Saturday, August 25, 2012

Buddy Walk - 2012

Today was the Colorado Springs Annual Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome. We were so excited to go and walk with 3,000 of our closest friends. ;) Seriously, that's just AMAZING!! There were people and dogs everywhere!

Kennedy had some great support there from lots of friends! She had quite a few friends from school come, including her teacher, one of her paras, her vice principal and principal and then of course lots of people were there from her dance studio. They have been long time walkers for Kennedy's friend Jaemen, and they of course supported Kennedy as well. We had some friends who we know through the Army come too, which is awesome!! We are so thankful to be part of such an amazing community with so many people to support Kenn and all people with Down syndrome here in Colorado Springs.

Here are some pictures from our day...

 This is Devon, she is the Miss American Jr. Teen Queen for Colorado. She was looking for a team to walk with today and asked Kennedy if she could join ours... of course Kennedy said yes, especially when she saw the pretty crown!! :) 

 Devon and her sister... they both are going to Florida for nationals in November!! We wish them the very best of luck! :) 

Grandma Debi and baby Eli... She's the baby whisperer. ;)

 Kameron with his friends Cooper and Zack

 Kennedy and her friend Emily

Kass made a sign for Kennedy, so sweet! 

Kenn and Ms. Miller

 Team Kennedy and Team Jaemen!! 

 More of Team Kennedy... it was hard to get everyone in one place at one time! LOL 

 Brooklyn, Emily and Kenn

 Walking and Talking... love these girls!! 

 Kennedy and Mrs. Taylor

 Kennedy by her sign

 Meet Kennedy 

 It's the only way to REALLY do a Buddy Walk! ;)

 At the finish line! We did it!! 

 Only YOU can prevent forest fires! 

At the Duck Store on the way out of town. My kids love this store... ducks ducks everywhere!

Kameron went home with his friends for a little bit and the rest of us are laying around. We're tired!! Thank you, CSDSA for a wonderful day and thank you Manitou Springs Police Department for only giving us a warning on all our cars instead of an actual parking ticket. We appreciate it! ;) 


Anne B. said...

Miss Kennedy, once a Princess, always a Princess. Love the crown!! I am also lovin' Kassidy's sign!! And Kennedy, when you grow up and hold babies all day, I want to know where you work cuz that's what I want to do too!!! Glad you guys had a great day for a great cause!! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!

Notsopc said...

Looks like you had a fabulous day... yeah for the team and all the friends attached..

Warrior Mom said...

Kass's sign got me all choked up. What a special big sis. Question - Kameron seems tiny in the photo next to his friends ... is he really small for his age ir is this just a strange angle?

my family said...

looks like a wonderful day

Karrie said...

It was great meeting you in person! I've always thought Kennedy was such a pretty little girl in the pictures but she's much more beautiful in person!

Glad you guys had such a great day!

Lynn said...

Sorry I couldn't donate! Way too many good causes and just no money anymore! Glad it went so well!
Always praying!
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Shelly said...

There is a DUCK STORE!! Why oh why must I be in NY far away from the duck store?? lol..

My 7 month old has a love for all things ducks and in her short little 7 months has collected quite a few already I am sure my house will be over run by ducks as she gets older! lol..

Shoeaddict said...

It's amazing and wonderful that her teachers and para and principals went. I love that!