Sunday, July 22, 2012

Q&A #245

Stay safe Renee. When were you originally going to head to CA? Glad you have a place to go and hopefully they get these fires contained and no more homes are lost, especially yours. Seeing those houses is just freaky. 
Well, the original plan is that Frank would fly here to Colorado Springs and then we would drive together to CA, so we were waiting to see when he got in. We knew it would be the first part of July, so we left about a week earlier than planned. Thank God for family who lets us stay with them! :) The fires are out now, but please continue praying for the 350 families who lost their homes. 

So glad your house is not in the direct path of the fire. Will you take the guinea pigs with you to CA or get a pet sitter? Just curious. We have a piggy too. Can you block individual blog readers after they leave an inappropriate comment? I know you would have to see the initial comment, but it would stop them from doing it again. I know you're probably already doing that, right? Just wish you didn't have to deal with it at all. Some people can be so mean!
Actually, we don't have any piggies left. Karson died in March while we were in Philly and we only had Koko left. He didn't like being alone and started biting the kids :(. We ended up giving him to a friend who has several guinea pigs and he is doing great there! I cannot block blog readers from commenting as far as I know but all comments are moderated and I just don't publish the really mean ones... there's no point. 

Can you hose your house and lawn down before you leave with lots of water just in case the flames reach while you're away?
We didn't, but our neighbors were looking out for us. I was more concerned about the smoke for the kids than I was about the flames hitting us. I'm glad we left before they got sick. 

I have to ask what are the blue and orange things in Kennedy's and where did you get them? I know my 2 girls would love them! They are beautiful!! :) 
They are little clip in hair things and they are her new favorite things!! They have braided ones, curly ones and all different designs and styles of clips. Those ones were a present but she has a bunch from Claire's. Every time we go in there she finds a different pack! haha

I still don't understand why they limited you to 100 anyway! There's no other place to blog where you could be private yet have as many people as you want?
Apparently I can with Wordpress but I hate change! LOL 

So are you going to go back to your first blog?? as in this one and drop the second one? and I don't blame you for going back public you have a good following. Just don't let any of the nasties get to you. You are still going to see them.
Right, I only have this blog now. It's much easier!! 

Ha, if you kept the news a secret until September, then people would have noticed no pictures of Kellsey and they would have pointed that out.
LOL for sure!! A lot of people STILL asked that on FB, but not everyone reads here. 

Kellsey looks so adorable and smiley! Has she been doing any self-harming there? 
There's been a few times, especially right after she got there, that my mom had to stop her from chewing, but overall she's done really well with it! She's not chewing in bed at all anymore, which is awesome! I think it's because she's not getting overstimulated during the day... she pretty much hangs out at my mom's house for the most part. It's a great environment for her. 

I thought of you guys the other day when I noticed the first Down syndrome awarness license plate in Maryland (it was plate number 0001 -so I assume it's the first one). I thought it was awesome that DS awareness has a license plate! (That's good right? I know nothing of what is good for awareness, but I think having more people see DS around then maybe they'll look into it. I'd love your input on a DS Awareness License plate!)
Yes, I definitely think that's awesome! The Autism awareness plates have been out for awhile so it's exciting to see Ds Awareness plates as well. I believe TN has them now too... I know I signed a petition for them a few years ago. I think Kentucky might as well. It's very cool. :) 

They should extend Frank's stay since he was stuck on Kuwait!
Actually his time didn't start until he stepped foot off the plane on July 4th in California, so his delayed travel time wasn't held against him, thank goodness!! 

Having read about Kellsey over the months there is so much about her that is similar to my daughter with autism. I know you've entertained thoughts about that as a possible diagnosis for Kellsey. I can't help but wonder if autism is more of a primary diagnosis for her than even her DS. (I also have 2 daughters with DS). What I mean is that her autism, which can be treated much differently than DS, might explain so much about her, and give everyone around her much more understanding of what's going on. Even a lot of what seems like RAD may actually be autism. And as a result, one on one care will always be necessary for her to be calmer and happier. It's hard wired, and she simply can't overcome the sensory overloads. It's not that she's actually keeping people "out," it's that she simply has no "inside" track that would ever have space for anyone else. For her that's neither good or bad, it's just a state of being. It's all her wiring accommodates. If it's autism it might not have anything to do with her treatment in Ukraine. Her brain was already wired to be who she is with the characteristics she has. It's not good or bad. It just is. Just like her hair is brown. It's just how she is. A wonderful little person who is different from most other people, and someone who needs to live in her own little space without much going on around her. Autism is like that. Sorry for being long-winded. Just want to encourage you to go ahead and find out about a firm diagnosis. It's not just another label. It's a whole new window and perspective through which you (and others who have been judging you and Kellsey) can see her. Viewing a child who is autistic and also happens to have DS is a little different than viewing a child who has DS and happens to have some autistic characteristics. It's not mincing words. The autism can truly overshadow the DS, which as you know can be a piece of cake!
Thank you for this... It's interesting because I have been saying the same thing about her, only that I've been saying that RAD is her primary diagnosis instead of Down syndrome. I'm definitely not in denial that she most likely has Autism as well. Maybe one day we'll get her officially diagnosed... it just feels like one more thing to DO to tell us what we already know. In our minds, and her pediatrician's mind, it's pretty obvious that she has it. I DO believe that she has RAD as well though. She is doing well connecting with my mom, but she's having a harder time with others who are in her life there. She doesn't really like anyone taking her away from the one-on-one attention with my mom and, just like here at home, she gets jealous easily. The way you've described her, you seem to have pegged her well!! So much of what you wrote, I was nodding my head and saying, "yep"! For now, I'm happy that she's growing and thriving and doing lots of smiling! :) 

you did this all for free or did you pay to get more...this is so cool.must hide from the kids:) 
Most of those were free! I did end up paying for the upgraded version, but I think the only one I did after that was Kameron in the Army uniform. There are TONS of things you can do for free... I just hate ads! haha


Monicas Mom Musings said...

Renee, if you add something like comment luv to Blogger I do think you can block IP addresses. That doesn't always help, they'll just get a new IP address. Again though, another reason why wordpress is great, lol. I can't remember which commenting one I switched to on blogger when I had it. But it can be done and you can monitor and block people a little easier with those different commenting apps. At first I felt kind of like I was violating people's privacy because I can for the most part find out where people are from when they leave a comment on my blog. Well, unless they are somehow hiding their IP address or using a proxy which can be done. But something like that might be an option so maybe you don't constantly have to be reading the same nasty comments from the same person.

Mama2Kayden said...

Hi Renee.
Sounds like Kellsey is having such a wonderful time with your mom getting one on one attention. Since, she's loving it there so much,and doing so well, have you thought about maybe leaving her with your mom permanently?

Lynn said...

Praying right now!
2 Corinthians 1:3-5 Blessed be God, even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of mercies, and the God of all comfort; Who comforteth us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort them which are in any trouble, by the comfort wherewith we ourselves are comforted of God. For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our consolation also aboundeth by Christ.
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