Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Today is Dr. Suess' birthday! And to celebrate, Kameron and Kennedy's school is having a party! They are having birthday cake at lunch time and Kennedy's class is wearing their pajamas, bringing their favorite books to school and they even get to bring a stuffed animal or doll to read with. In addition to that, the whole school had crazy hat or crazy hair day.

So today, Kennedy and Charlie got dressed in their jammies and we worked on Kennedy's crazy hair... which in the end looks a little bit like Cindy Lou Who... don't you think? Very fitting! ;) She picked out a few books to take to school and was so excited that they didn't cancel school due to snow!! She never wants to miss a party!!

Kameron had a dentist appointment this morning, but he took his backpack and a hat with him in anticipation of going to school afterwards. However, after his appointment he decided that maybe he wouldn't after all. He just had a retainer put in, complete with a tooth to fill in for the adult tooth that is missing. It actually looks REALLY good!!! He's not so sure about how it FEELS yet though. So, he's hanging out with me today, which is fine! I love hanging out with my boy. :) I feel like we've been at the dentist A LOT lately, but we're making lots of progress!

Happy Dr. Seuss' Birthday everyone!! Who's eating Green Eggs and Ham for dinner tonight?? 


Anne B. said...

Kennedy looks adorable!!! Here's hoping that the dental treatments don't keep anyone awake tonight...especially Mom!!!

Warrior Mom said...

Kennedy is such a pretty girl :)