Tuesday, July 31, 2012

California Pictures - Part 9

Here are the tail end of our pictures from California... we got to visit lots of friends while we were in town... some new, some old (not OLD, but... you know!) ;) and some we didn't even stop to take pictures with! Bummer!! We also missed out on seeing some friends we were hoping to see, so we'll have to try again next year!! Here are some pictures...

 On Thursday, July 14th, we headed to Temecula to meet up with a bunch of moms from the Down syndrome community... we had a great time eating, hanging out, watching our kiddos play and just relaxing. It was a perfect day to not "go" all day long.

Here's all of us with our babies!
(Left to right: Becca with Jocelyn, Denise with Ella, me holding Arina who belongs to Lacey and Kennedy right in front of me, Lacey holding Jaxson, Shauna's daughter Cadence and Shauna holding Reagan)

Abby, Clarisse and Keeghan, 
Lacey kissing Jaxson 
Me and my boy

Kassidy and Reagan
Jocelyn and Arina
Keeghan and daddy

Jaxson, Kennedy, Ella, Arina, Jocelyn and Reagan
In hindsight, we should have put Jaxson in the middle... surrounded by all his admirers! ;) 

We spent lots of time with these kids! These are my cousin Becky's kids...
Kylie and Kassidy, Jayden holding Keeghan, Kennedy and Kameron

And her baby Delanie! My birthday buddy! Love her!!

These are friends from Sandals, the church we went to while we were in college... We were in small group with them many years ago, when we were all young. ;) 
Ricardo, me, Amanda, Frank, Rob and Brittney

 Skyelynn and Kennedy putting on a show! I went to school with Skyelynn's mom... then she graduated and became my teacher in high school! ;) The girls are 9 days apart in age. :) 

Kennedy playing guitar hero at my friend Kristi's house. She was concentrating hard!

Keeghan playing on the trampoline

And soaking his siblings!!

We left California on July 16th or maybe the 17th... I can't remember now. It was a GREAT trip! We had lots of fun, ate lots of food and had lots of quality time together. It's been fun reliving it through pictures!!

Frank went back to Afghanistan on July 20th. He left EARLY in the morning so we didn't get any pictures at the airport. Kennedy slept through the goodbye anyway... and then later asked where her daddy is. :( Thankfully (??) the kids all readjusted well this time. I think they're getting used to it. I also think it helps that we GO somewhere for R&R and we're not here at home where Frank gets back into a routine with the kids. We always try to do something fun and out of the norm since him being home for 2 weeks is not "normal".

As for this deployment, our donut is getting more green by the day... In FACT, there's more green now than there is red... barely, but still! ;)

And that's it for now for pictures! Thanks for "going" to California with us!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

California Pictures - Part 8

On Saturday, July 14th, we headed to Los Angeles to spend the day. We did a little sight seeing, a little shopping, a little eating and then we headed to the Dodgers vs. Padres baseball game at Dodger Field. Frank is a die hard Dodgers fan and I am a die hard Padres fan. The kids have never been to a professional game, so we thought this would be a good opportunity to go!! As you can see, we were a family divided hehe...

We figured, no matter who won, at least half of our family would be happy. Thankfully, due to the MASSIVE error of the Dodger's pitcher, MY half was happy when the Padres won by two! haha It was a GREAT game (and Kassidy is a SORE loser! LOL).

Here are a few more pictures... 

Before the game, as we were doing some shopping, we ran across something unexpected... and so cute... and so cuddly... and the kids begged... and Kassidy promised to do laundry for a YEAR (HA!)... and so we brought home a souvenir we weren't planning on...

Meet Kokonut...
He is officially the most spoiled toy chihuahua on the planet. Oy. :)

And that's what we did on Saturday! A couple more sets of pictures and I think we're done. Are you bored yet?!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

California Pictures - Part 7

On Friday, July 13, we went to California Adventure for the day. We planned on spending the whole day there since we spent the whole day at Disney on Monday, but we ended up running out of things to do so we hopped over to Disney for a couple hours. ;)

Here are some pictures...

Cute kids!!

Sisters! :o)

Riding rides with mom and dad!

Family time!

There was a Phineas and Ferb show and Kennedy and Keeghan were asked to come dance on "stage". They had a blast!!!

We saw some characters... especially that guy on the bottom! ;)

Cars Land was awesome!! They did a great job making it look like the movie. Sadly, the good ride was closed down the WHOLE day so we didn't get to go on it. We were so bummed!!! 

They did get to meet Lightening McQueen and Mater though. :)

And that was our day at California Adventure... don't worry, we're not done yet!! ;)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

California Pictures - Part 6

On Wednesday, July 11th, we went to San Diego to spend the day. Kameron was so excited to do this! He's been reading up about San Diego online and wanted to see it in person. We went to Seaport Village and spent the morning and then went to Old Town San Diego for the afternoon/evening. It was such a fun day! Here are some pictures!!

On the way down we saw this Chinook landing on the side of the freeway. We joked that it was coming to take Frank back to Afghanistan... 

Petco Park - Where my Padres play! :) 

Seaport Village

The kids at Seaport Village - my Nonnie went with us too. 

Keeghan LOVED this fire truck! We found a magician and the kids got to be part of the show!

Old Town San Diego

Old Town 

Trying on hats...

Hanging out and having fun

We found a store FULL of hot sauce! Kameron was in heaven! He got to sample some for free and chose Ghost Pepper Sauce. He didn't even cry. Much. 

For dinner we met up with a long time friend, Jeff, and his daughter Emma. I first "met" Jeff when Kennedy was born through the Downsyn message boards. Our connection of course was our beautiful girls with Down syndrome and also some mutual friends in the Nazarene church! :) It was so good to finally MEET for real! Kennedy thought Emma was pretty great!! (And maybe vice-versa!) ;)

Anyway, that was our day in San Diego!! It was a fun, relaxing day! :) 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

California Pictures - Part 5

On Monday, July 9th, we spent the day at Disneyland. Last Fall we bought 3 day passes for Disney at Ft. Carson and we only used one day of those passes for our trip in November. SO we were excited to use the last two days on this trip. We decided to spend one whole day at Disney and one day at California Adventure instead of hopping back and forth.

We met up with the daughter of one of my fellow blog friends/military wives who works at Disneyland and she hung out with us for the day, and got us into the Blue Bayou for lunch! ;) Her name just happens to be Kelsey so it turned out Kelsey was with us after all! (HA!) :)

Here are some pictures from our day...

The kids... 

Kelsey brought a camera as well, which resulted in lots more pictures of mom! haha I love that she caught me on my phone in the bottom pic... I was probably uploading a picture to Facebook! ;) 

More pictures... Kennedy is with Kelsey in the top one. :)

On the Dumbo ride... and Frank and I waving to them as they went by. 

Of course we made some time to see the princesses...

And Frank took the other kids to see Mickey and Pluto... We also got to meet Merida from Brave

Then the kids got to shoot arrows at a target... I don't think any of them hit it though ;) 

Kameron on Splash Mountain and Kass all wet after the ride. It was a great way to cool down!
Kennedy went from bright eyed in the morning to crashed out cold at the end of the night... it was a great day!

Next up, pictures of our day in San Diego! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

California Pictures - Part 4

On Sunday, July 8th, we went to Seal Beach. When we were in California in November, the kids saw the ocean in Santa Monica, but it was WAY too cold to swim. They were excited to get back there again this time. However, even this time, the ocean was pretty cold. That didn't stop the kids though! They had a great time splashing around, digging in the sand, and jumping the waves. This mama stayed warm on the sand. I'm no fool! ;)

Here are a few pictures from our day...

The shoes come off and the sand comes out...

Put the girl in front of a camera and this is what you get... 

 Playing in the sand... 

Running through the water

More water fun...

Hanging at the beach...

All warm now!

 After the beach we headed to the mall... where Kennedy and Keeghan made a friend! HA!

We went to the movies... Frank, Kass and Kam saw Spiderman while I took the other two to see Madagascar 3. It was cute. We had a fun day spending time together as a family. Up next... Disneyland! :)