Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dance Pictures

Back in June, I posted a few of Kennedy's company dance pictures. I got the CD with a bunch more and thought I would share them here, too. There are so many beautiful kids in this company and they are all such amazing dancers! (If I do say so myself! LOL) I am excited to see what this year brings for my little dancer. I know the teachers are already working hard on pieces for competition and the Fall season starts on the 13th!! If you live in Colorado Springs and have kids who are interested in dance... just for fun or competitively, come check out Kemper Dance. They'll have so much fun!!

*All photos done by JCM Photography

The Minis

 KDA Company Kids 2011-2012

 My Little Dancer

 Hannah and Kennedy... beautiful flowers 

I seriously think this needs to be a painting

 Alice in Wonderland

I'm seriously going to miss these costumes and that dance! I loved it! 

I still have more of Kennedy and Keeghan's birthday portraits coming, I'm just having some technical difficulties making the CD work. I'll get there! 


Mama2Kayden said...

Stunning photography and gorgeous models! I agree with you, that photo needs to be a painting! I would enlarge and frame that one for sure! Love Kenn's hair with those clip ins. So adorable, and so HER!

Anne B. said...

oh my goodness....your beautiful Kennedy looks like a Renee clone in these pics!! I don't think I ever realized how much she looks like Mommy before! The pics are all so gorgeous, from the kids to the costumes to the scenery!! The closeups of Kennedy are breathtaking!! (((HUGS)))!!

Emily said...

I know this sounds like weird question, but is Kennedy missing her toenails? In the picture of her in her sandals it almost looked like they weren't there or something.

Jackie Mulholland said...

Beautiful pictures!! Wow! The Alice in Wonderland shot and the one of Kennedy and the other 2 kids are just amazing! Kennedy has such natural beauty!

Sheri Holthe (Oleson) said...

I just have to tell you that I think Kennedy has the most beautiful eyes! You can tell she really loves dance and the pictures of her dance teams are fantastic.

Sheri Holthe (Oleson) said...
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my family said...

bea U tiful!

who is that handsome little guy in the small groups with the girls he is too cute.
great pictures