Friday, May 25, 2012

The Dentist

Whew! What an afternoon! As I mentioned yesterday, Kameron had a dentist appointment after school today because he broke his retainer. They had to remove it which was not so fun for Kam as it was glued to his back teeth... or something like that. When they finally got it off he was very relieved! They are going to fix it or make him a new one if necessary and he'll get it back on next month. Now he's getting used to being retainer free for awhile.

I ended up taking Kennedy in as well to see if they could check her out... a few of her bottom baby teeth have the permanent teeth growing in behind them. We got one of them out on our own, but the other two weren't budging. One of them was causing her some pain so I just wanted to make sure everything was ok. WELL, her dentist decided to just get them both out today.

They started by using just novocaine but she was NOT happy about it. She kept telling her dentist, "You don't TOUCH!" LOL Finally he tried some Versed and when that didn't work they moved onto laughing gas. That did the trick... she was quite... relaxed by that point. One of the teeth came out easily, the other one was harder, and they both had LONG roots on them still. She doesn't remember them coming out at all, so I guess that's good! She's still a little loopy and unsteady on her feet and she says her chin feels "silly", but she's excited about the tooth fairy coming tonight. ;)

While her dentist was looking around in her mouth, he discovered that her top front tooth is loose as well. That's not good because that's a permanent tooth! He took an x-ray to make sure there was no trauma to the tooth, and thankfully it looks fine so he's hoping it will tighten back up on its own. That would be bad if it fell out!

Anyway, three hours after we got there we got to go home. Whew! What a crazy day!! Bring on Summer, I'm ready!!!

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