Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Taking Care of Business! :)

There are a few things I've been meaning to blog about FOREVER and haven't had a chance, so I am going to do that now... some of these are more recent, and some of them are not, but they're all very important, so... I hope you'll stick around! :)

FIRST, one of our Vanderbilt buddies, Austin Bickford, needs a bone marrow transplant. There are no matches for him in the bone marrow donor database, so they are holding a bone marrow drive for him. Here is the info, if you're local. You can find more info on their facebook event page:
What: Bone marrow drive for AUSTIN BICKFORD
When: Saturday, January 16 at 10:00am - 2:00 PM
Where: Stewart County High School

Even if you can't come, you can still register as a bone marrow donor at And please be praying for Austin! He's been fighting Neuroblastoma for a LONG time and needs all the prayers he can get! You can join his facebook group here.

Second, I just heard that another Vanderbilt warrior, Paige Warden needs some urgent prayers right now. Paige is 3 years old and has an inoperable brain tumor and has recently had a huge decline... the doctors have given her 12-36 hours to live. They are spending that time at Vanderbilt. This family has already experienced more than their fair share of loss as their little boy Austin passed away from an accident a few years ago. Please keep Keith, Stephanie and their kids, Tyler, Cole and especially Princess Paige in your prayers.

Third, there is a lady who works at an orphanage in Eastern Europe who is pleading for one of the children's lives. She wants to find him a family badly. Little Vanya is 1 1/2 years old and is blind. This lady (who prefers to stay anonymous to avoid losing her job) says that he is very well behaved and can sit on his own, but is scared to crawl or walk. The orphanage director won't allow her to take a picture, but she describes him as a beautiful blond haired, blue eyed boy who loves to be held and sung to. You can find more information about Vanya here. He needs a family to love him badly. Like all kids with special needs in Eastern Europe, when he turns 4 he will go to an institution...

Remember Lera?? WELL, her forever family is doing a GREAT giveaway right now to raise money to bring her home!!! They are giving away a Dell Mini Notebook computer! I know Kassidy has been DYING for one of these... I'm going to see if she may want to throw some of her allowance money in for a chance to win! Go check it out and don't forget to follow their journey and pray for them!!!

I also just learned about this sweet family who just committed to adopt this beautiful girl, Aly, from Reece's Rainbow. I know many of you like to follow adoption journeys so pop on over and say hello and follow their journey to bring home their beautiful daughter! I am looking forward to getting to know them!

Last, but certainly NOT least, my friend Stephanie is running in the Nashville Marathon in April! She is running with Team in Training, which is part of the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, and she's running with Kennedy as her honored hero!! We are so excited! We look forward to going out and cheering Stephanie on! She is working hard to raise money right now. All the money goes back to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, which as you know is a MUCH needed organization for SO many families fighting cancer! You can visit Stephanie's fundraising page here AND you can follow her blog about her training and stuff here. Thanks so much, Stephanie!


Stephanie Cerqua said...

Thank you so much for posting this!! :)

Whidbey Woman said...

Renee, Your advocacy work is such a blessing to others. Glory to God!

Kris in NH said...

Isn't that wonderful about Aly? She's the little girl I have been wanting to adopt - but the hubby is still pondering the idea of adoption. So happy she has a family now. :) Happy for Lera too!

Jen said...

My thoughts are with all of these families! And yay for Stephanie! I ran the San Diego Marathon last May with Team in Training. I signed up again this year to run the Kentucky Derby Marathon with TNT again. Of course, Kennedy will be one of my heroes again!

Erin said...

Prayers are constantly going up in this little corner of the world! Thanks for all the updates, Renee!

FourWondersMommy said...

I registered about 10 years ago. Do I need to re-register? Ummm. I always thought that my bone marrow would match SOMEONE!

I Love looking at Lera's cute face. Thanks for supporting us, really!

Also, I am not too computer savvy and have heard that Aly had a forever family, I just didn't know how to find out and of course, you came slammin' home--AGAIN!!

Have I told you lately that you ROCK?