Saturday, February 25, 2012

The Foam Sword

Yesterday was a good, but busy day here in the Garcia household. It was the first day in over a week that everyone truly felt good again. I woke up and made my coffee, laid everyone's clothes out, and surveyed the wreckage in my living room and kitchen. It looked like five children had been living here with no parental guidance whatsoever. And that may have been partially true for at least a couple days while I laid here on the couch miserable. I was able to change Kellsey's diapers and get her fed, but the other kids ate a lot of PB&J and mac and cheese, waffles and a cereal while I thanked the Lord for a snow day in the middle of the flu.

And now, it was time to pay the piper and clean up this mess. I got the big three off to school and then Keeghan, Kellsey and I took off to Sam's Club to restock our kitchen. We picked up a few essentials, a few non-essentials, and headed home to tackle the house. Cleaning the living room and kitchen turned into cleaning OUT the pantry and utility room, but by the end, I felt so much better. I picked up and sorted through a week's worth of mail and silently apologized to my mail man. I know he dislikes me - a lot.

When the kids got home, I put a roast in the oven and made a salad while they played and then we caught up on American Idol while we ate. Our Schwan's guy stopped by which led to a 2 hour conversation about GPS systems and child safety in kids with Down syndrome and Autism (which is the same conversation you have with YOUR Schwan's guy, right?! LOL) and I'll likely be posting more about that soon. Then the kids settled down to bed... Kassidy in Kennedy's room and Keeghan in Kameron's room... Kellsey in her own room. I had a little quiet time and headed to bed, looking forward to a solid night's sleep - not interrupted by sick kids or fevers, or coughing.

Or not.

At 2am Keeghan ran into my room, crying, carrying a foam sword and saying, "Mommy, my ear hurts!" I felt his forehead... no fever. He has this horrible habit of grinding his teeth in his sleep. Loudly. He sounds like he's chewing on ice. He wakes me up a few times a week. The night that he was the sickest and he was in my bed, I tried massaging his jaw to get him to stop but he wouldn't stop. I noticed then that as he was grinding his teeth he was holding his ear, so I'm thinking it finally got to him.

So, I pulled him into bed, gave him a dose of Tylenol, which is a staple at my bedside these days, and massaged his jaw until he fell asleep. He spent the rest of the night crying about his ear, chewing on ice grinding his teeth, and kicking me. I spent the rest of the night wondering, "Did he REALLY come upstairs carrying a foam sword?!" Another sleepless night...

Ah the life of a mom!


Holly Aytes said...

That was too funny, though I am so sorry his ear was hurting! Glad everyone is feeling better :) My house looks like there was no parental supervision either but I sadly don't have a good excuse like being sick LOL

Tracy said...

Bless your heart! I did not know you got the flu too, bummer! I hope all of you are well soon and everyone can get a good night's sleep. At least you still have your sense of humor.

Anne B. said...

Poor Keeghan...and poor Mommy! Maybe Keeghan was dreaming of being an ear-ache slayer with his foam sword. Hope you stay on the mend and that the coming week will find everyone well and back to school!! (((HUGS)))!!

Lynn said...

Hope you can figure out a way to help him stop grinding his teeth!
Stopping by to let you know that you're always in my thoughts and prayers!
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Anonymous said...

So sorry about your interrupted sleep and Keeghan's ear. Have your thought about a bite guard? I grind my teeth and would wake up with a terrible headache. I found a simple, not too big, adjustable bite guard at Walmart that works great for me. You could also talk with his dentist about a custom-made bite guard. These are expensive and most insurance companies will not pay for them. Good Luck, Anna

Dame said...

I know you've probably have done this (or its on your to do list which I can imagine is pretty long! LOL)

Definitely talk to his dentist about a night guard for him. If he is that loud he is probably grinding pretty significantly and that can be really painful. I know I am grinding a lot when my ears hurt.. its not something we necessarily directly associate but they are connected.

They can be expensive sometimes but they do work and are worth the money. I've tried most of the store bought ones and they are either soft (which encourages the chewing) or very hard to form right if you buy the boilable ones. All of those are most likely too big for him anyway though.

Kelly said...

Does he grind his teeth every night? Have you talked to his dentist about getting a bute gaurd? I am a teacher and I have a student who grinds his teeth constantly the physical therapist recommended massaging his arms and shoulders pretty deeply and that seems to help some. I hope every feels well soon and that you are able to catch up on sleep!

SherryA said...

Just curious how many flu symptoms you all had and how serious? My son has half the flu symptoms so I'm leaning toward just a cold but after reading about Kennedy's first symptoms, I am wondering about possible flu.