Saturday, August 18, 2012

Full Swing

Every school year it shocks me that I'm SO tired when school starts! LOL After a summer of no schedules (mostly) and no getting up (too) early, setting my alarm for 6am shocks me and I'm exhausted! Beyond the first week of school, all the kids' activities are starting back up too, but as the schedules roll in, I begin to feel more organized. Once I can plan and get things on my calendar and see everything written down, I feel more in control of my life... and anyone who knows me well knows I like to be in control! ;o)

As it stands right now every week day afternoon is full... as usual. I'm just thankful that there's no real crossover. Somehow I think that Kennedy's dance teacher, Kameron's drama teacher and Kassidy's soccer coach must have met up and said, "Let's not kill this poor lady, ok?!" HA! Kennedy has dance on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Kassidy has soccer on Tuesday and Thursday and Kameron has drama on Thursday... but his drop off and pick up times are an hour after Kassidy's so it's perfect. Kassidy will start her soccer games on Saturdays next month and Kennedy has some dance conventions coming up and then competition season officially starts in January. Kameron's play is mid-November so it will be exciting!!

Mr. Keeghan is taking some time off from activities. He was going to dance this year as well, but he has some growing up to do and needs to work on his listening skills a bit... and he needs to WANT to do it (you know, for more than 2 weeks! LOL). He's tried a few different things now and he hasn't figured out yet what he loves. It might end up being dance, or he might go back to soccer, he even mentioned trying out Kameron's drama program or doing karate, but he's going to wait until he's 6 and get through Kindergarten and then he can decide. For now he can focus on going to school all day, and learning the routine of homework and playing with friends and we'll readdress activities in the Spring and see if he might be ready.

As for me, I am excited to be able to be more involved in the school's PTA this year. They always have so much fun stuff going on and I am going to love jumping in and helping wherever they need me. I'm working on an organizational project right now from home on my computer, which is right up my alley and then later there will be more to do. The ladies in the PTA here are awesome and I'm enjoying getting to know them!

Our church is starting 30 minutes later as of tomorrow which makes me OH so happy (an extra 30 minutes to sleep in! YAY!)  and I'm looking forward to finally getting involved in a community group there. Keeghan moved up out of the preschool environment there last week, which was a little bittersweet, but he is loving being able to see Kameron and Kennedy now (at least for the music part). Kassidy is still involved in her girl's Bible study on Saturday nights, which is good.

Next week is our annual Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome... I didn't think ahead so there will be no fancy t-shirts or anything, but we will go and walk and have fun. Some of the people from Kennedy's school will be there which is cool :). I am also having a Thirty-One Party next week. I don't know if anyone will come, but my friend Jen is flying out from New Jersey to host, so I sure hope people show up! LOL

Anyway, I guess that is all that's going on around here. I'm off to fold my mountain of laundry. It's never ending I tell ya!


Anne B. said...

So glad you survived the first week! Sounds like you are going to need lots of reserves to keep everything/everyone going and going and going!! At least you have some time during the school day to "catch up" on stuff or just chill (yeah right!). Wish I could fly out for Thirty-One!! I'm sure you and Jen will have a blast no matter how many show up! :)(((HUGS)))!!

Lynn said...

Can't believe school's starting already!
Continuing to lift up prayers!
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Melissa said...

Can't wait to see you all again this weekend at the walk!