Friday, July 20, 2012

Q&A #244

I split the Q&A up this time since I have so many! Watch for more later. Also, if you've sent me an email in the last few weeks, I am not ignoring you! We've just been a little busy. ;) I'll be getting back to you soon!! :) 

Seeing Kennedy in these pictures reminds me how petite she is. Has Keeghan passed her up in height yet?
She is a tiny thing, BUT she's really shot up A LOT in height in the last year. She's gone from a 3T/4T to a 5/6 in clothing... yes I know... she's 8. LOL But still, that's the biggest jump in sizes she's made EVER! Keeghan is still shorter than her but only by like an inch. They're pretty much in the same size clothing which would be helpful if he were a girl! ;o) I'm not sure how tall they are but they can both go on the rides at amusement parks for 46 inches and below now, so I would guess Keeghan is 46 inches (he BARELY made it) and Kennedy is 47 inches. Neither of them can go on the 48 inch rides yet. 

I absolutly do not like the pictures of Kennedy! Who told her she is aloud to grow up and become so beautiful? It needs to stop right now! I remember when she was still in preemie clothes!Turn back the hands of time! 
I know! :( *sniff* She is 8 going on 18! I still can't believe that come August all the kids will be in Elementary school. I'll have no more "babies". So sad. 

I normally don't leave comments, but I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this post. It really touched home with some of the things that my husband and I are dealing with. :)
Thank YOU for letting me know that we're not alone too. Not that we want other families to be struggling, but I'm glad to know that me being open with our journey might be helping others on theirs... even if we don't have it all figured out yet. 

Hey, have you ever noticed that it always looks like Keeghan is choking someone when he puts his arm around his neck, hahaha?
Who says he's NOT?! haha He is so funny, he hugs with everything in him. There are so many times when I say, "Keeghan, you're hurting me!" And he says, "But I LOVE you!" LOL 

That looks like a blast! Did you ride any of the rides???   
Oh yes!! I LOVE rides!!! I just couldn't take pictures of myself! LOL I didn't go on the roller coaster of course because I had to stay with Kennedy and Keeghan, but anything that they could go on, I went on. I did beg off the water boat because I was in jean capris and wet jeans are... uncomfortable but once I got really hot I gave in and went on the rafting ride with them and we got drenched. SO worth it! ;o) 

I see a visible difference in your children's face since you guys made that tough decision. The smiles seem to be coming a little easier, they seem more relaxed. I bet if we saw a picture of Kellsey we would see it in her face as well. 
I agree! The overall tone of our household has improved and the reports I'm getting from my mom about Kellsey have been good :). She's testing her limits and seeing how far she can get with grandma, but that's totally typical. Heck, I remember doing that when I spent time with my grandparents during the summer! She's happy though and doing well! I will see if my mom can send me some pictures soon so I can share. :)

 Would love the gluten-free pancake recipe for Aziza ... are they also dairy-free?
I believe she is using the gluten free Bisquick for the pancakes, but I'm pretty sure those have dairy in them. Kellsey can handle small amounts of dairy, thank goodness. 

Sometimes doing what is right for our families isn't necessarily what somebody else thinks is right for theirs. I wish we lived closer! 
Ahhh! That is so true!!! Thank you so much for your whole comment. I appreciate it so. I wish we lived closer, too! 

You've touched on some good points here. I think so many potential adoptive parents, myself included, just can't really understand what it's like until you are there. And while I understand why groups like RR restrict the post adoption groups to actual adoptive parents, I think the disservice is that other parents don't get the whole story. I know there needs to be a safe place to discuss post adoption issues, but I've heard of sooooo many families not talk about struggles because they feel like they are the only ones having a hard time. 
I agree. It's such a fine line with the post adoption groups because many people would not join with the right intentions. People (even people who have adopted) can be SO judgmental when it comes to situations that they haven't encountered or don't understand. EVERY road is different, and 3 years ago I would have NEVER said I would go on vacation without one of my children, but, our situation is not something any of us could have anticipated. If nothing else, I have learned not to judge others for their decisions. They alone know what is best for their whole family, and unless we have a 24/7 front row seat to the situation, we just need to offer support any way we can. On the flipside, I wish families that were struggling could be more honest about their journey so they would know they're NOT alone, but because of a few people who choose to judge, most people don't feel safe in sharing, especially on a public blog. So sad. :(

wondering if you saw this on the news?
another girl with CIPA. thought of you instantly. Glad you had a safe trip, enjoy your time with Frank and family! 

I did!! In fact, that family is on the CIPA board I read on. They are awesome! :)

Also, I needed to contact you about the thickeners you used for Kellsey, as I recently almost lost my infant niece because she aspirates her feeds. She was in PICU for 2 weeks when she was 3 weeks old. I feel like I remember you writing about a different thickener that you found that was easier to access or less expensive? Right now her pediatrician has my sister mixing in an amount of rice into her formula which seems to be working okay, and she will have a follow up swallow study in about 2 more months. But I want to explore all avenues to keep her safe! It was a VERY scary ordeal, she literally was minutes away from passing when we got her to ER. 
How scary!!! We used Simply Thick and Hydra-aid for thickening for both girls when they needed it. They are both gels and make liquids look like jello (even milk. It's lovely. LOL). I like Simply Thick better... it seems to blend better, but Hydra-aid is cheaper. BOTH of them are better than Thick It and other thickening powders. There's no grit with these. I've heard that Hydra-aid is also covered by some insurances, so check it out! :) Hope that helps some. 


Monicas Mom Musings said...

Hahahaha, I love it! I hurt you because I love you mom ;). Boys are so silly ;).

babyofsix said...

About the thickeners - I know when I worked in a rehab facility, they could order pre-thickened juices also to whichever consistency you desired. I know for infants, this may not work as I don't know if there is pre-thickened formula (and if Mom is breastfeeding, there definitely isn't pre-thickened breast milk that I know of). But I wanted to throw that out there for those of you with older kids who drink juices. I think there may even be pre-thickened water. Yum! :)