Thursday, February 9, 2012

Q&A #232

 What do you think of the term intellectually challenged? I don't know why but I hate it. I have met many people who have IQ's under 70 which by definition is considered intellectually challenged. It just doesn't seem right either. I feel like many of them are intelligent and that definition is really limiting. What do you think? Is there a better definition in your opinion?
Hmm, I've actually never heard that label before. After MR was considered... not right (??) the next term I heard was Intellectual Delay. That doesn't bother me too much, I don't know about the Intellectually Challenged though... that's... kinda harsh, I guess. 

Also completely different question when is Keegan's rheumatology appointment? Do you still think he may have Juvenile Arthritis? 
It's the end of this month. His pains have been better since we moved to Colorado but not completely gone. I'm definitely anxious to get this appointment done and see what the doctor has to say. 

I so don't miss the snow! Not one little bit! I've never been a snow player, and people say I should ski, and I say no thanks! I'm glad the kids enjoy it! My kids did too! 
They do love it, though I think Kassidy is about done. People keep telling me to go ski, too, but I have NO desire at all! Kameron would like to snowboard so Frank said he would take him sometime. 

 Do you have a copy of her bloodwork if so what was her TSH, T3 and T4 levels for her thyroid? You can tell by those numbers whether its hypo or hyper. Praying for you! 
I know that her TSH from before was 8.9, it is now down to 8.1. I have NO idea what her T3 and T4 were/are, and she did NOT have thyroid antibodies, but I have NO idea what that means! LOL 

I voted in the photo contest you posted on FB. Who are they? What a cute couple! 
I don't know them personally, but Hannah, the girl, friended me on facebook. I love hearing about her life! Thanks for voting for them

You got Kellsey an empty cone, lol? 
Yeah, between her allergies and aspiration, ice cream is a no-go, so she gets a "cookie". She likes crunchy stuff better anyway. ;)


Kelly P said...

Based on her TSH from that bloodwork she would be considered HYPOthyroidism. Thanksfully it is easier to treat then hyperthyroidism. Im praying you get answers soon! Im sure its very hard to wait :( I hope you are able to find support in your church family and the new friends you have met!

Lynn said...

No ice cream?! Oh that poor little one! Good thing she doesn't know what she's missing!
Always lifting up prayer!
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JennaJennJenn said...

You guys should go snow tubing, so fun! And everyone can do it, even the little ones. Although it can get bumpy so not sure if it would be safe for Kennedy and Kellsey with their necks.