Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Pictures Part 4

MORE pictures!! Are you bored yet?! ;o)

hehehehe Enough Said!

These pants are upside down!

 WOW! Monkey headphones!!

A new robe?! No way!

Are you trying to imply something?!

I love, love, love these!

 Angry Birds headphones. COOL!

This is so exciting!

 WOW Robots!

 This is just what I wanted! Thanks Dad and Mom!!

 It's mine! All mine!

This! Is the most awesome book ever!

 A new board! Woohoo!

I wonder what's in here?!

Cool! A REAL firefighters book!

Yes, yes, there are still more... and they're great so don't go away!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Pictures Part 3

More pictures from Christmas Morning... 

Kellsey's behind there somewhere... 

 Oh my geez!

 I can't believe I got Hello Kitty headphones!!

I got my footed pajamas!!! YES!

This is just what I wanted!

 Uhhh Kassidy? Why are you hugging pajamas?!

 Whatcha got there, Keeghan? 

 For me and Charlie!!

I'm sensing a theme here... 

 Open open open!! 

 Cool! Bacon popcorn!! (Why are all the girls saying it's gross?!)

 I love it!

 I'm very excited!!

 WOW! A jewelry box!

I'm going to paint my own duck!

Part 4 tomorrow! 

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Pictures Part 2

Here are the pictures of the kids' Christmas... These are in the order of which they were taken and there will be a few posts so keep checking back! :)

Santa's treats... we decided he gets enough milk... he probably needs a little caffeine! 

 Apparently he liked it! And he left the kids a note!

 A pile of presents

 Gee, I wonder who that's for?! 

 Stockings, presents from Grandma and a house for Charlie... 

I think it's time for the kids to come down! 

Uhhh... Kennedy? That's Charlie's house! 

 Which Angry Bird did YOU get?! 

 I think they like them. ;o)

Footed pajamas!! I'm so excited!

New clothes... oh joy. ;o)

 Hurry, Keeghan! Rip it open!

 A Theodore!!

OOOOH! What's this?!

This is totally awesome!

Look, an Angry Bird ornament!

They match!

More tomorrow! :o)

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Pictures Part 1

Making Jesus' Birthday Cake...

This is one of our annual traditions... we always make the same kind of cake on Christmas Eve for Jesus' Birthday and then we eat it Christmas Day for dessert. I love this tradition. I love making sure that the kids know that Christmas is more than just Santa and presents... it's a birthday party for Jesus! The most important day of the year! This year Keeghan had lots of questions wondering how Jesus was going to come down and eat his cake! haha I told him we would have to eat it for Him, but that Jesus would definitely be there with us. Someday, we'll all get to sit down to a meal with Jesus in Heaven, and I'm sure it will be just as delicious as the cake my kids make! :o)

 Pouring in the cake mix... 

Measuring the oil... 

Cracking the eggs (look at Kameron's face! LOL)

He's ready for his turn!

Kassidy helped Keeghan pour in the eggs

Time to stir... 

 And stir... 

 And stir... 

And stir... 

 A little more stirring... 

And then I got distracted and forgot to take a picture of the final product! haha We actually made cupcakes this year instead of a regular cake. They are easier for the kids to eat and still oh so delicious! Happy Birthday, Jesus!! 

More pictures soon!