Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You can be a single lady!

So... my friends Carlos and Heather both posted this video of their kids on their blogs... They're riding along in their car with their kids... they have music playing... Carlos tries to joke with his 3 year old, Losiah... and well... watch and see what happens. (Be sure to watch the girls, Sohaila and Seanna too! LOL)

Turns out this video has gone internet CRAZY... you may have seen it on AOL's home page or you can read an interview with them on Parent Dish. Sports Illustrated posted them as a video of the day (you have to scroll down a bit), even Perez Hilton caught wind of it and couldn't pass it by. And of course he couldn't have anything nice to say! GRR

And NOW tonight they are going to show the video on Jimmy Kimmel Live and then tomorrow the whole family will be on the CBS Early Show at 7:40am EST! Be sure to check them out! They are hoping it will bring some adoption awareness in the midst of all the craziness! Losiah was adopted from Korea in 2006!

OK just heard that Jimmy Kimmel is tomorrow night, not tonight, sorry!

POTD #31 - Kids with Down syndrome...

are always
Didn't you know?! ;)

(Back row: Patrick, Micah, Josie,
Middle Row: Kennedy, Mayson, Abby, Kellsey,
Front row: Jake.
Photo by: Jamie Wright Photography)

Hershey's Better Basket Blog Hop!

The Angel Forever has passed onto me a virtual Easter basket. BUT unlike most blog awards and things, this one is for a GREAT cause!!! (In other words, don't stop reading! LOL)

So what IS the Hershey's Better Basket Blog Hop?! I'm so glad you asked!! If you have a blog, you can help raise money for a GREAT cause!!! Hershey is donating up to $5,000 to the Children's Miracle Network with this promotion – $10 for every blog that participates in the Better Basket Blog Hop. The post that you are reading right now is another $10 that will be given to children’s hospitals all over North America. An additional $5,000 to this charity would be the world of difference to many sick children.

SO this post right here is another $10! YAY! And now, I get to pass my virtual basket along to some of you... who hopefully will pass it along to others... who hopefully will pass it along to more people! Let's get Hershey to their $5,000 goal!

In my basket, I would include a chocolate bunny, because EVERYONE needs one of those! LOL I would also include peanut butter eggs, because well... they're YUMMY! And ummm, let's see... Cadbury eggs because I know that most people like them even though I'm not a fan. And finally, I would put a bag of jelly beans in there with my most favorite kids' Easter poem:
Red is for the blood He Gave,
Green is for the grass He made,
Yellow is for the sun so bright,
Orange is for the edge of night,
Black is for the sins we made,
White is for the price He paid,
Purple is for the hour of sorrow,
Pink is for the new tomorrow.
A bag full of jelly beans, colorful and sweet,
Is a prayer... is a promise... is an Easter treat!

I now pass my basket onto:
1. Julie at The Peanut Gallery
2. Emily at Doss Family Journey
3. Sandy at The6Steins
4. Heather at Whittaker Woman
5. Bethany at Life with Bubba, Chicky & Nika
6. Amy at The Flege Farm
7. Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes
8. Heather at The A-Team Adventures
9. Natali at The Thinking Blonde
10. Nadine at The Albrecht Squad
11. Jess at Wrong Week
12. Heather at Little Wonders
13. YOU!!!!

Here are the rules below:

Hershey’s Better Basket Blog Hop Rules
Copy and paste these rules to your blog post.
Create a blog post giving a virtual Easter Basket to another blogger – you can give as many Virtual Baskets as you want.
Link back to person who gave you an Easter Basket.
Let each person you are giving a Virtual Easter Basket know you have given them a Basket.
Leave your link at comment section. You can also find the official rules of this #betterbasket blog hop, and more information about Better Basket with Hershey’s there.
Hershey’s is donating $10 per each blog participating to the Better Basket Blog Hop to Children’s Miracle Network (up to total of $5,000 by blog posts written by April 4th, 2010).
Please note that only one blog post by each blog URL will count towards the donation.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Monday, March 29, 2010

POTD #29 - How I'm spending my evening...

The kids are in bed, the house is quiet, it's been a busy day with a doctor appointment for Keeghan (he has a terrible ear infection and is now on Omnicef), and some normal and not so normal back to school kid stuff... The dinner dishes are cleaned up, the toys are put away, so I figured what better time to sit back, relax, and ohhhhh wait...

I KNEW there was something I was forgetting! *sigh* Isn't this how you're spending YOUR evening too?!

Easter at Grace!!!

If you live in Clarksville and don't have anywhere to worship this Sunday, please feel free to join us at Grace Community Church! It's going to be an amazing service and the kids have an awesome Cross Street Live planned as well! We meet at 8:30, 10:00 and 11:30! See you there!!

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Precious Memories...

Last night, out of nowhere, Keeghan started crying really hard saying that his ear hurt. This went on until bedtime. I took his temp, which was a little over 100, gave him some Motrin and a warm washcloth to hold to his ear, and put a very unhappy little boy to bed. I knew it was going to be a long night.

Sure enough, a couple hours later he was up crying again. I brought him to the couch with me and held him for awhile and eventually took him to my bed where we snuggled up together. I wiped his tears, smoothed back his hair and said, "I'm so sorry you're sick." He wrapped his little arms around my neck and gave me a kiss, snuggled in closer and then... he farted.

The room got very quiet until he said in a very small voice, "That's nasty." And he laughed uncontrollably for the next 10 minutes. Boys.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Urgent Prayer Request!

This sweet girl is Samantha Abbott. She's one of our many Vanderbilt friends fighting cancer right now and she is really sick. She's currently in ICU with pneumonia and is on a ventilator but things are pretty scary right now. Please say a quick prayer for her and her family. You can visit Samantha's caringbridge page and let them know you're praying. I'll keep you posted as I know more. Thanks!!!

POTD #27 - Coming soon...

To be continued...

Thursday, March 25, 2010

POTD #25 - The Sincess & Superman

Yes, I know it's a Batman cape. YOU try telling Keeghan that!

Q&A #145

these pictures brought tears to my eyes. praying for a quick deployment. will he come home on R&R
Yes, for 2 weeks this Fall! We can't wait!!!

Can I ask, seen that you had to remove a post, do people actually put negative stuff on here about this?? How awful if thats the case!!
That post was actually removed by the person who posted it, not by me, I think she accidentally posted the same thing twice. If I delete it, it says it was removed by the blog administrator. I haven't gotten any negative comments about this, thank goodness. :)

I was just wondering how come you shop Target when they do not support the army? My friends hubby will NOT let her shop there case of that.
ahhh Well, I was going to link you to the snopes article about how that's actually not true, but it looks like someone already did. Frank wouldn't really tell me where I can or cannot shop either... If we eliminated stores based on what they supported or didn't support, we wouldn't be able to shop anywhere! LOL

Renee-Did you ever decide what to do with kellsey and her finger sucking?
*sigh* No. LOL We have discovered recently that the kid has no taste buds, like seriously... she has no taste buds. How does that happen?! So I don't think the lotions would work. She pulls mittens off... I'm going to talk to her ped and see what she recommends... if she is not worried about her fingers getting infected then I guess we'll wait. Her dentist said they usually wait until the kid is 5 to stop it. In the meantime her fingernails on those fingers are VERY soft... it just concerns me. So all that to say - no. I don't know yet what I'm going to do about it.

He is hysterical! Who does he get that from????
Definitely daddy! LOL

Very cute! So how's the potty training going?
Ummmm yeah... about that. He likes the IDEA of underwear, he likes to WEAR the underwear, he just doesn't actually want to SIT on the potty. UGH!

Glad to hear your trip to Walmart went well. I think it would be nice if Walmart could get those nice wide carts to where you can put to kids in the front seat. Makes sense to me!
Yeah... they have like 2... but they always seem to be in use when I get there. I have a hard time steering those things anyway. Then people get mad when I run into them. HA!

As far as your phone: The first thing I thought of was on please do not tell me this was her only phone in the house. Mom isn't Kassidy wanting a phone YET??? I know she is still young but you really need to have another phone in your home especially with Frank not being there for a while.
HEY KASSIDY you owe me one!! LOL!! No seriously it really is something you should think about. You could put a lot of restrictions on how much she can use and all that.

HA! She's DYING for a phone... because, you know, everyone in her class has one! I asked her who "everyone" was and she named off two people! LOL We did fine last deployment with just my phone, we'll probably be fine this time too. REALLY not ready to buy my 10 year old a phone! LOL

Second thing I thought of was after I read it was on the charger was that the electrical outlet did not work, and Thank God it was just the power strip was turned off. HUMMM! Wonder which child has a name that starts with K and has 7 letters in their name. How about ALL of yours. LOL!! But over half of them are under age 6 so that really narrows it down to 3 of them (now that I think about it how old is Kennedy now?). LOL!!
LOL Kennedy is still 5... and the likely culprit... but I have no proof of this. HA!

My kids are that way with cereal...what kind did they talk you into.
Honey Nut, Banana, and Multi-grain Cheerios! LOL My children are weird! LOL Last time it was the new Chocolate Cheerios, and I have to say, they're GREAT!!! LOL

Is it cold there? I always imagined it would be really hot there.
I think they're at the end of their winter right now, like we are here. It will get hot later.

You are a VERY brave woman to take 5 kids to walmart... I do good with 2 and they are 14 and 10. Get any good deals? Our walmart is remodeling and just about everything has rolledback or on clearance.
I don't think so, I didn't really pay attention to prices! LOL I just threw what I needed into the cart and moved on! haha

So he got to overnight in Ireland.. am presuming it was in Shannon Airport they touched down in....
only live 15 mins away from there....!!!! Glad they got treated well in the Emerald Isle....

Yep it was!! They stayed at the Clare Inn while they were layed over.

How long does an US Army do an Tour? My UK Cousins who are in the British Military - they only do 6 months tours nothing more.
He will be gone for a year. But he gets 2 weeks R&R this Fall.

I asked Frank, is there ever a plane that DOESN'T 'break down' to/from deployment?! Seems it happens every time!
Ugh I know! It's crazy! LOL

Also, wanted to tell you that you should try the philly cheesesteak patties from Schwans! I think of you every time I fix them - We use the patties, a bag of frozen chopped onion, & 1/2 a bag of frozen chopped green peppers. Takes no more time than frying hamburger, and you need no oil if you have a non-stick pan. Put on steak rolls w/ Cheez Wiz or Mozzerella - YUM!
Ohhhh thanks!!!! I will try those!!! :o)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

POTD #24 - Funny Guy!

So Keeghan walked into the room like this. And I had to ask.

Me: "What are you doing Keeghan?!"

Keeghan: "I lookin' like a fool with my pants on the ground!!!"

And hilarity ensued.

I asked why exactly?!

Trip to Wal-Mart and my phone

So we survived Wal-Mart yesterday! It actually wasn't too bad. I put Kellsey in the seat of the cart and Keeghan in the back. (And he of course loudly protested that HE wanted the seat until I told him that HE is a big boy and only big boys get to sit in the back. Luckily for me, he bought that. This time.) Then I ran into my friend Angela with her two kids so we stood there for a minute with our 7 kids talking about the fact that we're crazy for being in Wal-Mart and all the junk food we were going to buy but probably shouldn't! HA!

Then Kennedy decided that SHE wanted in the back of the cart with Keeghan so my shopping list got cut in half... because how was I going to fit everything in the cart with 2 kids back there?? Hmmm... Then Angela suggested Kassidy push a cart too, which Kass was very excited about, so she grabbed a cart and our shopping trip began. Less than $100 and 3 kinds of cereal later, we were out of there (and I almost forgot the milk which was the REAL reason we were going... but you know, whatever!). The kids were 99% good. No crying, and the only "I wants" I heard were for lunchables... and well, guess what they're having for lunch today?! LOL

We stopped by Subway on the way out the door and the kids got lunch and we made our way home. YAY for an uneventful trip! I wasn't nervous about it at all. Nope, not me!

So last night, I was sitting here chatting with a friend on my computer, when my mom sent me a text message letting me know she was safely in Las Vegas (she's there visiting with my brother and his girlfriend for the week) when my iPhone just shut down. The screen went to black and the little apple popped up. I thought, "Hmm.. that's strange." So I tried to restart. Nothing. I started to get a little anxious. I mean, any other time I would hand my phone to Frank and say, "Fix it!" But now... it was late, and our only other friend who KNOWS iPhones wasn't online, and I couldn't call anyone because, well... it's my only phone! LOL I kept trying to restart it and it kept shutting down. It was on the charger, so it couldn't have been that. I just kept thinking, "I NEED my phone!"

Finally, I thought, "OK I can figure this out." So, I unplugged my phone and just on a whim, plugged Keeghan's iPod in... and it didn't start charging! WHAT?! So I took the battery out of my camera and plugged that in to the same plug. Nothing. I walked over and turned on the light that's connected to the same power bar... nothing. THAT'S when I figure it out. Someone, and I'm NOT mentioning any names but it starts with a K and has 7 letters and they're under the age of 6, turned off the power bar that was charging my phone. GRR. So, I flipped it back on, reconnected my phone, turned it back on, and whew. It started up. It was just really, really dead! Freak out averted, mostly. LOL

Anyway, today we are off to Kennedy and Kellsey's Occupational and Speech Therapy and then see what else we can do to enjoy this beautiful weather! I hear it's supposed to rain again tomorrow. Yuck! Hope you all are enjoying your week!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

POTD #23 - In Afghanistan

Frank is safely in Afghanistan... he's made it as far as Kandahar and now he's stuck again! LOL I've heard he could be stuck there up to a week before he reaches his final destination. In the meantime, here's a picture someone took of him. I showed the kids this morning and Keeghan said, "Ohhh daddy has a BIG gun! I play with it?!" Uhhh, no Keeghan. BOYS!

App of the Week #4

Welcome to my iPhone addiction! LOL I use to play this in the car... but that was before Frank left and he was driving. Now I can't play in the car anymore, because that would be... you know, dangerous! HA! So now I play after the kids go to bed. And I admit, I'm a lot little bit obsessed. I am going to reach my nirvana!!! *ahem*

ANYWAY!!! Here is the game and how you play... try it! I promise you'll like it! :o) (You can click on the picture to enlarge!)
What: Chicktionary
By: Blockdot, Inc.
Price: $1.99

Choose your mode of play... I always pick the long play, then pick what ribbon you're going to fight for. Seven letters will come onto the screen in the form of chickens. Your task is to make as many words as possible with those letters. There is ONE word that uses ALL the letters! Can you see the words in there? Ohhh so many! Some puzzles are harder than others! Stuck? Hit the "Beak Sneak" button and all the open spots will reveal one letter or hit the "Free Bird" button and one word will be revealed. I recommend saving that one as long as possible though! Every game you complete gets you one step closer to your Chicktionary Nirvana. This is a great game to teach kids how to spell too, Kass and Kam love this game! I promise you though, it's addicting! (Oh and when the chickens get annoying, you can turn the sound off in the top left corner haha.)

The Price of Peace...

I talked to Frank briefly this morning... he is in Afghanistan. Still not in his final destination. He probably won't be for a few days. The internet connection where he is right now is kind of bad, but we've been able to text via Skype, which is awesome!

This video was posted on my friend Sabrina's facebook the other day, I thought it was so good!

I am off to Wal-Mart with the kids... Kassidy informed me we're out of milk. OOPS! I don't think I've ever been grocery shopping with all 5 kids by myself before... and thus begins deployment life! HA!

Monday, March 22, 2010

POTD #22 - Caption This

So, I am running out of ideas for my picture of the day... at least for today. I even posted on facebook asking for ideas. My friend Karina said I should take a picture of my front door and I was seriously considering it. Then Keeghan walked into the living room and saved the day.

Thanks Keeghan! LOL Now your job is to caption this picture! Give it your best shot! :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

POTD #21 - One Last Picture

My friend Carrie took this picture of me and Frank at the hangar before the guys took off... not too bad for 5am! LOL

I heard from Frank around 3:00 this afternoon... he was stuck in Ireland. Their plane had some problems. They were there overnight so they got to stay in a hotel and had a good meal! I am guessing they are back on their way again since I haven't heard from him for awhile. Thanks for keeping him in your prayers!

World Down Syndrome Day!

Today, March 21, is World Down Syndrome Day! They picked today 3/21 because people with Down syndrome have 3 copies of the 21st chromosome. My friend Rebecca made a bunch of facebook profile pictures for people in the Down syndrome community with their kids' pictures in them and then turned it into a really cool slide show! I thought I would share it here! Look at all these amazing kids! I have had the privilege to meet several of them and look forward to meeting more in the future!

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

POTD #20 - Saying Goodbye

After dinner last night we dropped the kids off at Grandma's house and Frank said goodbye to them. At 3:45 this morning we left the house and I took him to Ft. Campbell where he and the rest of his company left for Afghanistan for the next year. Please be praying for him and his fellow Soldiers... this is Frank's 4th deployment, a couple of the guys have even gone 5 times now. Just be praying for their safety, and be praying for the families that are here.

Here are a few pictures from last night.

Now starts the task of staying busy and counting down until daddy comes home!! We love you babe!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Q&A #144

Looks good. You don't like it that short Renee?
Well, they did a high fade this time and usually they do a medium fade... so he looks like a Marine instead of a Soldier (Frank's words, not mine! haha). It's just different than I'm used to. In three weeks it will need to be cut again though! LOL

Do you think you'd be willing to do it in public though? I don't know if I would. I have to say I think CJ would just start crying louder if I did something like that. He tends to just get louder when I repeat his behavior.
LOL I don't know if I would or not. Keeghan had a meltdown at church on Sunday and I didn't even THINK to do it, though they probably would have gotten a big kick out of it! LOL

when you do this i want to be there, please oh please, i could use the laugh. hey, do you think if you did it at the comisary it would get back to your husbands unit and they would keep him home
hahahaha No they would probably ask him what the heck is going on in his family life though!

Where can army families get this DVD? My best friends hubby is over there now and they have 3 kids. She would love this for her kiddos, maybe it would help them understand a lil more.
She can download it for free right here.

OMG, that 2nd to last pick I had to do a double take on. That's totally Kennedy. Doesn't she do that face? Is she copying the kids mannerisms more and more?
LOL Yes Kennedy makes that same face. Kellsey is a total copy cat... of good and bad things! haha

Congratulations Kassidy! My gosh, your hair is long. I thought you just got it cut?
She had some layers put into her hair, but she kept the length. She really wants it cut shorter so I may let her for Summer. Maybe. We'll see. LOL

Congrats! I don't like the surprise picture though ;). Well, maybe when I was 10 I wouldn't have minded. I had to have my picture taken for the year book at our PTA meeting the other night and I was totally not prepared. I was like gee you could have told me. My hair was a mess and I had no makeup on, LOL. At least the pictures are black and white ;).
LOL I know, Kass' hair was in a pony tail that day too. I would have left it down if I would have known it was a picture day. Oh well! No big deal I guess! :)

she is so fitting in the family, has she figured out why daddy has all that stuff in the living room yet?
She has no clue what's going on. It's going to be interesting to see what happens in the coming weeks.

Well, I'm shocked, to say the least, that Kellsey has no cavities!! That's great though! I guess it's a good thing that Kellsey went first, rather then Keeghan. Haha. Is there a chance that Kellsey could have seen a dentist when she was in the orphanage? Or is she just that calm of a child? =] I'm glad everything went well!
I seriously doubt Kellsey has ever seen a dentist... she's really just kind of go with the flow. When they did her x-rays for constipation she just laid there like, "whatever!"

You'll be in my Prayers and all of us who follow Renee's blog will be "looking out for her and the kids"! Will you be able to keep up with YOUR Blog? I stop in and visit occasionally. It always makes me laugh...esp. the "Walmart People"!
Yes, Frank plans on keeping up with his blog while he's gone... be sure to follow him!

So basically your going to use Skype as an instant messager than?? I am alittle confused on how it works with the iPhone.
No, it will basically be a video chat tool. He'll be able to see us and we'll be able to see him and we can talk to each other etc.

Im coming to TN to visit a friend who lives in Murfreesbo(sp) maybe Sydney and I could meet you too:)
That would be fun Denise! Just let me know when!!!

What had you done that made Kellsey tell you off? She looks so serious about it, too!
LOL who knows. We get that look OFTEN!

Great pictures of everybody! Has Kennedy's hair ever been as long as that? Gorgeous!
Yes, it was about this length when she was diagnosed with Leukemia... almost 3 years ago!

aw i love kennedys glasses! how is she doing with them- does she actually leave them on?
She does pretty good with them actually! There are a few times that she'll ask for them off... or once her teacher found them under her desk! LOL I'm guessing Kennedy was hiding them! haha But for the most part she doesn't complain too much.

She's just too cute! :) I always get a chuckle when looking at your pics because your girls and my daughter Alli have so many of the same outfits! We love The Children's Place and Target, don't we? lol
LOL My two favorite stores!!!! :)

So cute, but where did your baby go??!
I don't know!!! *sniff* I can't believe she's almost SIX!!!

YOU are Adorable, Miss Kennedy! I love the glasses and the long hair!
I'm wondering about the line across the lens. Are they Bi-Focals? Or is that just something that shows up on camera?

Yep they are bi-focals... she is only wearing glasses to correct the muscle in her eye... her left one. And for some reason they said that bi-focals are needed for that.

POTD #19 - My Middle Child

Poor Kennedy... I was going back through my POTD's and saw that she's getting a little left out. So, we're going to change that. Right now. Get ready for Kennedy Kuteness overload! haha

Much better.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

POTD #18 - Dinner with friends!

The Down syndrome community is something so special... you just have to be part of it to understand! Six years ago if you would have told me that I'd meet people from all over the country with kids just like mine and we'd feel like instant family, I would have told you that you're crazy. But you would have been right. Since Kennedy's birth we have had the opportunity to meet countless families because of the Internet from all over the place... families who we already felt like we knew and to whom we had an instant connection. It really is a wondrous thing!

This week Brigitte and Amy are down here from Iowa. They both have kids with Down syndrome, and then Brigitte also adopted from Ukraine like we did. They are staying with our friend Lyndi in Murfreesboro who also adopted from Ukraine, but on the way to her house on Tuesday they stopped by here for dinner!

We took over O'Charley's with our 10 kids and had a great time!! We are planning on getting together with them at the zoo on Saturday... so we'll add Lyndi's 6 kids to our 10... and well... I'm thinking the zoo is a good place to be! hahaha Here are a few pictures from my house and a few from dinner! Poor Keeghan was napping while the other kids played at the house and then somehow escaped my camera at dinner, so he's only in the group shot. Sorry Keeghan!

Back row: Josie, Owen, Mayson, Kameron, Kassidy (holding Jacob)
Front row: Katie, Kennedy, Kellsey, Keeghan

Josie, Kellsey & Katie


Kellsey... telling me off. LOL

Kennedy and Mayson playing :).

Kameron and Owen sword fighting with their menus.

Kassidy :)

Amy, Brigitte and me before they headed out. :)

See you Saturday ladies!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Give and Get with the Gap & LLS!

The Gap and the Leukemia Lymphoma Society are teaming up together for their annual Give and Get Campaign! From March 18-March 21 you can print this coupon from this page and get 30% off your entire purchase from any Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic store! IN ADDITION! 5% of your purchase will go back to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to support cancer research!!

Share this coupon with your friends and get a start on your Spring wardrobe this weekend!!!!

POTD #17 - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Are you wearing YOUR green today?!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

App of the Week #3

What: Skype
By: Skype Software S.a.r.l
Price: FREE
So, who here uses Skype? Yeah, probably a lot of you... but do you use it on your iPhone? No?! You CAN, and you should! With Frank's upcoming deployment we plan on using Skype A LOT! It's a great way to keep in touch and with my phone, Frank can contact us anywhere! You have all the convenience of Skype in your hand... Frank will be able to call me from his Skype to my Skype as long as we're both connected to WiFi. He'll be able to chat with the kids on their iPod Touch as well. We're hoping this will take communication to a whole new level during the upcoming year!

Don't have any friends who use Skype? No problem! You can call any phone number anywhere by loading minutes onto your Skype account. It's really cheap too! This worked great for us while we were in Ukraine getting Kellsey! We called home right from our Skype account and paid just pennies! Check it out and see what Skype can do for you! :)

POTD #16 - Getting Closer (part 2)

Somehow he turned this...

Into this...
Getting closer...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

POTD #14 - Haircuts

Frank and Kameron went to get haircuts yesterday... they both needed them BADLY... Kameron probably worse than Frank. And Kameron came back with his SHORT! Oh well, it will grow back quickly! Here are my boys with their new do's! LOL

Saturday, March 13, 2010

POTD #13 - Getting Closer...

As we draw closer to deployment, we break out this Elmo DVD... it talks about deployments, homecomings and changes. This DVD is free to all Military families and it's one of the many resources we are thankful for, especially living in a household of Elmo loving kiddos!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Thursday, March 11, 2010

POTD #11 - Another Character Kid!

So remember when Kameron won Character Kid for the month of February? Well, turns out that Kassidy won for her class too! Both of my kids display trustworthiness!!

It was kind of funny because I was at the kids' school in Kameron's class on Monday morning taking in his project for him when we had a fire drill. So his teacher told me I would have to go with his class out to stand in line. I took Keeghan and Kellsey's hands and we walked out with the kids to the field behind their school. Kameron wasn't even with us because he was off taking his Character Kid picture.

As we were walking back in, I looked over and saw Kassidy's class... but no Kassidy! I asked her teacher, "Where is my kid?!" And she said, "Oh, she's taking her Character Kid picture!" I asked, "Did she KNOW she was Character Kid?! She didn't tell me!" And she smiled and said, "No, I like to wait and surprise them on the picture day!" haha I am sure Kass was really surprised! And now she and Kam will be in the same picture in the yearbook :o). Pretty cool! So proud of BOTH my Character Kids!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Q&A #143

So Renee....I'm thinking maybe a Kassidy Q&A for the 150th. Or the 160th. Either way, I think a Kassidy Q&A is in the near future. How does that sound?? =]
Ahhh how about the 200th?! LOL I would need to get on the ball and collect questions from all of you and then actually pull out the camera and DO IT! HA! Do you remember how long it took me to do Kameron's?! LOL

I'm poking around the Schwan's web site. It looks like they have some kind of referral program....are you in it? I could give you credit for making me buy some chocolate marshmallow ice cream.
I should be!!! Just put in my name and see if it comes up. I'm not sure how it works. If you need more info, let me know!

Are there 5 1st grade classes (and 5 of the others too)?? Wow! That sounds like a big school. About how many kids are in your classes? We have 3 of most grades with about 20- 25 kids per class.
Yep! I'm almost positive there are 5 of each. There used to be 6 Kindergarten classes, but they got rid of one year before last. It is a pretty big school and we have A LOT of Elementary schools in Clarksville... 21 of them to be exact! I don't know if they're all the size of ours, but I would guess that they are... and most likely the ones closer to Fort Campbell are bigger. In our school the kids average right around 20 per class, I think. Kennedy has 16 in her class which is small. I think she started with 18. Kameron has 18 in his and Kassidy has 21 in hers. I'm pretty sure the other classes are all around there as well.

Oh Kellsey getting prettier and prettier. She doesn't even look like she did when she was in the Orphanage! How much she has changed! I know she had some teeth and hair issues from when she was in the orphanage. How is that going? Any luck in those departments?
Wellll... her hair is doing great! It's so soft and pretty now. I still don't really see much growth... it grows very unevenly. It's strange! I've ditched the pony tails completely. They were giving her a permanent cow lick! LOL A straight iron and a little hair spray has done wonders for her! ;) I think she looks much older with her hair down too... more like a 3 year old instead of a baby! :o) Her teeth... we're STILL waiting to get her into the dentist. Her appointment is April 5th. That was their first available. I have her on a cancellation list though so if someone else cancels they will call us. She needs to get in there BADLY!!!

I think Kellsey looks adorable! She looks so happy. I would love to see her with one of those HUGE bows in her hair! That is a "Southern" thing, isn't it? Like the one Eden had. (How did they get that to stay in her hair?)
LOL I think it is! I'm not sure how that bow was in Eden's hair actually! Maybe her mom will chime in here! ;)

Question...I've felt like your last few postings have seemed a bit sad...just kind of "off". Or, am I just "reading" something into them? ; ) Are you feeling down about Frank leaving? I know, silly question! Of course you are! I just feel like I want to give you a big hug. I can't do that, but I can and will be Praying for You and for Frank and ALL of those children you've been Blessed with! I know that all of them have experienced the separation and it has to be keep you busy (er) trying to support them emotionally, along with ALL of the normal "Mommy" stuff. I'm curious to see how Kellsey does without Daddy being around?
Thanks for asking! I'm ok!! Just had a busy week last week and then Kellsey's GI stuff threw me for a loop (especially with the drama at the clinic. I hate drama!) and then yes, all the emotions getting ready for Frank to leave... that's always a little stressful! We appreciate your prayers! We'll roll, as always! :)

are you using picnik for these?
Nope! I found a new site... LunaPic! And it's FREE! There's SO many cool things you can do with that site!

Just got a chance to watch the video, Renee. I love it! So much fun with all those little hanging around! Kennedy has GREAT hair! And the way she swings it around? Better be ready for the boys when she get older! ;)
LOL Yes, Kennedy and her hair! She is a crack up! She will put her hand on her hip and flip her hair over her shoulder! She's such a diva! haha Her teenage years are going to be fun! LOL

So, when exactly is the last train to Clarksville?
I'm not sure Jeff, but if you find out, we'll meet you at the station! ;)

69% for toilet paper
42% for zipper
38% for frozen foods
That's 139%. Who are the rest of these people? :-)

Hmmm!!!! LOL Good question!! ROFL

I would have totally taken his license plate number, gone back inside, alerted customer service, and have them page the driver to move his car or risk having it towed.
See! I never think of these things at the right time! I so should have! LOL These are the things that Frank always thinks of!

I think that it would have been fun to put a bunch of carts behind that truck that the owner would have to move before backing out.
I do find some of the parking at your WalMart to be a bit odd. A mix of parallel & pull into parking.

Again, dangit, I wish I could think quick on my feet like this! ROFL! I think our parking lot is odd too... I don't understand it.

This is a bit off topic, but my son, Peter, had his neck instability xrays last week, and I just found out that his measure was 5 millimeters (the highest part of normal is 4.5 millimeters). I don't know much about this (they don't automatically do these xrays in New Zealand and I specifically asked to have it done after reading what you wrote a few weeks ago)and just wondered what the measurements were for your girls. I think I read once that Kennedy's was 10 millimeters?
Now Kennedy had AOI which means that her gap was between her occipital lobe and C1 instead of the typical AAI which is between C1 & C2. Kennedy's was 12mm when typical is 1mm. I'm not sure what Kellsey's gap is. She hasn't had her MRI yet. I do know hers is more mild than Kennedy's and she has AAI, not AOI. confused yet?! LOL I hope that helps some! I don't know if I answered your questions or not! I feel like I just talked in circles! Feel free to email me if I can be of any help!!!

POTD #10 - Happiness is...

My mom always says, "Happiness is parking next to a cart corral." And I'd have to agree, especially when I have all the kids in the car with me... or even just one kid in the car! I always try to look for a parking spot next to a cart corral and count myself lucky when I find one!

When I went to Wal-Mart the other day, I found that spot! Not ONLY was it next to the cart corral, but it was also close to the door! SCORE! I just had Kennedy with me and we were going in to see if her new glasses were ready and pick up a few groceries.

We came back out about 30 minutes later to see this:

A truck... parked in front of my cart corral! GRRR!!! And not ONLY that, but he was seriously blocking the cars trying to drive up and down the row! GRRR! Some people are so rude!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

OOPS! I forgot!!!

On Sunday I was supposed to post the winners of the LOO LOO giveaway! Remember?! Obviously not since no one reminded me! haha

So, I WAS going to use to pick the 6 winners, but Bill Gillespie, who designed the LOO LOO, was so excited that all of YOU went to visit his website last week that HE decided to send ALL of you who commented on that post a LOO LOO of your very own to try!!!

All together now: "Thank you, Bill!" :)

SO here's what you have to do... IF you commented on this post AND you still would like a LOO LOO, email me your address to with "LOO LOO" in the subject line and we will get your LOO LOO out to you!

In the meantime, read these fun facts about toilet paper!

Did you know???
Toilet Paper Fun Facts

Toilet paper was invented in 1857

The standard size of a sheet of toilet paper is 4.5” X 4.5”

On average, consumers use 8.6 sheets per trip to the washroom, which is a total of 57 sheets a day for an annual total of 20,805 sheets

The average person uses 100 rolls of toilet tissue per year

It takes about 384 trees to make the toilet paper rolls that one American uses within his or her lifetime

Everyday, over 5 billion gallons of water are flushed down toilets in the United States

With just over 6 billion humans living on Earth it requires the daily production of 83,048,116 rolls per day

Asked what 20th century “convenience” is most taken for granted:
69% voted for toilet paper
42% say a zipper
38% say frozen foods

We often remain oblivious to toilet paper and take advantage of the convenience it provides for us.

And... one more time, just because I like to say it... LOO LOO! ;)

POTD #9 - Downtown Clarksville

Frank has been working half days lately. The helicopters in his shop have already taken off for Afghanistan... a sure sign that deployment is near... and so there's not a whole lot to do on Post right now. We so appreciate the half days because it gives him more time to spend with US! Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Clarksville! The weather was perfect, so we decided to take Keeghan and Kellsey and go downtown for lunch. After we ate we pulled the strollers out of the van and walked around. Downtown Clarksville is really pretty and has a lot of history. We don't go down there all that much (which is weird, because we live really close) but we should! It was fun wandering around yesterday! Here are a few pictures...

Our courthouse...

The Kennedy Building! LOL

Keeghan was enthralled with this guy... he didn't want to get to close though! LOL

Then there was this lady... Kellsey liked the little dog... again, from afar!

I didn't take any pictures of the kids... not sure why... I guess I'll do that next time! ;)