Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Q&A #227

Disneyland wouldn't allow the wagon. They don't allow any items that are supposed to be pulled instead of pushed. I have seen them turn people away at the gate.
Seriously?! WOW I could have sworn I saw people with wagons in there, but then again, I am SO not observant! haha Well, that's good to know so we don't bother taking ours next time! Thank you!

Who makes your jammies? They are too cute! 
I ordered them from a great lady on ETSY! She did a wonderful job! Here's a link to her store... be sure to check her out! Sew Fabulous Boutique

The plate your cookies are on... We totally had that same pattern when I was growing up. In fact, I still have a serving platter with that pattern on it. :)
Too funny! Someone on FB said the same thing! :o) My mom has had those plates forever!

Wow, $500 bucks just in their stockings alone! After the stocking money and the gifts,you guys must spend a fortune on the kids for Christmas! My kids would be so jealous! They just get little stuff in their stockings, haha! Do all your kids still believe in Santa or just the younger ones? Do you guys have college savings funds for each child or do you just plan to save one at a time? Just curious how families do it with many kids!
Actually, the little animals with the money were all from Grandma... it's spending money for the kids for when we go back to California. :o) We figured that would be better used than buying them more "stuff" right now that they really didn't need. We actually don't spend ALL that much on the kids for Christmas... we stockpile all year and shop sales, and a lot of their gifts come from grandparents and great grandparents... NOT that they're deprived! LOL As far as Santa goes... he IS real... right?! ;o) Yes we do have small accounts for each child... whether or not they'll use that for college is up to them... I'm more for using it for their first car! HA! 

Where do you find all the cute Hello Kitty stuff??? 
The headphones and jewelry box came from Hot Topic of all places! Frank found them on a whim and it was all marked 75% off. The jewelry box is super cute, it has little compartments and a mirror inside, and the headphones work great... except for the fact that Kennedy completely tunes us out now! HA! 

Okay, so because you're new to this whole 12 year old girl thing, just know they are just weird. I won a penguin diaper for Alyssa (we are cloth diapering her) and Natalie who loves penguins was walking around the house with it, cuddling it, and I swear if I would have let her she would have brought it to bed with her. Now that it has been used she might not be so cuddly with it even if it is clean, but well you get the picture. They are just weird at this age ;). 
LOL Yep sounds like what Kass would do if it had ducks on it! haha She's a goofball, but I wouldn't have her any other way! :o)

Wow do people think Keeghan and Kellsey are twins?? They look sooo much alike! 
Yep I get asked that often, especially now that Kellsey is filling out more and getting Keeghan's chubby cheeks! :o) She is about 3 pounds from outweighing him now which is just amazing!! It helps that they're only 6 months apart, too... and I love to confuse people when they ask if they're twins by telling them that, especially for the 6 months of the year that they're the same age. It's fun! haha

 Was wondering if you and Frank plan to have any more kids whether it be bio or adopting? You're so young still, and are clearly such a loving and devoted mommy! I can so see more K's fitting in!!
Aww thanks! :o) But we are done!! Our baby factory is officially closed and Frank and I plan on just watching our children grow and thrive now and invest our time and love into them. I just know they're going to grow up to be amazing adults, whatever they decide to do (but if Keeghan decides NOT to be a firefighter, I'll be shocked! haha). 

Natalie wanted the Kindle Fire, but there was no way she was getting that. Is Kass having any problems with it. My cousin got one for Christmas and it lasted a week and wouldn't turn on. Tech support had her do a hard reset and I guess it's up and running now, but she is a little nervous and I can't say I blame her. A week old item isn't supposed to do that ;). 
Yeah it definitely shouldn't do that! My mom got one too about a month or so ago and she was having some problems with hers, but I think it was just problems loading or something, and she was at my grandmother's at the time... I think it's working better now that she's home with a better wi-fi signal. Kass hasn't had any problems with hers so far! Here's hoping!!

Where did you get the Anger Management book and who is the author? My daughter could use something like this. 
That's actually just an Angry Birds notebook... just blank pages inside for Kameron to write in or draw in or whatever he chooses. It has a little spin wheel on the front with birds from the game. It came from Claire's. :)

You all have such a happy family and it was fun.. and one more thing on kellsy.. is she getting some weight on?? Her little cheeks look like it.. You must be thrilled.. 
She is! She is up 9 pounds now since she got her G-tube put in. I'm hoping she will hit a growth spurt in height soon too so she can even back out a bit... she is definitely turning into a chunk quickly! We (Kellsey and us!) are extremely happy not to have the battle over food anymore. :o)

Where did you get the matching robes? We have Bitty Baby and got Kanani this year. My daughter is obsessed with dressing like her dolls. Also on a side note...American Girl is really missing the boat, they should make matching Big Girl, doll, and Bitty Baby clothes!!  
I agree!! The robes came from Totsy or one of those sites but they are actually the Dollie and Me brand. I can't get their official site to load, but you can find their stuff on Amazon (super cute Valentine's robe on there right now) and eBay. Also check Sears and Dillards. :o)

Love Kellsey and her new doll!! But shouldn't Christie be spelled Kristie? To match the special K's? 
WELL, it all started with Kennedy... she got her American Girl and immediately decided that her name would be Charlie (because her favorite TV show is Good Luck Charlie) and so when Kassidy got her American Girl SHE decided that she would name her doll Chloe so it would stick with the CH beginning and the long e sound on the end. Then we had Kellsey's doll and of course Kellsey is not talking enough to really name her, but Kassidy said that we needed to continue with the CH theme. (See, I'm not the only OCD namer around here! haha) Kass wanted to name her Chelsea but I thought that was WAY too close to Kellsey and Kennedy calls these dolls by their names! SO Frank came up with Christie and it stuck. Aren't you sorry you asked now?! LOL 

 Am I right in guessing that she and Kennedy were break dancing with LMFAO on TV? I love it!
YEP! LOL Kennedy is notorious for seeing dance moves on TV and copying them and I guess Kellsey decided to copy Kennedy. I was watching her closely though because I worry about her neck. Thankfully she doesn't know how to do a somersault yet... as far as I know anyway! ;o)

I hope they slept till something like about noon the next day!!!
HA! I wish!! I have a household of early risers around here... except for me. And Kellsey. The rest of them need to learn to sleep in!


Janet said...

Oh boy, sticking wth the CH- names will be a challenge if many more Ameican Girl dolls join your home!!

Lynn said...

Know that you're in my thoughts and prayers!
Isaiah 43:1-3a But now thus saith the LORD that created thee, O Jacob, and he that formed thee, O Israel, Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by thy name; thou art mine. When thou passest through the waters, I will be with thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee: when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee. For I am the LORD thy God, the Holy One of Israel...
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