Monday, February 20, 2012


It's been a rough few days in the Garcia household. On Wednesday, I got a note home from Kennedy's teacher saying that she had a runny nose all day and she hoped that Kennedy wasn't getting sick. I didn't think too much of it because the weather here is so crazy that it should make everyone's nose run! However, on Thursday morning when I went to wake her up for school, she had a fever. It wasn't really high, but it was enough to keep her home from school.

She hung out with me for the day, but she was in good spirits besides a little cough, and seemed to be feeling well. Motrin brought her temp down to normal and kept it there, so we went ahead to dance that evening. She had a competition on Saturday and this was her last practice. It was also "Bring a friend to dance" night and her friend Emily from school was meeting her at dance class. Kenn was so excited! The kids had a great time at dance and we went home and got ready for school on Friday.

Friday morning Kennedy woke up with a fever again and her cough was a little worse, so I kept her home again. She was still in good spirits and it didn't slow her down at all. I figured she was just fighting off a cold. We met a friend for lunch, worked on some homework and took it easy. Then, Friday afternoon, her fever hit hard. It soared to 102, I gave her more Motrin and 45 minutes later it was over 103 and she was miserable. I decided to take her into urgent care while it was still open and get her checked out. They took one look at her and guessed flu. They said they had seen TONS of cases of it in the last few days. Sure enough, a nose swab confirmed Influenza A. *sigh* They gave us a prescription for Tamiflu and told us to rotate Tylenol and Motrin and let us go.

So, I called Kennedy's dance teacher and let her know we would not be at competition, which made Kennedy SO sad. She was really looking forward to it. By Saturday, Kassidy had a bad headache and I thought she was heading for flu status too. Kennedy's fever was hovering at 105 and we just laid low all day. The boys stayed FAR away from us and set up a fort in Kameron's room with a big "Germ Free" sign on it. Ha! The good news is that Kennedy stayed hydrated even though she didn't eat much and her blood sugar stayed up! I was so proud of her because I know she didn't feel like drinking, but we avoided a trip to the hospital.

Yesterday, Kass was still complaining of a headache, but she never did get a fever so I just treated her here at home. Kennedy's temp dropped to around 101 and she perked up quite a bit. We still laid low and the boys decided they didn't want to hang out with us. Kellsey played with her toys oblivious to the fact that we weren't on the go like usual. She was probably happy! ;) Last night Kenn was feeling yucky again... the nights seem to be the worst.

And today, things are looking up. Kass is 100% better and Kenn's temp is down to 100.4. Her cough is still pretty bad but she insists, "I'm BETTER!" We all spent the morning getting the house back in order... somehow laying around for days at a time makes the house look like a tornado hit. Ha! The laundry is now caught up and put away, the dishes are done, the floors are cleaned, we are all bathed and not stinky anymore and everything is Lysol'd... if it hadn't snowed last night I would open the windows but no one needs a chill right now.

So far, Kellsey and the boys seem to have completely avoided any illness! YES! At this point I am thinking Kennedy is going to need one more day home from school tomorrow to make sure she is completely better. Thankfully she has no idea what day it is and doesn't realize she's missing dance class again this afternoon. She'll be going into withdrawals by Thursday! Hopefully the sickies are gone and will stay gone for a long, long time. Off to make a late lunch and watch movies with the kids... since we haven't done THAT all weekend! ;) Here's to a germ-free household!


Janet said...

Glad to hear they are on the mend! Sounds like it was a rough one on poor Kennedy. I was interested to hear that you easily got a Tamiflu prescription. here in Canada that would be pretty hard to get. They wouldnt likely even do a swab. It this routine where you are or is it becase of Kennedy's health history? Just curious.


Anne B. said...

Awww Miss Kennedy, I hope you are feeling like a brand new girlie really soon!!! Prayers that the other Special K's and their Mommy stay well!! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

Emily said...

Wow, your kids get sick a lot!!

Notsopc said...

Glad all are feeling better.. and here's hoping nobody else gets it.. So sad for Kennedy not getting to dance. There's always next time.. Just wondering how Frank is doing and is he somewhere that you are in contact with him.. prayers go up to him and his unit.. Keep them all safe God..

Lynn said...

Hope nobody else gets it!!!!!!!!!
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Leah S. said...

Ok, I'm going to give you a tiny mom lecture! Your kid needs to be fever free WITHOUT the use of tylenol or motrin for 24 hours before dragging them out in public. They're not "well" just because their fever is gone because they've had a fever reducer. Especially in flu season! You just exposed everyone at dance to the flu.There..done with my lecture. LOL HUGS!!! The flu SUCKS!