Sunday, May 13, 2012

Q&A #240

You might check into Windows Live Writer.. I update my blog with it. It is a free download. I never see the blogger changes and haven't had to go to the blogger site to do anything in a very long time. Windows Live Writer makes blogging very easy and it logs into blogger for you and everything. :) 
Thanks, I will check into that! I'm still not digging the new layout! LOL 

So where are you on the countdown to the end of the year? You didn't start much earlier than we did, but we go until June. So no countdown has begun here yet. I haven't even gotten CJ registered for Kindergarten yet ;). It's okay though they assured me they just sent out the Kindergarten packets today so I'll get that next week sometime probably and registration won't even begin until sometime in May. The fact that he's starting Kindergarten this year freaks me out!
Keeghan is done on the 17th and the big kids are done on the 25th. That's later than when we were in TN but we started a little later here. And ironically we didn't run out of snow days here like we always did in TN! LOL I had to get the kids registered for Kindergarten! They start in January here! I didn't get Keeghan registered until February because I lost his birth certificate (GRR!) and they were telling me he may not even get to go to his home school because I waited so long! I was freaking out because he was so excited to be able to go to school with Kameron and this will be the only year they'll be together. Thankfully the principal fixed it and even got him a full day slot (but I have to pay for that. Bleh!). Kellsey of course had to be registered early too so we could get her IEP in place and all that fun stuff. 

Is that Ivan from So you think you can dance?? 
He looks like him.
That is way cool. 

Yes... now that you say that I think they did say that's who he is. I'm so oblivious! LOL 

What does "special Angels" mean? The video is SO PRECIOUS! 
The creator of that competition (Tribute) has a relative (sibling maybe?) with special needs, so he created a division called special angels for groups that have kids with special needs in them... Kennedy's group has Kennedy of course and her friend Jaemen who also has Ds. :) Their group got to enter the competition for free :). This is the only competition that's done that so it was pretty neat! 

Did you cry? I think I would have cried. That was too cute. She is adorable! 
I did cry. Just a little... ok a lot. But only a few people saw me so it doesn't count. Shhh! LOL 

That was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! How old is she?? 
Hailey is only 11... I can't wait to see her when she's 18!! :) 

So who are you using to edit pictures? Pic Monkey? I actually think of you ever time I use it, lol. I like it a lot. Super easy to use. Pretty similar to picnik too.
Yes, picmonkey for now... I don't like that we only can upload one picture at a time though. It bugs me. Hopefully they'll fix that soon... and I need the collage feature! LOL 

I cant believe how much keeghan looks like kameron from a side profile!! Ive always thought they looked alike, but just alike like brothers. Those side profile pics of keeghan make him look like kamerons mini twin! Too cute!!
I agree!!! Sometimes I don't think they look all that much alike but every once in awhile I will catch a glimpse of Keeghan and think, "WOW... that's Kameron." Of course they are both mini versions of their daddy! ;) 

Does Keeghan attend a religious school or does his public school allow prayers? just curious!
He attends a Christian preschool :). They have chapel once a week and say prayers (actually it's prayer in the form of a song) before snack and lunch. He's learned so much there. I have some hilarious stories he's come home with that I should really blog about sometime! 


Kristy said...

Haileys dance was beautiful and Kennedy's is just precious.

Lynn said...

Psalms 5:1-3 Give ear to my words, O LORD, consider my meditation. Hearken unto the voice of my cry, my King, and my God: for unto thee will I pray. My voice shalt thou hear in the morning, O LORD; in the morning will I direct my prayer unto thee, and will look up.
My email address

Island Baby said...

Thats funny that you say the boys look just like Daddy. Here I always thought Keeghan looked so much like you!!

Katie said...

I saw this article and immediatly thought of Kellsey. How is she doing?

Katie said...

I saw this today on the Yahoo homepage and immediatly thought of Kellsey. How is she doing?

Kelly P said...

Please be praying for this precious baby girlEden, she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome after birth and has been struggling to gain weight. She will be having heart surgery at the end of May. It would be great if you could get in contact with this family and provide them with some support since you already know so much about DS, they are a faithful christian family. You are such an amazing Mom, even through all of the challenges you have been through. I really look up to you! Here is the link to Eden's caringbridge site:

Kelly P said...

Please pray for this precious baby girl, Eden, who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome after birth. She is struggling to gain weight and will be having heart surgery at the end of May. It would be great if you could get in contact with this family and provide them with some support and prayers. You are such an encouragement to me and I know you would be to them too. You are such an amazing Mom even through all of the challenges you have had, I really look up to! Kennedy is such an awesome dancer!! :)What a great dance company.
Here is the link to Eden's Site:

Melissa said...

They did a story on NBC national news tonight about children and button batteries, you maybe able to look for it an watch the clip, thought of you when i saw it.

Melissa said...

this is the link for the batteries

Monicas Mom Musings said...

This is the only year Kaitlyn and CJ will be in school together too. We couldn't register so early because they were redistricting here. Two new K-8 schools are opening and they are closing 4 old schools. And that meant city wide redistricting. Thankfully none of my kids are leaving their school. Now I just have to hope the same will be true of the teachers. So my kids pretty much go a month longer than your kids. Strange, I don't think they started that much earlier. We did end up with a whole week off in October/November for a freak snow storm though. But still. I haven't used much with picmonkey yet. I couldn't upload more than one photo on picnik either though, but that was because I didn't get the paid version ;).