Monday, April 25, 2011


Miss Kennedy had a rough night. Her fever went up and down all night and she coughed and wheezed and tossed and turned. This morning she said she was going to throw up, probably from not eating for so long. It's a pattern with her... she gets sick, can't eat, which makes her sicker, then her blood sugar drops and she throws up. Fun times.

I got her and Keeghan into the doctor at 11:20 today. Our ped said that Keeghan sounded pretty good, considering. She didn't do another chest x-ray on him because she said it would surely still show pneumonia this soon. She checked his ears since he had an ear infection in his left ear on Friday night, and now he has an ear infection in both ears! Hopefully the Augmentin he is on will take hold quickly and fix it! All in all, he is in good spirits and is fever free, which is good! He just has a nasty cough still. I need to take him back in 2 weeks for another chest x-ray to make sure all is well.

As for Sincess Kennedy, she couldn't even walk into the office on her own. Dr. S listened to her and her breath was shallow, so she ordered a CBC and an x-ray, and sure enough, she has pneumonia too. She threw up in the office while we were waiting, which was expected. Thankfully, her blood sugar held up well and she was able to hold some lunch down and perked up a bit after that. She still has a high fever, but she's on Zithromax now so hopefully she'll be on the mend as well here soon.

I'm not too worried about Kellsey since she has the immune system of steel, and so far Kass and Kam seem to be fine and I've been telling them to keep their distance. As for me, I've been talking myself out of a sore throat today... As Frank pointed out though, I shared a hotel bed with Keeghan on his sickest night and then with Kennedy on her sickest night, sooooo... we shall see what the future holds for me!

If you haven't seen the first set of Alabama pictures yet, be sure to go look! More tomorrow!


ourjoyfulljourney said...

Poor things! Praying everyone else stays well! :)

Christie M. said...

Poor kids! I hope they get well soon!!

lmworley416 said...

You know I'm praying hard for Kennedy especially, but also for all of you!
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Jenn said...

Hi REnee
I've been meaning to share something with you... and now I remembered and I'm not too sleepy to do so, so... in spite of my feeling badly that you've all been sick, here it is. It'll give you happy tears, even if you have already seen it.

Becca said...

Oh, goodness, sounds like some seriously rough times!! I hope everyone's feeling better quickly. I thought Spring was supposed to bring health and wellness...ugh.