Friday, May 11, 2012

Keeghan's Birthday

I'm a little behind on editing pictures... closed down and so I've had to find a new place to edit my pictures. You all know how I feel about change! ;) Tonight I finally decided to get some edited. I have SO many pictures that I've taken this month that I need to go through, and more to come... all in time, I guess!

Anyway, Keeghan had a great birthday! He started off with a birthday party at his school with cupcakes...
 Keeghan with his cool monkey cake... 

 He was almost too cute to eat... almost. ;)

The birthday boy!

 Singing their prayer before snack... cupcakes at 9am! YUM! LOL 

 Waiting proudly while everyone sings happy birthday to him 

Blowing out his candles

What a mess! :) 

Kellsey had fun at the party, too! :) 

Then after school he got to skype with daddy and he got to open one present so daddy could watch... 
Showing daddy his present

 What IS this thing?! 

Uhhh... well... it's green!!

 Ooooh! Toy Story Squinkies! 

 Look, dad!!! 

I'm a dragon!!! 

Then after the other kids got home from school, we headed out to dinner. Keeghan chose Red Robin. There he opened the rest of his presents from us and from Grandma! 

New monkey clothes!!

 And jammies!

 A sprinkler!! (Maybe one day it will be warm enough to use it! haha)

 A puzzle! (Kassidy was texting with her best friend in TN giving her a play by play of Keeghan's gifts! haha)

 A Terrarium! We're going to grow plants! (In theory lol) 

 New cars!

 This is awesome!

 WOW! A fire station!!

And the rest of the gang... 

It was a fun day!! Still can't believe my little guy is FIVE!! :) 


Monicas Mom Musings said...

So who are you using to edit pictures? Pic Monkey? I actually think of you ever time I use it, lol. I like it a lot. Super easy to use. Pretty similar to picnik too. Anyways, looks like he had a great day.

kaymarvt said...

I cant believe how much keeghan looks like kameron from a side profile!! Ive always thought they looked alike, but just alike like brothers. Those side profile pics of keeghan make him look like kamerons mini twin! Too cute!!

kaymarvt said...

(The school side profile ones i meant... maybe it has something to do with the hat! Or how he crossed his arms like kameron sometimes does! Anyways, cuuuute!)

JennaJennJenn said...

Looks like Keeghan had an awesome birthday! I love the terrarium idea. And Kellsey looks great!

Melissa said...

Who are you using to edit your photos? I have not even started to look!

Island Baby said...

Happy birthday Keeghan! So nice that Frank could be a part of his special day via Skype ! Does Keeghan attend a religious school or does his public school allow prayers? just curious! Looks like Keeghan got some terrific gifts !!

Patti said...

renee- I've been so out of it, I had no idea you were going through any of this with Kellsey. Even when you emailed me last week, I didn't know why people would be rude about her going to your mom's for the summer. (you don't have to post this!) I am so, so sorry for all you're going through, friend. Hugs and LOTS of prayers your way. oxoxox