Thursday, April 5, 2012

Q&A #236

I realize these are OLD questions, but I have some catching up to do. I'll post another one tomorrow with more recent questions!

Live in Philly? Be still my beating heart!
Seriously, I was there the other night and today for the flower show and I really love it too. You really have to hit Boston at some point, though, b/c I think it slightly edges Philly out :) 

LOL Well it wouldn't be for a long, long time! ;) I really would love to visit Boston sometime. It looks amazing. Frank really wants to visit NYC as well, but I think we need to do that childless. Going there with 5 kids stresses me out big time! 

I am curious how you feel about using the word retarded to actually mean having a low IQ. The school district that I work in (Houston, TX) has recently switched from a label of mentally retarded to a label of intellectual disability. They mean exactly the same thing, just different words. Is one better than the other?
They changed it in TN as well. I don't know if they changed it here in CO or not, but I would guess so. You're correct, they mean the exact same thing. However, the term ID just sounds... less harsh to me than MR does for some reason. Kennedy didn't fall under the MR label anyway due to her IQ score, but just hearing MR makes me cringe. I was just talking to someone else about her original medical file from the hospital on the Army post. There, her original diagnosis was Mongoloidism. Seriously. So behind the times! 

Wow, I'd be afraid to touch anything in my house!! 
Right?! It keeps us on our toes, that's for sure!

Happy belated birthday! Delanie is adorable. Is that a scratch on her cheek? My youngest scratched himself in the exact same place when he was a day old. He still has the scar! But I think it's cute. 
I think it was... it's gone now. Kassidy had one just like it when she was born... those baby nails are sharp! 

OK, not the point of your post but totally the cutest picture of Kennedy I have ever seen :) 
Aww thanks! :) That was at her Valentine's Day party at school, which reminds me, you asked for a picture of her "heart hair" on FB. Here is the back... 

I agree with you but hate the few month or so when it is back to being dark again when I get up to run. I also had the birds that wake me up every single morning at 4:15 for the first couple of months.
Actually, who am I kidding? I hate all birds, not just the ones that wake me up. 
Poor birdies... what did they ever do to you?! ;o)

Why didn't anyone else comment on this? Don't think I've ever seen that happen before!
LOL Yeah we were pretty boring around here... unfortunately Kellsey changed all that. I like boring better! 

Renee, Renee, RENEE! I'm so excited! Today I was at Burlington Coat Factory (do you have those there? I know they do in TN), and I saw little girls' Easter dresses with matching 18" doll dresses! I immediately thought of Kennedy and Charlie...oh man, they were so cute. And the whole sets were $39.99, which will probably come down more after Easter. So cute! I was so excited to tell you about them! (All these little Easter dresses make me want a little girl, btw!) 
We do have them here! I will have to check it out... maybe after Easter... I'm a sucker for sales! ;) 

Glad to read you guys are okay. I know that unbuckling drama all too well! We know have a car seat that our child can buckle closed himself but cannot be unbuckled by him. Hallelujah! Just curious, does Kellsey understand when you tell her not to do that?
Yes, even though she doesn't speak much, she understands almost everything we say... she sometimes doesn't answer yes/no questions appropriately, but she knows what we're saying to her. One of these days she'll agree that staying buckled is best... right?! ;) 

Love that pic! Happy world down syndrome day, tell Kennedy to come hang out with us. Justin Bieber's hometowns about 15 min from where I live and he's often spotted at our mall, around Christmas time. 
Oh man... she would so be there! hahaha

Ellee is the same way with the pee thing. I thought she was the only one and it drove me crazy but now I will just blame it on a European thing or stage fright lol 
Well at least Kellsey's not alone! Maybe they taught them privacy in the orphanage... hahahaha


JennaJennJenn said...

There is a lady (my ex boss actually) at work who still say "mongoloid". I didn't know if it was acceptable anymore but it always makes me cringe. It just brings to mind a time when kids with disabilities were put in institutions. Now that I know it's not acceptable I'm going to say something the next time I hear her say it.

Jo's Corner said...

There is actually a name for the "not peeing when someone is in the room". It's called "Bashful Bladder" and is seen in hospitals a LOT! Oh, and I have always had BB! No bedpans or anything else if someone is in my room. : )