Friday, April 27, 2012

Remember Me?!

I think I got lost for a few days! We have been settling back into routine here... sort of. The kids have had all these wacky days off school for teacher development and testing and stuff like that which throws off everyone's schedule and I've been trying to get myself reorganized... which never REALLY happens, but... you know. I try. :o)

Then blogger decided they would change their layout. I hate change. Every time Facebook changes something I get angry and threaten to leave... but of course I don't because then I would have no adult conversation, ever! (Sad, I know.) So now blogger has changed their layout and I keep logging on, looking at it, and logging back off again. Change makes me tired. LOL So here I am yelling at blogger for taking me out of my comfort zone, knowing full well that in a month or so I won't even remember what the old layout looked like. Whatever! LOL

Anyway, all is well here. My mom and I have been busy shopping for two very special birthday kids who have birthdays very soon and then my printer died so I got a new one today. I really like it so far! I can print from my phone! Neat-o! (I'm easily impressed, I know.) I cleaned out Kennedy's closet and moved out clothes that are too small to put into Kellsey's closet which means I now need to go through her clothes and get out the ones that are too small and pass them on to other people. Yet both girls still have more clothes than they know what to do with... how does that happen?!

We are on the countdown to the end of the school year! I am SO excited! I love summer and lazy days and not having to get up and go-go-go! Of course, around here, this also means that it's IEP time for Kennedy and Kellsey. We had Kellsey's kindergarten eval today. She will not be going to school with Kameron, Kennedy and Keeghan because she needs a little more help than their school can offer her, so I got to see a whole new school and meet a whole new team today. They were all very nice and spent lots of time going over Kellsey's needs, allergy restrictions, and stuff like that. Even though she is not where Kennedy was academically when she started kindergarten, they said that Kellsey will spend most of her time in the regular kindergarten classroom (with a 1-1 aide of course). I'm just in awe how this district is run. I'll know more after her official IEP meeting in a few weeks, but I am hopeful for Kellsey's kindergarten year and excited about the team she will have working with her. She showed off her true attitude and sassiness today as she bossed them all around and showed them who's in charge. HA! Kennedy's IEP for 2nd grade is also coming up very soon. Her year will look a lot like this year I'm told, which is fine by me. They have been thrilled with the progress she has made this year... I think they said she has gone up 8 reading levels?? Something like that. It's amazing! She has just blossomed this year. I'll post more about both girls after their IEP meetings.

Kassidy has 3 more soccer games and Kennedy has 1 dance convention (tomorrow) and 2 more competitions and then both activities will wind down. Kennedy will still dance through the summer, but not quite as much as she has been lately. Keeghan's trying to decide if he wants to try out for the competition team next year or not. I think he would do great, but we'll see! Kameron has chosen not to go back to Tae Kwon Do (he took a break while he was in his school play) so instead he has decided to do a one week intensive drama camp at a local church here in June. It's led by semi-professional actors and teaches the kids a lot of the different techniques of acting. I think Kam has been bitten by the acting bug. ;o)

Frank is doing ok in Afghanistan... he's been working long hours and is now working nights so we keep missing each other... he is working when I'm awake and I'm sleeping by the time he gets off work. I do not like this schedule one bit! Hopefully it won't last long! Speaking of deployment, remember my donut?? It started all red and now look...

It's getting greener and greener!! 

In July Frank will be home for R&R and we will head to California for some MUCH needed R&R!! We can't wait!! Bring on the sunshine... and the beach... and Disney... and In-N-Out! Oh yeah, we are California dreamin'! :) 

More later... and I promise, I won't take a week to update next time! ;)


Cindy said...

I don't know how you do it all when your hubby is away. You're amazing. (He is too!)

I know what you mean about the blogger changes making you tired! I stare at it and try a few things and nothing works and arrgg!! I hope we'll get the hang of it soon.

Anne B. said...

Welcome back to bloggy land! Sooo relieved that all is well there! It's great to see the donut turning green - halfway to halfway!!! Thanks Frank!!! Have a great weekend Garcias!!! (((HUGS)))!!

Monicas Mom Musings said...

I was a little confused by Blogger's new layout then I really liked it and now I'm making a huge move over to wordpress. Well, my family blog will remain on blogger ;). I've been fortunate enough to get some experience with wordpress though while doing some writing for another blog and I really really like it. But anyways, I'm sure you'll begin to like the new layout for blogger.

Sounds like the kids are doing great. So where are you on the countdown to the end of the year? You didn't start much earlier than we did, but we go until June. So no countdown has begun here yet. I haven't even gotten CJ registered for Kindergarten yet ;). It's okay though they assured me they just sent out the Kindergarten packets today so I'll get that next week sometime probably and registration won't even begin until sometime in May. The fact that he's starting Kindergarten this year freaks me out!

I am so happy to hear that you are in a place that is so helpful in facilitating an education for the girls that they deserve.

I'm still sad looking at your donut of misery :(. I want to see it all green ;).

my family said...

in not happy about the blogger change either, I think Im a little granny when it comes to change...i dont like it

nice to see that green getting over that donut;)

Notsopc said...

Glad to know all is well with you and the kids.. Go Frank!!!! HOpe you get to talk to him soon. I love how you love the summers with all your kids. I just don't understand the moms who hate the summer because their kids are home. It will be here before we know it..

Sherry said...

You might check into Windows Live Writer.. I update my blog with it. It is a free download. I never see the blogger changes and haven't had to go to the blogger site to do anything in a very long time. Windows Live Writer makes blogging very easy and it logs into blogger for you and everything. :)

The McCammons said...

Im all for the I went to CA last summer and I flew back here from Burbank. My husband actually had me bring back In and Out. The one in Burbank actually has special packaging for flights because they get so many requests lol.
Yay for a trip to cali. :)
These days off threw us off too so we spent the day at Cheyenne Zoo lol. It was packed :)
Praying your daughter is continuing to heal rapidly.