Monday, January 16, 2012

Q&A #229

I think you said once that you don't cook. What do your kid's eat for dinner then? And if Frank cooks, what do you do when he's deployed ? Takeout?
Hmm, I believe I said that I do not LIKE cooking, not that I DON'T cook. Frank cooks sometimes, I cook sometimes, sometimes we just do a "choose your own meal from the pantry or freezer" night and I'll get it made. We eat a lot of meals from Schwan's. LOVE them... quick and easy, especially for school nights. On Thursdays it's dance/tae kwon do night and we get Chic-Fil-A, and we go out for lunch on Sundays. Not really sure what that post had to do with my cooking though. ;)

Ok, dumb question, but what is a para? I assume that's short for para-something. Too early in the morning for my brain or maybe it's a new term I'm not familiar with. :) 
Sorry! It's short for paraprofessional and some schools call them educational aides or just aides. :) Basically, someone is with Kennedy during all of her academic times (not lunch, recess or specials) to help keep her from getting distracted (which she does SO easily) and help her with anything she needs help with... this makes sure that her classroom teacher can focus on teaching and Kennedy still gets the extra help she needs to succeed in the inclusive classroom. Typically, kids who needs aides (or paras) have one who stick with them all day. Kennedy has 4 who rotate. I wasn't too sure about this at the beginning, but every one of the ladies who work with her are amazing and they're all so different. They each help Kennedy in different ways and she loves them all! 

How long before Frank leaves? Just wondering if you were going to be getting results back before he goes. 
Actually he won't be here for any of the results... and that's all I can really say about that. 

Not sure if you read Ella Grace with the Pretty Face but she has the same thyroid thing going on and was diagnosed with Graves. You might use Kacey as a resource on that little portion.
Kacey and I have been talking. She's been a huge help. Thank you! :o)

Megoblastic anemia (which causes high mcv) can also cause low white blood cells.Treatment is vitamin b and is pretty easy to fix. It's usually seen in patients with celiac but I am sure if Kelsey is having absorption problems that could be the cause. Prayers that it's nothing!
I've also heard hyperthyroidism can cause a high MCV, so that's encouraging to me! Her Vitamin B levels were normal, that's another thing they tested, so we will see what they say at Endo. She also has a GI appointment on Tuesday and she had mentioned a biopsy for celiac's at her last appointment, so we'll see what she decides to do. 

Where did you get all the awesome little Angry Birds out of curiosity?? We have allllllllll the plush toys (in 4 sizes...*sigh*), but I've never seen little plastic ones!
We actually found them on eBay. I did a quick look to see if there are more and didn't see any in the first 100 results or so, but that doesn't mean they aren't there. They're actually like a plaster... they're really hard, but they're all hand painted and so cool! 

You should get them the Angry Birds Knock on wood game. Then they can actually send the birds flying and knock things over. Its only like 15 bucks at Target.
I saw that when we were Christmas shopping, but I wasn't sure if they'd get the same thrill out of playing Angry Birds when it wasn't on their iPods... obviously I was mistaken! haha That might be a good Valentine's Day present! :)

When I was hyperthyroidism I had heart palpitations and lost weight is she having any of those issues?
Well, it's hard to say with her heart, because she has a heart defect anyway, so her heart never beats correctly. She has not lost weight, in fact, since her g-tube was put in in October, she has gained about 11 pounds. But I don't know if the G-tube would... override the weight loss that usually happens with hyperthyroidism?? I don't know... just wondering. Before her g-tube was in, she had a really hard time gaining weight, but she also didn't eat well... so it's hard to say all the way around. 

Hyperthyroid can cause weight loss, tremors, nervousness, fatigue and trouble sleeping. One of the most annoying things about thyroid issues is that they can often be overlooked or run concurrent with other things and it can be so hard to tell what is the thyroid and what is something else.
She has been having tremors. They actually asked about that when I called to make the appointment. And you're so right, because we were thinking the shaking was related to whatever neurological issues she has going on, but maybe not... She definitely has trouble sleeping which is really how this whole thing started. We just need to figure out what is what!

Also do not know if you had heard that Aaron Shust wife delivered a baby boy at 37 weeks in NICU diagnosed with Down Syndrome and AV defect waiting on surgery.
I did hear that!! We have been praying for Michael as he gets ready for surgery. You can see his sweet picture here and read his birth story. He's beautiful!

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