

Keeghan's surgery for new ear tubes and to have his adenoids removed has been scheduled for March 12th. He had his original tubes put in March 13th of last year. Hopefully it will keep the ear infections away.

A few weeks ago Keeghan was having trouble with his stomach. He would be fine and then out of nowhere scream in pain. I took him into the pediatrician after this went on for a few days and she suspected lactose intolerance. Keeghan's always been fine with milk and cheese and stuff but she said sometimes a virus can bring on lactose intolerance and told me to cut out dairy and try him on soy milk. So I changed him to soy and after a couple days the pain went away. Fortunately he doesn't mind the soy milk too much. His ped said to keep him lactose free for a couple more months and then she'll have me slowly introduce milk again.

And now me, I have to say, I am SO SO thankful for TriCare (our insurance), but the hospital on Post stinks. Seriously. I have a lump in my throat that has been there for over a week now. It won't go away. I went into the clinic on Post and he said he has no idea but I definitely need to see an ENT asap. The ENT clinic on Post can't get me in for a month. For a lump? Does that seem a little ridiculous to anyone else?! There is an ENT around the corner from my house who can see me next week, but the commander of the hospital on Post won't approve it so instead I get to drive 45 minutes away to go to the one on Post... in a month. Sure hope the lump is nothing serious @@.

Kassidy is feeling much better today. Her temp never got over 99.9 but she still had to stay home today. She's hanging out with Kennedy and Keeghan watching cartoons. Kennedy has a weird rash on her butt. Not too sure what it is since she's not in diapers anymore. I've put some cream on it so hopefully it will heal quickly.

Kameron... is healthy... as usual. Iron clad immune system I tell ya! LOL :)

Anyway, that's the end of my whiny post. I'm off to get Kennedy ready for therapy and then I'm going to get my TB test looked at. Looks good to me!

Hope all of out there are doing well!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Adoption update and stuff

There is an update on our adoption journey on Kellsey's blog. We had to rush back to Clarksville after the appointment because Kassidy's school called and she was saying her stomach hurt. She seems mostly ok though she did have a temp of 99.9 when I picked her up which means no school tomorrow for her.

We are watching American Idol right now. All I can say is, I tell my kids they can do anything they put their heart into, however, if they can't sing I'm sure as heck not going to encourage them to go on American Idol. I mean seriously?! Talk about sending your kid to therapy. How do these people actually think they're GOOD?!

OK anyway, nuff babbling from me! Thanks to those who answered my question of the day from today! I think we'd definitely have to go with "On the road again". I love that song! :)

Q&A #52

First off, if you have emailed me in the last couple weeks and haven't gotten a reply, I will get back to you! We've been crazy busy and I'm way behind! I'm working on it though! Sorry for the delay! OK onto Q&A!

Not only that how many pacis does he (Keeghan) use at one time?
LOL Well he usually has at LEAST two with him... sometimes 3... depends on how many he can find laying around!

omgosh, im soooo sick of SB (spongebob) but i know he'll be in our house for many many yrs. Which one is his favorite episode???
The training episode where they are teaching Spongebob how to make a crabby patty.

So which episode is Frank's favorite? Inquiring minds want to know! Do I have to wait for your next Q&A post to get the answer?
YES! hahahaha

And yes, the K is still there BUT!!! you don't have a Poppy on your sidebar! It's okay, I did nearly faint but I'm okay now.
haha Sorry! I had it in a post when we did the giveaway but never transferred it over to the sidebar... it's fixed now! :)

oh my gosh!!! sooooo fun and cute! where did that come from??? love it!
Get your own fish tank right here!

i also love the spoon on the floor. it makes me feel good that others have random silverware on their floor and not ashamed to put it up on their blog. i too have way too much junk on my floor. :0)
Yeah, Kennedy and Keeghan are constantly getting their silverware out to pretend to eat and cook. They have toy stuff but apparently the real stuff is better. They must know it makes more dishes for mom! LOL

Whew, I was afraid it was going to turn into that bubble wrap game!!
No no no I would never do that to someone. Kameron might kill me! LOL

How do you make those tabs at the top of your blog? I'm trying to find ways to improve the look of my Bravefighters site.
You would have to ask Rebecca about that. She's the mastermind there! :)

I miss you!!! Now that we are well...maybe a trip to Nashville?!
Absolutely!!! Just let me know when!

I wanted to thank you for sharing the "Extra Within" a few weeks ago. I shared it with a co-worker and his wife who have a son with trisomy-18. They loved it. Evan died on Jan 10 -- he was 99 days old. He was a real fighter :-) At a memorial visitation, they had lots of pictures. They used this poem to go with some of them.
Awww that's so sweet! My prayers go out to your co-workers family. I can't imagine.

Now as for books have you Read John 3:16 (I am not sure of the author of the top of my head and I lent the book out) I think you would love it. I also just read Home Another way which was and awesome book as well.
Thanks for the suggestions! I finally finished Good Grief yesterday! :)

Is that part of K's paci collection in his hand I see? Cutie pie.
LOL Yes, though he only has one Wubbanub left... he bit through the rest. Violent kid! I'm not paying $10 a pop to buy him more!

I just wonder if there were other schools out there whose superintendent said that the classes HAD to watch (the inauguration) with nothing else going on....
Kass and Kam both watched. Kameron's class got to color a picture while they watched. Kassidy said she looked at the pictures but didn't really pay attention. She is her mother's daughter. LOL

Make sure to look up the clip with the "Hawaii Chair" - I laughed so hard I seriously thought I was going to throw up.

Help! I can't figure out how to get Brayden's button. Oh I would also LOVE to be in your blogroll!?!
I put a code box for it here thanks for posting and praying! You're on my blogroll now! :)

Question of the Day #17

If you were in charge of the music for your family vacation, what would be the first song you would choose?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Do you remember our Bloggy Makeover Winner Jacki? Well she and Rebecca have created her new blog! Hop on over to Counting My Abundant Blessings and show Jacki some bloggy love!!!

I have a dream...

So I totally should have posted this yesterday, but I didn't. Obviously. Kassidy had homework over the long weekend to make her own "I have a dream" speech. This is what she wrote:

"I have a dream that one day kids with Down syndrome will be treated equally. They wouldn't be teased. Also they would be able to go to college and get jobs. I have a dream that these special kids could do everything they can and be our friends and we'd never turn them down just because they're different. We should all try to be their friends too. That is my dream."

Yes, I think Kennedy will be in good hands in school next year :).


I laughed so hard I cried! TOTALLY worth the 7 minutes!

Inauguration Day

Today is Inauguration Day. Whether you voted for him or not... will you watch tonight? It's going to be an interesting 4 years! Whatever your political stance, keep President Obama in your prayers. He's our leader, love it or not, and we are called to pray for him. I pray he does amazing things for our country.

Monday, January 19, 2009


Tomorrow we are back into routine! Today was weird because I was recovering from a migraine that hit yesterday. I took my medicine last night and slept until 1:30 this afternoon. Thank God Frank is home. After I got up and realized my head was better I laid around until this evening and we decided to go to the movies. We saw Hotel for Dogs which was pretty good. The kids really liked it! I missed a lot of it because Keeghan was being a booger, so we'll have to rent it when it comes out so I can see it again. Anyway, tomorrow the kids go back to school and Wednesday is our second Home Study meeting. OK I have nothing left to say! haha Sorry for being a bad blogger! I will do better tomorrow!

Also, there's now a button for Baby Brayden

Copy and paste this code to your HTML/Java Script:

And don't forget to pray for Harper, too!!!

There is also a new blog for Harper Pray for Harper that you can check out and leave messages for Scott, Kelly and hopefully one day, Harper, to read!!

Monday Moment for Down Syndrome - God's Measurement

Over the last 4 years I have collected MANY poems and stories about Down syndrome and special needs in general. Since a lot of my readers have kids with special needs, I thought I would post one poem or story every Monday. Chances are you'll find one you've never heard along the way!

God's Measurement
by Linda Romblum

When God measures our worth - it's said
He places the tape, "round the heart not the head."
This is thought brings comfort now to me
Concerning my son, for you see
Andrew's not learning as he should,
All the testing and therapies - still not good.
At age 5, developmentally he's between 1 and 2.
He likes many people on this Earth
By most human values, the lesser worth.
"Handicapped", "Disabled" they're thought of.
But not so labeled by a God of love.
For who knows the worth of a human soul?
The total story is yet to unfold.
Our loving Father has a plan for everyone,
And I believe-Yes! for my son!
Through a glass dimly, now I can't see.
Just what the future is going to be.
But by faith day by day, God leads me on.
His peace and power help keep me strong.
I sometimes feel a failure - trying to teach my son.
So often, I feel that Andrew, he's the one
Teaching me, -of life and faith, and depth of love
As if a lesson came form above.
His intellect may be small -
But, oh his heart says it all!
So now I pass this message on to you.
It's very plain what we can do.
Value every soul on Earth
As through God's eyes, give them worth.
Care for those who need a helping hand,
Meet their needs if you can,
The joy you'll find is such giving
Makes life much more worth the living.
And too, it will last when life is 'ore.
And we gather upon eternity's shore.
For God measures our worth - each one,
When life here on Earth is done.
And he places the tape, - I've heard it said,
"Around the heart, and not the head"

For More Monday Moments, Click Here.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sickie heads and stuff

Kennedy and Keeghan both have head colds this morning. They are snotty and whiney and Keeghan's a little feverish so we stayed home from church and are laying low. Later I have to take Kass and Kam out to get their arms looked at from their TB test the other day. Looks good to me. Kam has a slight bruise on his but he moved his arm when they stuck the needle in. It's 39 degrees here today! WOOOHOOO Not.

Right now, Frank is watching his most favorite episode of Spongebob. Ever. He's reciting the show and Kennedy is looking at hime like he's insane. Yes, he is a grown man. I'm pretty sure. On that note, I love iCarly. Yeah yeah yeah. I'm a grown up too. I think.

I realize I haven't posted about books in awhile... that would be because I'm still reading the book I was reading a few weeks ago! LOL I'm reading Good Grief by Lolly Winston. I don't know why it's taking me so long... I guess because I didn't read while the kids were out of school. I have lots of books on my "to read" list.

Last night and this morning I added LOTS of new blogs to my blog roll. Seriously. Go check it out. If you're not on there, and you'd like to be, too bad! Just kidding! I probably just overlooked you, so let me know. If you're in the wrong category, let me know that too. If you have an adoption blog, it's on Kellsey's Blogroll.

Speaking of my blog... do you all still see my favicon? (That would be my little Special K logo up in the nav bar by my blog name.) I think it's disappeared... but maybe it's just me... or maybe it's internet explorer... can you firefox and safari people see it? I think I want to download Firefox... any pros/cons to it? Frank's been trying to get me to do it FOREVER and well... I'm stubborn.

And now, to end this random post, I leave you with a random picture. Don't you love his color coordinated paci?

Have a blessed Sunday!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Don't feed the animals!

OK you can feed THESE animals! It's kinda fun and addicting! LOL

Q&A #51

Now, why would they just take out the adenoids and not the tonsils too. I never understood that. Tonsils and adenoids seem to go together, and with your family's history with strep wouldn't it be a good preventative?
I agree! And we asked about this but he said he doesn't like to take tonsils out in kids this young unless it's absolutely necessary because the recovery is so bad.

Good luck with your physicals today. I hope all goes well. Did Frank ever get his physical scheduled?
Yes, he goes in on Tuesday! :)

Girl, What would you do if you had a boring day???
I think I would sleep and sleep and sleep! haha

I know nothing about blogging, but somehow found out about this blog through CarePages...I think Kennedy and my nephew Chase were at Vanderbilt at the same time?
Yes, they were in around the same time. Unfortunately we never got to meet him. Stupid cancer.

What exactly is that anyway?
That would be a pot of bread. LOL

So ever since you were going I kept thinking about this wonderful bread,,,, but now u have shown a picture too. How dare you play with the pregnant women taste buds!!!!
hahaha Sorry!

I guess I will have to stop in Kentucky on my way to Tennessee. If it really is from Patti's 1880s Settlement.
Yes, it sure is from there!

Even better when smothered in "Ms. Patti's" strawberry butter!!
Oh my goodness, I know right?! That was the BEST butter EVER!

Oh, my mouth is watering!! How dare you post this and torture me since I'm not close enough to run out and have any :) I think I need to start planning a road trip! Want to go back?!?
Sure thing! Let me know when! :)

Poor Renee...she goes into the kitchen so little that she doesn't even know the difference between a bread pan and a flower pot.
ROFL you win!

Are those Hep A shots the ones that REALLY HURT REALLY REALLY BADLY (in da booty), or is that Hep C.
I think maybe that's Hep C. The kids actually both did pretty well with it.

I think your Super needs to look around at the other towns. Does he not realize that when the city has to use the heat to heat the schools, it takes away from other people? Or at least that's what they told us in 79 when it happened here!
Yeah! You tell him! Can you call him for me please?! LOL

I wonder if Ms. Anonymous is reading. LOL
I'm 99% sure she is ;).

Question, how do you do the strikethru on your text? I can't figure it out
< strike>text here< /strike> (take the spaces out after the < on both sides. You'll get this: text here.

Honestly as someone who has lived -40 and colder (did you see my WW) in Fairbanks where it is very dry and 0 in Kentucky where there is more humidity I personally think that 0 there is more intolerable because of the moisture in the air. But hey that's just me. There's an Army base in Fairbanks maybe one day you'll see for yourself ;)
Ha! I REALLY hope we never have to see for ourselves! LOL

I feel honor that a soon to be publish author comes to my blog. I hope you read my "about me" section of my blog and understand my lack of grammar and spelling, I try, I really do, but many times I go back and find more errors (smile). I'm glad you are doing this. Can't wait for the finish product.
Ohh no, it's not an autobiography to be published, it's just a bunch of paperwork for our adoption. I'm truly not that interesting! :)

Reliable ... I think? We can always rely on you to post on your blog, but does reliability happen in other parts of your life? ROFL
Sometimes yes, sometimes no! haha I try to always follow through though! :)

Be careful with that Hep A shot, I got mine done, and now I have these hot,red rashes that keep coming back!
UGH lovely! thanks for the warning!

Oh, and I'll take it you didn't buy Keeghan's shirt?? Ha! Since you said you hate buying character shirts and all...:)
hehe Actually I DID buy that sweatshirt. It was Kameron's... and then Kennedy's... and now Keeghan's. We have a cookie monster one that was originally Kassidy's, then Kam's, now Kenn's and eventually Keeghan's. It was a momentary lapse but they've made for GREAT pics! I'll have post sometime!

Remember -- the SW isn't looking for the perfect autobiography. It doesn't have to be near ready for publication. She (or he!) just wants the information in readable format. Don't feel obligated to make everything in "paragraph" form. If it is easier to do lists for parts (e.g. how do others describe me), then do it that way.
Actually ours stressed that it does indeed have to be in paragraph form. I did end up doing a list for the "how others describe me" part though. I just didn't know how else to do it! LOL

Have you heard the "Type-1 Mom Song"? It's a parody on the Mom song about the life of a mom of a kid with Type-1 Diabetes.
That was SO cute! I passed it on to a couple friends whose kids have Diabetes. Thanks!

Puede Keeghan enseñarle a mis niñas a aspirar?? (Can Keeghan teach my kids to vacuum?)
Sure thing! He'll be right over! LOL

Is Keegan for hire?? I'm looking for a full time vacuum boy. He looks more than qualified!!
haha Yes he gets lots of practice! I can't wait until he's old enough to use my Dyson! hahahaha

did I miss a post, no more neck brace?
Nope! We went to Philly a couple weeks ago and she only has to wear it in the car now for the next year. You can read more about it here.

How do you figure you're boring? I would say that's the furthest from the truth.
Maybe they just asked the wrong questions! LOL

Rest in Peace, Mark

Mark Lamberth is being laid to rest today. Please hold Angie and Nolan and the rest of their family in your prayers today and in the coming months.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Pray for babies Harper & Brayden

Hey everyone, one of my blogging friends, Kelly Stamps, just had a baby girl, Harper today (the 16th). Turns out Harper is not doig well. She is in VERY critical condition. Kelly and her husband Scott tried for so long to get pregnant and have prayed so hard for this sweet baby, their first, and they are terrified but trusting God to watch over Harper. Please be one of Harper's prayer warriors. Click on her button above and let them know your praying. Kelly, her husband Scott and her whole family are amazing and I know they will glorify God no matter the outcome, but please pray they can bring baby Harper home healthy and happy!

Also, in the same NICU is sweet baby Brayden who is the 2 day old son of another blogging friend, Jenna. Brayden is also having some health issues and needs a lot of prayer. Jenna and Kelly are friends and I'm glad they have each other to physically lean on, but I hate this for both their families! You can visit Jenna's blog here. Thank you so much for praying for Harper and Brayden!

Silly girl!

The other day Kennedy was playing with a wrapping paper roll left over from Christmas. She came up to me and tapped me on the leg and said, "Moooommmmy" with a really shaky voice. I looked up and said, "what Kenn?" She hunched over, stuck her bottom lip out, put her hand on her back and said in the same shaky voice: "I a ooooolllldddd lady!"
Where does she GET this stuff?!

More mindless babble

It's COLD here. Really cold! When I woke up the thermometer said TWO. What?! Now I know it's no 50 below like in Minnesota, but for Tennessee it is COLD! Pretty much every school district is closed around here today... except for ours... because our superintendent is horrible... cruel... mean... from New York and wants us all to suffer... wants our kids to catch pneumonia... doesn't care that our boogers are forming icicles... doesn't think it's so cold. Apparently. But I'm not bitter. Much.

Today will end Kennedy's first week at school :). She stayed dry all day on Wednesday! This morning when I dropped her off, she went in and went potty, washed her hands and then asked, "Hug?... Kiss?... BYE!" What she meant was, "Get out of my class and go get a life, this is MINE! OK OK I get it! haha

Keeghan is sick again. It started with a runny nose a couple days ago and now he's wheezing really bad again which means more breathing treatments for him! FUN. Not.

The kids and I got our physicals done yesterday. I told Kass and Kam they wouldn't need shots. Turns out I lied. But I didn't know! Kass needed a chicken pox booster and a Hep A shot and Kam needed just the Hep A. They also both needed TB tests. Otherwise they are both very healthy and both have 20/20 vision. I have to take them back tomorrow to get their TB tests looked at and then on Tuesday Kenn and Keeghan need to get TB tests done. I also need to go back on Tuesday because my doctor isn't open on the weekend so I couldn't get my TB test yesterday. I had to get blood drawn for a bunch of stuff and had to do a drug screen. I'm so worried! Pending the lab results, I'm healthy but a little overweight shut up.

Anyway, Frank and I are going to buckle down and answer our one hundred pages 40 pages of home study stuff. I wish I could just use you all as references... except for Ms. Anonymous of course. In the meantime Keeghan is vacuuming for me. He's such a big help :).

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Mom Song

Just something to make you smile!

Question of the Day #16

What is the best job in the world and why? What job would you never want?

As for my last QOTD my favorite smell in the whole world is sunblock!!!! Can't believe no one mentioned that one! :)

Viva Catie Concert!

Catie Summers was just 16 years old when she passed away in December 2007 after a 4 year battle with Osteosarcoma (bone cancer). She was treated at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. I never got the privilege to meet Catie, but her life still changed mine. I heard about Catie right after she passed away and then heard that she lived here Clarksville... so of course, I googled her name. Google took me to Michael Bayne's blog and this post about Catie. I started following Michael's blog and eventually we decided to check out Grace Community Church where he is the family ministries pastor. Almost a year later we are still there and have been so blessed by the church, the way they reach out to the community, serve its members and help us strive to live every day for our Lord. I am very thankful for Catie's life.

On January 29th, Relevant Students (the youth group at GCC) is hosting a concert in Catie's memory. A concert to fight cancer. All proceeds from this concert will go back to The Lance Armstrong Foundation for cancer research. We CAN beat cancer... $1 at a time.

The concert will include the remix band from GCC, The Daniel Doss Band, Jason Roy from Building 429 among others. You won't want to miss this fabulous night in Clarksville! Come. Enjoy. Donate. Do your part to help END childhood cancer once and for all.

More info to follow.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Surgery and stuff

Keeghan had his follow up appointment with his ENT today... I believe this appointment was scheduled back in April of last year. We got there at 1:00 and FINALLY got back to the office at 3:45. Ridiculous. SO his ENT said one tube is out and the other ear had too much wax and fluid to see anything. Since he's had more ear infections recently he decided to put more ear tubes in and take his adenoids out. He said that by taking his adenoids out it will prevent him needing a THIRD set of tubes. I sure hope so! The scheduler is supposed to call us by Friday to schedule his surgery. Oh, and he failed his hearing test, but they think it's probably just from all the fluid in there, so they'll repeat that after his surgery. We didn't get out of there until almost 5 and Keeghan had NO nap but man was he good!! He crashed almost as soon as he got into his car seat!

On a lighter note, we got to have dinner tonight with a couple who lives here in town and is expecting a baby girl with Down syndrome! It was so much fun to meet them and let them bounce questions off us and stuff. They are going to be fabulous parents! They already have a 2 year old son who is SO cute!

Anyway, we just got home and got the kids to bed, so we're going to relax a bit and then go to bed ourselves. It's been a long day! Kass, Kam and I all have check ups tomorrow for the adoption paperwork stuff. Fun! Thanks for all the comments on the wordless Wednesday, they were cracking me up all day! I love getting email on my phone!

Night all!

Wordless Wednesday - Caption Please!

Q&A #50

I am playing with piknik too but I can't figure out how to do the black and white with the color. Is that a premium feature?
It's not... go to the black and white feature and make your pic black and white... a little window will pop up for "effect painting", if you click on "Reverse effect" it will change your picture back to color and then you can use your paint brush to color in what you want B&W. OR you can leave it all B&W and use your paint brush to color in what you want in color. Clear as mud?! LOL

So is the brace gone for good now?
She wears it in the car still... for the next year.

Enjoy your night out tonight. Sounds like so much fun. This isn't your first date night since Frank got home now is it?
Yes, that was our first night out, but we've done lots of fun stuff out with the kids :).

So was that a no to Jamie coming to CT then? Darn it ;).
haha I forgot to answer that! I'm sure if you paid her travelling fees she would go there! haha

You can call me a PT nerd, but her neck muscles are probably weak after relying on the brace for so long. And she probably feels really unbalanced moving around so much without that constant support she was used to having. When old people get unbalanced, they look at their feet too. :) Once she gets a little stronger and used to not wearing that brace anymore, she'll be just fine! At least she has a good story for the shiner, in the mean time. :)
(Okay, I just re-read what I wrote, and I'm definitely a nerd.)

haha maybe a little, but I love you for it!

Anyway, how long is the school day.
It's basically as long as I want it to be... they're open 6am to 6pm. I usually drop her off around 9:30 and pick her up after I pick Kass and Kam up so about 3:45. (I say usually because this is what I did when she went to school before her surgery.)

Those pictures are adorable, my gosh, she is too cute!!! No tears from mommy either!?!??!
Nope! Now when she starts Kindergarten, that will be another story! haha

How are you doing with her at school? Is Kheegan bored out of his mind yet with no one to play with?
He didn't do too badly... he wandered around aimlessly for a bit but he found ways to stay occupied!

Sounds like a great first day. Glad she had such a good day. So she goes all day long?
Yep all day long on Monday, Wednesday and Friday :).

Just 1 question for Mommy....HOW many times did you call?!!
Only once around 1:30. I was so proud of myself! haha

Is she the only one with DS in the class, or is it integrated?
She is the only one with any special need in her class. Looks like she'll have no trouble holding her own though! :)

And YAY on the potty training! That is awesome! Is she wiping and doing everything on her own?
She doesn't wipe when she poops, but she does when she pees. She has a little trouble getting her pants up sometimes, but she's getting there!

Is she the little fashionista, or are you?? she looks SO cute!!
haha I guess that would be me, when it comes to my kids. I wish I could learn to dress myself as cute though! LOL

Sorry to hear Kennedy was less excited about school today... well, that's going to happen too of course... tomorrow is another day, right?
No she was upset because she COULDN'T go to school! LOL

I've been wondering, whatever happened with the princess contest? Every time I think about it I remember those gorgeous pics of Kennedy in her "Sincess" dress :)
The contest doesn't end until February 25, so we still have awhile to wait!

So now I'm Delurked now, right? :)

How is Kameron doing with his therapy?
Kind of ok... we didn't go in December so I'm anxious to get back to it. He'll still eat peas and corn... but he is reverting back... eating it VERY slowly and getting upset about it. I did find that he'll eat green beans dipped in mustard (YUCK).

What ended up happening with the squirrels in your walls?
WELL they trapped 3 I think and now they're going to seal the hole... and we're praying there are no more in there when they seal it! We haven't heard them in awhile though!

Don't you have any advice on potty training. I'm telling you that you could earn extra money. I would pay.
I'll tell you what NOT to do: I made the mistake of letting Kennedy run around naked... so then she learned to only pee on her potty when she was naked... and if I put panties on her she thought she could just pee right through them... yeah. Not my brightest idea. LOL Beyond that I'm no help!

Are you serious? National Delurking day? Who comes up with this stuff, hehehehehe? It's a bit creepy that someone had to create a delurking day.
I don't know. I think it should be a national holiday though... no school... no mail delivery... we'll need a delurking postage stamp! haha

is there we can sign up via email to receive notification when you post something on your blog? you know, like care pages do?
I think there is a way, I'm checking into it.

how are you all today?
We're doing great!! :o)

That's terrific! Yes, she is definitely a social butterfly, no doubt about it! So, have you gotten your baseball bat yet (to beat off all the boys)?
haha I think that's daddy's job.

I listed you as a friend so I would come visit more often. I hope you don't mind.
Don't mind at all! :o) Thanks!

I have no idea how I found your blog, I think I followed it from MCKMama perhaps? But if that sounds crazy then I'm more than likely wrong!
That could very well be right! :o)

This post leads me to a question I've been wanting to ask you. Is is difficult to transition back to having Frank at home? I mean I know you love having him at home, but after being the only adult in the house and, you know, The Boss for over a year it has to be hard. I'd love to hear how you deal with that because I get annoyed when my husband comes home from work early and ruins my routine! LOL!
Not really... we've both had to adjust to some things (like our new rule of no TV during the week) but we're pretty go with the flow so it hasn't been too hard.

I'm a lurker and we need to do lunch again!!
Yes we do!!! I've been thinking about you a lot! Call Brandi and let's all get together!

I'm so glad that you got to get out and have a date night. You deserved one every night. Don't you think your mom could help out with that? LOL
LOL I'm sure she'd be THRILLED! hahaha She does make sure we get time to ourselves a lot which we really appreciate! Sometimes Frank keeps the kids so my mom and I can go hang out! That's lots of fun, too!

I had a question for you (and your readers as well hopefully). My husband is coming back from a deployment in a couple months. He will have been gone almost two years total.
I planned to take my two kids to greet him at the airport. We had decided it would just be the kids and I, along with his two best friends.
Then his mother informed me that the entire extended family will be there. 10+ aunts and uncles, several cousins, 4 grandparents, 2 parents, 3 siblings and their spouses and kids, etc.
I am concerned about my child's sensory issues with this crowd. I just don't think it will work.
However, more than anything I wanted them to be able to have that experience of greeting him at the airport...but I'm thinking that he should just reunite with them later. I don't want them battling with 20 adults for his attention.
If he was coming home straight from the airport then this really wouldn't be an issue. However, unfortunately that's not the case. We moved 12 hours away when we found out he was deploying, to be closer to family. So we won't be living together immediately because I will have to stay for some dr's appointments that we've waited months for here. He also has to get us a house and get that all finished. So the kids won't see him much, if at all after this reunion, for another 4 weeks.
I wondered what other military families thought of this? I don't want him to be overwhelmed and I want him and the kids to have some time. But I feel totally petty trying to tell his family not to come. I mean they can always see him later... but who am I to decide who can and can't go?
He has also told his Mom he only wants us there, but she isn't listening.
What do you and your readers think? Would you take your kids to greet Dad at the airport if it wasn't just you guys? Or would you just wait till later to reunite them.
I wish I could just tell my mother in law what to do...but that isn't working obviously.

I'm going to go ahead and let my readers answer this so I don't get myself in trouble! ;o)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Point Taken

Earlier, I walked down the stairs to see Kennedy standing by Frank and she was holding a bowl.

He told Kennedy, "Go throw that away, it's yucky". Apparently there was a carrot in the bowl left over from lunch.

I told him, "Don't tell her to throw it away! She will throw away the whole bowl!"

Frank said, "No, I pointed to the carrot and told her to throw that away."

I said, "She isn't going to understand that! She'll throw the whole bowl away."

Kennedy walked over to the trash, threw the carrot away, told me it was "all gone" and proceeded to put the bowl in the sink.

Frank looked at me with a smirk and said, "I'm not saying one word."

He's a smart man. Almost as smart as Kennedy. :o)

Date night and lurkers and stuff

Thanks for the huge response to the lurker post below!!! When I did this the first time I got 9 responses... last time I got over 100, and this time we beat it...barely! If you haven't commented yet, please do! I love to see who's reading!!

I never followed up on our date night! We had a GREAT time! We went out to eat with 6 friends, talked a lot, laughed a lot, ate WAY too much and then went to a late night movie. We saw Bride Wars... if you haven't seen it yet, it's hilarious! Seriously!

I have a bunch of Q&A's to do but I've been lazy today. I also have a MOUNTAIN of paper work to fill out for our home study... and I'm procrastinating, so I need to get on the ball! For now I'm going to go shower and then I'm going to pick Kass and Kam up from school.

Sincess Kennedy was not at ALL happy about not being able to go to school today... more on that later! Hope your Tuesday is going well!

Monday, January 12, 2009

National Delurking Day!

I just read that today is national delurking day... SO if you're here, lurking on my blog and never comment, or even if you're not a lurker and always comment, LEAVE ME A COMMENT! Right here... right now... Come on... PLEASE?!?!?!

A great day!

Kennedy had a GREAT first day at school! Her teacher said she kind of had to redirect her when it was time to move on to another activity, but it's the first day, she'll get the hang of it! Beyond that she said Kennedy listened very well, ate all her lunch and snacks, participated with the activities AND AND AND except for a small accident while she was sleeping at nap time, she stayed DRY!!!!! She's been diaper/pull up free since we got back from Philly (except for bedtime) and I think it's safe to say she is FINALLY potty trained! WOOHOOOO!!! I told her teacher I would start sending a pull up for nap time and she said that was fine. She also said, "Kennedy is VERY social!" Yep, that's my girl! :o)

When I got there to pick her up she gave me a big hug (Kennedy I mean, not her teacher! haha) and then said bye to all her friends... then she said bye to every OTHER class in the school on the way out. haha We got to the car and she said, "I had FUN mom!" She told me they sang songs and read stories and ate lunch. I asked her what she ate and she said, "I don't KNOW!" Oh well we'll work on details later!

When we walked in the door Keeghan ran over and gave Kenn a HUGE hug! I think they missed each other :o). Kenn is only going to school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday so we'll see how she does tomorrow when she realizes she can't go back! Woohooo for school!

Monday Moment for Down Syndrome - A Line Across His Hand

Over the last 4 years I have collected MANY poems and stories about Down syndrome and special needs in general. Since a lot of my readers have kids with special needs, I thought I would post one poem or story every Monday. Chances are you'll find one you've never heard along the way!

A Line Across His Hand
By Deborah L. Sardone, © 2000

The day my son was born the sun shone in the sky
My life would change forever and here's the reason why
You see my son is different, things did not go as we planned
For my son was born with a line across his hand
A line across his hand
A line across his hand
Things did not go as we planned
Because of the line across his hand.
They said that he would be slow too learn and never read or write.
But when he took his first steps it was a special night.
They said he'd never be a man and always be a burden
But he'd show them wrong, it was the one thing I was certain
A line across his hand
A line across his hand
When his hand's held in mine
I can't see that line across his hand
Oh how very hard it was to learn to tie his shoe
There were days we thought it was something he'd never ever do
But then one day he made the bow up right and neat
Oh, his life ain't always easy but his victories are sweet
A line across his hand
A line across his hand
That shoe lace didn't care there was a line across his hand
I always dreamed we'd play with a baseball and a bat
but in our life together we jog the High School track.
There are many things that he can do and things that he can not.
He's much more than the sum total of the syndrome that he's got.
A line across his hand
A line across his hand
Don't judge who he is by that line across his hand.
If I had the power to change his life I'm not sure what I'd do
But his life has been a blessing 'tho I've shed a tear or two
I love my son more than I believed all those years ago
I guess in this life we do reap what we do sow
A line across his hand
A line across his hand
Doesn't change the love you feel in side
that line across his hand
Now my son is grown and holds a job and has a lady friend
He is proud and kind this message I will send
A line across his hand
A line across his hand
They were wrong, I know that now
this boy of mine's a man

For More Monday Moments, Click Here.

Guess who's at school?

I dropped Kennedy off at school today! She's in a class of ALL BOYS! And of course since they're all 3 and 4 year olds, they're HUGE! LOL Hopefully she'll learn to hold her own quickly!

We've been talking to her about school since last night so she was very excited to go today! When she walked in, her teacher that she had before her surgery happened to be in the hallway so she asked Kenn for a hug. Kennedy wasn't too sure, but after a minute or so I think she remembered her.

We went and found her room and she went in and explored for a minute, went potty, washed her hands and then sat down for snack. She gave me a kiss and hug goodbye and that was that! No tears! I'll probably call in a couple hours and make sure she's ok!

Here are a couple pictures from this morning. I forgot to take my camera with me to the school, so these will have to do!

Seriously mom? Pictures AGAIN?!

How's this for a smile?

How bout this?

OK Got my backpack! Let's GO already!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bloggy Makeover WINNER!!!!

Thank you all for entering the NEW YEAR - NEW YOU Bloggy Makeover Giveaway! I really hope that those of you who said they wanted to start a new blog will do so! I would love to follow along!!! Rebecca would be happy to help you set up your blog and you can know that you are helping a VERY wonderful family with your blog design purchase!

I used to choose the number and it picked:

Here are your random numbers:
Timestamp: 2009-01-12 02:06:51 UTC

SO please help me congratulate
Jacki Jenkins

Jacki does not have a blog yet, so this will be a new beginning for her! Once she and Rebecca get her blog going I will send you all over to check her out and start her blog off with a bang! Jacki, please contact Rebecca to get details on starting your blog makeover!

Watch for more fun giveaways soon!!!

Playing with Picnik

This is one of Kennedy's 1st birthday pictures... wasn't she adorable?! :o)
I had fun playing with the black and white tool on Picnik. I love that site!


This just makes me SICK! This babysitter in LA was watching 3 kids and said they were disturbing her television watching... so she put the older 2 kids into another room and put the 5 MONTH OLD baby in the DRYER and turned it on for 3 minutes! SERIOUSLY?!

The poor baby died of skull fracturs and burns. I hope that stupid babysitter gets what's coming to her. I really do. If I were the mother... well... it wouldn't be pretty.

Read the whole story here.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Disney Sweepstakes!!!

The Disney Fairies Website is having a Pixie Hollow Vacation Celebration Sweepstakes!

It says, "Enter for your chance to meet Tinkerbelle and her Fairy friends at your choice of Walt Disney World or Disneyland! It includes hotel, airfare for 4 and park hopper passes and much more!

Be sure to go check it out and enter your little princess to win!!! Best of luck!!!


Today is the last day to enter the NEW YEAR, NEW YOU bloggy makeover giveaway!!! If you haven't entered yet...
What are you waiting for?!?!?


How are you all spending your weekend? It's rainy and drab here today so we are being lazy... the kids are playing on the computer and watching cartoons (multitasking!), I have corn dogs and french fries in the oven and am about to go cook some corn and then it's NAP TIME for Keeghan so I can vacuum and stuff.

Tonight my mom is going to come over and watch the kids and Frank and I are going out with 3 other couples for dinner. We're going to Patti's 1880s Settlement in Grand Rivers, KY. We've never been there but we've heard it's awesome! I can't wait to go!!!

We FINALLY got our Christmas tree down last night (I know, I know!) and I'm enjoying the extra room in my living room now! haha I love seeing the tree all lit up with all our favorite ornaments, but I also am JUST as happy to put it all away!

Anyway, that's what we're up to... what are YOU doing today?

Q&A #49

I read Peggy's update last night, and the tears just started flowing, and they didn't stop for a good 15 minutes. It was really tough to get myself to stop crying. Did you cry as much as I did??
Yes, between Dante and Coleman I cried for awhile. Sometimes I think I'll run out of tears... and then we lose another baby to cancer and the fresh tears fall. Cancer SUCKS.

Did not know that Fort Campbell was considered TN.....I live closeby and always thought it belonged to the GREAT state of KY! HA HA Learn something new everyday, right?!?
It's technically not... the official post office and "building 1" of Fort Campbell is on the Kentucky side, so really it's Fort Campbell, Kentucky but if you have a baby there they get a TN birth certificate since the hospital is on the TN side. It's confusing, I know!

That's too funny how she hid the wrappers behind the freezer, though, I'm curious as to why she put them there and not in the garbage.
Well we check our trash cans often because we never know what Keeghan might throw away! LOL Kassidy knows this...

I have a kind of random question. I was wondering how come you haven't done any Wordless Wednesday's in a while? Like I said, random.
I just forget! I usually think about it on Tuesday and then again on Thursday! haha

Also, around what month does Kellsey come home?
Not sure! We're hoping she'll be home by the end of summer.

So when she ran into the wall did you not know if you should laugh or cry with her? CJ recently has had us all in stitches because he now from time to time will crawl pushing his head on the floor.
Keeghan does that SAME thing!! We keep telling him he's going to get rug burn. I actually didn't know how hard Kennedy hit and told her to stop crying... then when it turned purple I felt bad!

Poor Kenn! I love her hair. Did you cut it since you got back? It looks more red in these pics than in person too.
Yes she had it cut on Tuesday :) It looks SO much better now that it's not all uneven.

No brace at all now? Except for the car. Right? Cool!
Yep! If we see her get really tired we put it back on here at home but she's doing GREAT!

What is is in her mouth in the last picture?
That would be my lens cap! LOL

Is Kennedy going to be in a regular classroom for Kindergarten? I have a neighbor whos Daughter is Down Syndrome and she will be attending Kindergarten in the fall. The parents want her to be in a regular classroom but there are others that want them to try another clasroom. I can't think of the name of it.
Yep that's the plan! She will be in a regular pre-school class starting on Monday. Tell your neighbor to fight fight fight if she thinks that's what is best!

Do you go broke trying to figure out what ones to buy??? When so many are SO good it's so hard!
I always go broke at picture time! LOL

So do you just have your wall plastered with pictures of your photogenic kids? Will Jamie come to CT to take pictures of my kids?
Yes and no... there are still lots I need to buy frames for. I refuse to cover up old pictures with new ones! LOL One day I'll get them hung!

Why don't you put a couple of pacifiers on your night table
and grab one when he cries?

Well that would be just WAY to logical! LOL

Don't worry they grow up and
stop calling for you eventually...

Awww That's so sad!

OH!!! And do you get that sinking feeling in your chest when you hear that first cry? And do you practically hold your breath while you wait and see if the crying will continue? And do YOU just want to cry, too? But there is no one to help and soothe YOU, right?
hahahaha EXACTLY

Have you tried a paci clip, at least at night? That way, he can reach it because it is on his clothes?
That's a good idea too! I'll have to buy some!

I always hated lunch when I was a kid, so while my mom was talking to the carpool driver, I would run in and stick all my uneaten sandwiches and...ready for the built ins in my room. YEARS 7-8, we moved and my mom told me to get rid of anything I didn't want. Can I tell you that sandwiches petrify and yogurt gets pretty nasty? It amazes me to this day that we never got critters and the only time it smelled was if I opened the cabinet, which I never did b/c really, who wants a bunch of old lunches?
EWWWW LOL Remind me to tell you about the time I hid hard boiled eggs in my room! LOL

Have you tried a sound machine? My niece was the same way...even "silent footsteps" on carpet would wake her up from a deep sleep! The sound machine worked for her. Give it a try. Maybe you can borrow one from someone just to try it.
That must be Keeghan's problem! LOL I will check it out! I like the idea of the CD too.