Saturday, June 16, 2012

Elitch Gardens

In Denver there is an amusement park called Elitch Gardens. When we knew we were moving to Colorado, Kameron got online and started doing some research... because that's just how he is. LOL He discovered all sorts of fun things, but the one that made his eyes light up was Elitch Gardens. "I want to go THERE!" He said. Last summer was a little crazy. We were busy moving in, trying to find our way around town (and getting lost), getting the kids ready for school and just getting settled! SO now is the time. :) Kassidy and Kennedy actually got to go last week with Kennedy's dance company. Kameron was at drama camp so he couldn't go which just about did him in, but he made a commitment and had to stick with it. He lived. Amazing, I know. ;)

Kennedy's para Dawna (who is pretty much part of our family now) and her daughter Brooklyn and her niece Angela met us there for the day. The kids had so much fun going on all the rides and deciding what they liked and didn't like. Kassidy and Kameron have never been one for scary rides... they don't like roller coasters, they don't like being turned upside down... basically, they don't like the rides that Frank and I LOVE! HA! However, Kennedy and Keeghan seem to be little thrill seekers! They went on some FAST rides yesterday and laughed and laughed. :) Kennedy doesn't like the jerky rides (but neither do I) and we went on a water ride (think Splash Mountain) and even though we told her what was going to happen, she obviously didn't GET it. We did a HUGE drop, got soaking wet, and she was NOT happy! LOL We got to the bottom and she threw her hands up and said, "What the heck?! My clothes are wet!" SO funny!! Needless to say she didn't go back for a second ride with Kass and Brooklyn! LOL

Keeghan of course loved the kid area where there were NO height requirements and Kameron even liked it because there was a big ball room where he could shoot balls out of air guns... he was in there for a long time and came out sweaty and tired. Boys!!

Anyway, we bought season passes and I told the kids we could have a standing date for every Friday... we're going to get our money's worth, dang it! LOL Here are a few pictures from my phone, I didn't even take my real camera! I think Dawna took more pictures than I did, so when she sends them to me I will post them. Today we are off to meet Hello Kitty at the mall. I have a very star struck 8 year old. ;)

Keeghan wanted this banana SO badly! LOL

 Spinning on the hot air balloons

 Brooklyn and Kennedy on the swings

 Keeghan swinging 

 The girls on the Ferris Wheel... we were high up! 

 Keeghan's first ride on a ferris wheel

Kameron on the Ferris Wheel


SherryA said...

What a nice looking bunch! Keeghan's puppy dog eyes just melt my heart. He'd so have me wrapped around his little finger. :)

Anne B. said...

I agree with Sherry about Keeghan's eyes!! Yikes!! He's a charmer for cute! And I'm with Kameron....I'd want to go there every day! Brings back so many good childhood memories of amusement parks and rides!! Glad you had so much fun!!! (((HUGS)))!

Lynn said...

Know that you're in my thoughts and prayers!
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Cate said...

we go to StoryLand in NH and it has that ball room with the air guns and my son will.not.leave. It is pretty fun but LOUD!