Sunday, May 6, 2012

Itsy Bitsy Spider

We are almost done with competition season here in Colorado Springs. It's been an amazing ride! I have loved watching all these wonderful dancers in our company at Kemper Dance Academy grow over the season. Jeni, the studio owner, is... well... awesome! She works so hard with each of these dancers from the little kids just starting out to the seniors whose talent is inspiring... and she loves them each like her own (even when she's telling them they're late for class! HA!). I have loved watching the older kids together... they are more than just dancers... they are friends. They support one another, they lift each other up, they hang out together and share secrets... the girls talk about boys and the boys, well... the little girls follow them around like groupies! ;)

The moms have become friends too, I think. Don't be fooled by shows like "Dance Moms" (which I love, I have to admit), I have enjoyed getting to know the other moms at Kemper, talking about our kids, our lives, rhinestoning a costume or two (which I'm not very good at!) and supporting one another's kids and their successes in dance. KDA is a family, one that I'm proud to be a part of.

This weekend's competition, Tribute, FINALLY allowed us to videotape (thank you Tribute!) so my friend Carmen's husband Judah got still shots and video of all the kid's dances. This was perfect timing (for me anyway) because this happens to be the weekend that Kennedy did her first solo. She has been working on it with Miss Jeni for about two months (maybe a little less) and she did GREAT!! :) That video isn't up yet, but I will share it with you all soon. In the meantime, HERE is the group number for the Mini Company that Kennedy has been part of this season. They've performed this number in 5 or 6 competitions here in Colorado Springs and in Denver and have always done well with it... most importantly, they always have FUN!!

Thank you Jeni for loving our kids... Thank you Debi for making them look amazing in their beautiful costumes (and for loving our kids!)... fashion show coming soon with Kennedy and Keeghan... seriously and thank you Kemper Dance for welcoming us into your family! Looking forward to another great year!


Christina said...

They all did such a great job!!!!

my family said...

omgoodness that girl had me is tears,

great job kennedy!
you shake it girl

Melissa said...

SO, so cute!! And why do things like this always make me grin like crazy and cry at the same time? LOL

Warrior Mom said...

Did NOT expect to cry when I clicked this video. Kennedy is so wonderful - what a great dance team they all are! Umm ... Renee you better watch out - that girl has the hip shake mastered a little too well!! LOL!

AndeMski said...

What does "special Angels" mean? The video is SO PRECIOUS!

Sunnie said...

Kennedy can shake it can't she?!?!?!!?!?
Go Kennedy!!!! Great job!!!
Sunnie in NC

Anne B. said...

Kennedy sure has that "hands on the hips and shake 'em" thing down pat!!! Rock it Kennedy!! This video is priceless! Can't wait to see her solo!!! (((HUGS)))!!

Lynn said...

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Kathyb1960 said...

GOOD JOB KENNEDY! I'm so proud of you for getting out there and dancing by yourself! I sure couldn't have done that! I remember when my sisters were your age, and they took dance, but they never had any solos!

You have a lot of talent, and I know you enjoy showing what you can do! Keep up the good work!


Darlene said...

They were all adorable! How awesome! Kennedy is so cute!