Friday, February 3, 2012

Q&A #230

*I had a TON of Q&A's this time because I haven't done one in awhile, so here is part and I'll do another one in a couple days. :o) 

Such a small world we live in, huh?? It was through Em's blog that I found your blog that I found Reece's Rainbow that the Lord opened my eyes to orphans and now I do missions in El Salvador with orphans and special needs! So cool to see how God works, huh? 
That is so cool! I love keeping up with your adventures and praying for the little ones you meet. They are all so beautiful!

Long-time reader here :)
1. Monkey
2. Green
3. Fireman
4. Sophia!!!!
5. I'm stumped on this one, but I'm going to just guess banana because of his love for monkeys haha 

WOW you're good! :o) Those are all correct, even the bananas! I didn't know if anyone would remember the Sophia story! LOL 

 I get the feeilng that this little monkey would talk all day!! What a blessing :)
Believe me, he DOES! LOL 

Her handwriting is better than many of my first grade students! So funny to see how her homework differs from the homework I give my kiddos each week! Don't tell Kennedy or she may want to move to Boston, I only give 3 math sheets and 2 writing sheets a week - and they get a week to finish it! Next year, the first grade team is axing homework all together! 
Oh man! Axing homework sounds like the BEST thing ever! I hate homework... it makes my kids sad lol. Kennedy walks in the house EVERY afternoon and says, "I got NO homework!" haha I think she hopes that one day I'll believe her. ;o)

Way to go Kennedy. Such an independent girl! Jonathan can't even do that. I have to sit there and keep him focused or he will stare at nothing and get nothing done. Perhaps the difference between boys and girls? 
Possibly... but your time may be coming soon... Kennedy just decided overnight that she would do it on her own... and participate more in class... and come in from recess. I'm still wondering who this kid is! haha Jonathan may do the same thing one day... and hopefully Keeghan will too! ;o)

How AWESOME!!! Love her independence, love the little circle over her "i". :-) 
Me too. :o) I'm not sure if a friend at school does those little circles or if that's just Kennedy's idea. I know when I was in elementary school I used hearts to dot my i's. I think it drove my teachers crazy! haha

Kind of off topic but I came across this neat fb pictorial today of siblings, one with Ds.
I have seen that! It's very cool! It kind of reminds me of Regan's video. :o)

Did you hear about the boy that was denied communion because he had DS?
I did read that. I know another young man with Ds who did his communion. He went through the classes and everything went just fine. It just goes to show that there are closed minded people everywhere... even in the church. 

Out of curiosity do you often leave Kassidy with the little ones? Or one of the little ones anyways? I don't mean that to sound as judgmental as it's sounding. The reason I'm asking is because I've left Natalie and Kaitlyn home together for maybe an hour, but I haven't left CJ with her and obviously not Alyssa. I am sure she would do fine. She does a lot for CJ, but she would totally hate me if CJ had an accident while I was gone and she had to clean him up, lol. 
Not too often. Kassidy just turned 12 in November which is legal babysitting age and she's been itching to start babysitting (aka earn money! haha). Frank and I did our first trial run a couple months ago and went to a late lunch one Saturday by ourselves. We called or texted Kass like every 10 minutes until she finally said, "We are FINE! Stop calling!" haha Kennedy and Keeghan are completely potty trained, so she doesn't have to worry about anything there. Kellsey is still in pull ups, but if we put her on the potty right before we leave and then aren't gone too long, she stays dry. Kass has never changed a diaper in her whole life, so I'm thinking she's not going to start now! haha We make sure we're not gone over meal times either so she doesn't have to worry about feeding the kids... she's never done Kellsey's g-tube either though she's watched us do it enough that she probably could. We just try to keep her job really easy... play with the little kids, don't let anyone play with scissors or fire, and we'll be back in an hour! ;) She loves it and does a good job! 

Emily is certified by the Red Cross to sit and has been sitting for over a year for several families (that was how she got lots of $ for Australia), and she was 12 in October. We are so thankful to be able to have date nights AND to not have to schlep kids to run errands anymore, lol! 
I would love for Kass to take a CPR class! I have heard that the hospitals around here do them for free. Maybe one day this summer she can go do that... she really wants to babysit for other families as well. Now that she has a taste of earning her own money to buy what she wants, she likes it! :)

Why'd he let the ball hit him?! If he hadn't, there wouldn't have been any overtime! Such is the nature of the game, I guess!
I know! Ugh!! Then they played it over and over to rub it in our faces! *sigh* Maybe next year. 

Is he going to blog while he's gone this time?
I'm not sure... he's mentioned maybe putting up some pictures that he takes or something, but I guess it will depend on how busy he is and stuff. If he does put a post up, I'll link to it over here. :)

 If you ever want to explore Butte, MT let me know. Jack and I would love to meet you and all the kiddos. We are like 12 hours away. Your kids would love this area. We can go gold digging, sapphire searching. Explore ghost towns, etc. 
They would love that!!! Especially Kameron... that sounds right up his alley. My grandmother keeps reminding me that I have relatives in Cheyenne, WY and tells me we should go visit, but they'd probably wonder who the heck I am and why I'm asking to stay with them with FIVE kids! haha 

 How often does Frank have to deploy? Is it like an every other year thing or more random? Is he thinking of anytime retiring soon? (im not sure how many yrs he has in already or if he is close to retiring!)
Well, it's been just about every other year or a little longer. This time he wasn't even home a year because we moved and he just happened to join a unit who was heading out... luck of the draw I guess. He has 9 years in right now, so 11 more to go. I can't believe we're almost at the 1/2 way mark! 


Holly Aytes said...

Taylor just took the babysitting class offered by our local children's hospital....she can't wait to start earning money now. It is nice to be able to run an errand w/o dragging everyone (I set the house alarm when we leave and call often too)! LOL I know Kass is great with the kids...I would let her watch mine if I didn't have Taylor and y'all lived in TN. I remember the Sophia story...I got them all right but bananas :)

Me said...

Interesting about the Communion thing. Kaia does her first communion in April. Last year I had spoken with the church liaison at our school wondering how that works for kids with special needs. I told him Kaia most likely won't fully "get" what it's all about. He said it didn't matter, and she will do it along with the rest of her class and they will make any accommodations as needed. Weird how all churches are different, even though they follow the same religion.