Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Q&A #246

so nice meeting people in real life isnt it?
how blessed to still have your Nonnie, my grandmother was Nonnie too. You dont hear that name often 

It is fun meeting people in real life!! I love how our "big" Down syndrome community is so small! Yes we love our Nonnie! The kids had a great time with her! :) 

I'm glad that you had such a great time at Disneyland. Did you get to ride the new Cars ride at California Adventure while you were there? I have read that the lines have been crazy long for it! I would love to go back to Disneyland just to see that new section of the park. It looks amazing in pictures! 
No and I'm SO bummed!!! It did look so fun! We checked back several times throughout the day and it still wasn't running... by evening it WAS running but only empty... they wouldn't let anyone on. Such a disappointment!!

Are you familiar with the Jaxsons Fight blog? Their family also happens to have 5 kids, including a biological child with DS, and adopted an adorable Ukranian princess with DS via RR. Was wondering if you knew of them, and if Kellsey was from the same orphanage as Arina?
As you've probably figured out by know, I DO know Lacey and Jaxson! :) And now I can say I know them in person! hehe Arina is so adorable! She is not from the same orphanage or region as Kellsey. I do know quite a few parents who adopted from her orphanage though. :) 

Knott's seems to have changed...a lot! 
It really has! The day before we went to the amusement park, we went there with my grandmother to eat at the restaurant. She was saying the same thing - that it's changed SO much!! 

Is it just me or does it seem like all of the Special K's are suddenly looking so grown up?!? Can't you keep them small?
It's not just you... they're all growing up... no more babies! *sniff*

Been to Ontario a bunch of times but it was never that empty!
Apparently the trick is to go at 8:00 PM on the 4th of July... I mean really, who wants to fly in that time of night?! LOL 

If you learn how to make your own balloon animals then you can avoid the begging when you go places that are making balloon animals. Anytime my kids ask I tell them I can make you one at home, you don't need it here. It will just pop and you'll be disappointed ;). Granted, I don't make the big huge masterpieces that you got, but so far the kids take that ;). 
LOL Maybe that's what I'll do while all the kids are in school this year - learn how to make balloon animals! ;) 

Ooooh I'm sure Kennedy really struggled with dancing infront of a huge crowd of strangers ;) haha
haha yes she hated every second of it! LOL 

You sure kept that puppy news a big secret!! So cute :) 
It was NOT easy!! I was trying to go in chronological order as much as possible but I'm not a good secret keeper! LOL I'm glad I succeeded! haha

My 7 yo. saw me looking at these pictures. I told her Kokonut was a toy chihuaha. She exclaimed, "He's a TOY???" LOL. 
LOL! I think Kennedy and Keeghan believe he really IS a toy! LOL Poor puppy! haha Thankfully, he seems to be a good sport! 

OMG! That is one of THE cutest pups I have ever seen! Will he get much bigger?
Do you all think Kassidy is just the spitting image of her daddy?

Well they SAID that he'll only get to about 3 pounds. I guess that remains to be seen. It's not like we have papers that he's a purebred or anything. I hope he stays small though, Kennedy likes to carry him around in her purse! haha 
You know, one of our friends that was just visiting said the same thing about Kassidy - that she looks just like Frank. I always thought Kameron looked the most like him, but I guess Kass looks a lot like him too... all the kids have his dark coloring. Kennedy is the lightest but even she got an amazing tan in CA! LOL I'm only slightly jealous! ;)

funny how the boys are on "your team" and the girls with daddy;) 
I know! LOL It all started with me bribing Kameron to be on my team by promising to buy him a foam finger. Then of course Keeghan wanted to be on my team too so the girls were on Frank's team. Then we got to the stadium and there were only Dodgers foam fingers! UGH! LOL You would think they'd have had SOME Padres ones there! haha So he wore a Padres shirt and had a Dodger's foam finger. Oh well! LOL 

 So what's up next for us bloggy friends? It's a tall order to top CA!!!
LOL I know right? Unfortunately, all the kids will be starting school in a couple weeks so from 8:30-3:30 it will be me and the puppy. I'm not so exciting. haha Then we will have dance and soccer and drama (literally... drama class for Kameron). SO I'll have to find things to blog about! I do have a couple giveaways coming up though! :)

Is that your Mom with you? I thought she was back home with Kelsey? 
Uhhh no. LOL That would be my Nonnie. Nonnie is MY grandmother, my father's mother. She lives in California (where I grew up) and we stayed with her while we were there. MY mother lives in TN where Kellsey spent her summer. You can see a picture of my mother here. :)

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