Tuesday, January 17, 2012

All About Keeghan

I feel like I've talked about Kennedy and Kellsey a lot lately, so this post is all about Keeghan! :o) First, a Keeghan quiz... it should be pretty easy for you long time readers. ;o)

1. What is Keeghan's favorite animal?
2. What is Keeghan's favorite color?
3. What does Keeghan want to be when he grows up?
4. What does Keeghan want to name his first daughter? (Bonus points to the person who gets this one!)
5. What is Keeghan's favorite food?

First, here's a picture that Keeghan drew tonight... Do you know what it is?
This is Keeghan's lemonade stand. Keeghan says, the top row, in order, is Keeghan, Kennedy, me and Frank (he gets to hold all the cups) and below are Kassidy, Kameron and Kellsey... they are buying the lemonade... which Keeghan insists is tea! haha Only $1.00 a glass, what a bargain! :o)

And here's a video from tonight... Keeghan brought down this key that he got awhile ago and told us this great story about Keeghan the Monkey King. I tried to get him to retell it on camera, but it will never be as good as the original. He is still flipping cute though!

Hope you enjoyed this tiny bit of my little guy! Good luck on the quiz! ;o)


Just Me said...

Long-time reader here :)

1. Monkey
2. Green
3. Fireman
4. Sophia!!!!
5. I'm stumped on this one, but I'm going to just guess banana because of his love for monkeys haha

Lynn said...

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Anne B. said...

Adorable! I loved when he said he had extra spots so he just got more monkeys! I know his fave color is green, and obviously he loves monkeys, I know he has a little sweetheart but I can't remember her name, but maybe that is what he would name his daughter. As for his fave food...I might guess bananas but since he mentioned "wasgetti" (?) maybe that is it??? Thanks for posting this. Made me smile so big!!! OH! And I'm pretty sure he wants to be a firefighter!!!

Vonda said...

Can I have him? My favorite part..."actually". Love hearing kids say that!

Manuella said...

he is soooooooooooo cute !!!
loved hearing him talk like that...

for the quiz :
1. monkey
2. green
3. firefighter
4. Sophia
5. spaghetti


Jacque said...

SO adorable! Thanks for sharing a bit of your little guy with us!


Janet said...

What an imagination! Wouldn't you just love to be 4 again? Paschetti. LOVE :) I get the feeilng that this little monkey would talk all day!! What a blessing :)