Thursday, July 26, 2012

California Pictures - Part 5

On Monday, July 9th, we spent the day at Disneyland. Last Fall we bought 3 day passes for Disney at Ft. Carson and we only used one day of those passes for our trip in November. SO we were excited to use the last two days on this trip. We decided to spend one whole day at Disney and one day at California Adventure instead of hopping back and forth.

We met up with the daughter of one of my fellow blog friends/military wives who works at Disneyland and she hung out with us for the day, and got us into the Blue Bayou for lunch! ;) Her name just happens to be Kelsey so it turned out Kelsey was with us after all! (HA!) :)

Here are some pictures from our day...

The kids... 

Kelsey brought a camera as well, which resulted in lots more pictures of mom! haha I love that she caught me on my phone in the bottom pic... I was probably uploading a picture to Facebook! ;) 

More pictures... Kennedy is with Kelsey in the top one. :)

On the Dumbo ride... and Frank and I waving to them as they went by. 

Of course we made some time to see the princesses...

And Frank took the other kids to see Mickey and Pluto... We also got to meet Merida from Brave

Then the kids got to shoot arrows at a target... I don't think any of them hit it though ;) 

Kameron on Splash Mountain and Kass all wet after the ride. It was a great way to cool down!
Kennedy went from bright eyed in the morning to crashed out cold at the end of the night... it was a great day!

Next up, pictures of our day in San Diego! 


Lynn said...

Glad you had so much fun!
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Anne B. said...

Another awesome day and more sweet memories! Hope you are having some great days back in CO before school starts!! ((((HUGS))))!!!

Julie G. said...

I'm glad that you had such a great time at Disneyland. Did you get to ride the new Cars ride at California Adventure while you were there? I have read that the lines have been crazy long for it! I would love to go back to Disneyland just to see that new section of the park. It looks amazing in pictures!

Drug Free Anaconda said...

All of your kids are cute, but Kennedy is absolutely beautiful!! She could go into modeling!

Stephanie T. said...

OMG Kennedy with the princesses is too dang cute!