Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Q&A #247

I know this sounds like weird question, but is Kennedy missing her toenails? In the picture of her in her sandals it almost looked like they weren't there or something.
That IS a weird question! LOL I went back and looked at the picture and I think her feet were just dusty from all the dirt around. Those pictures were taken at Garden of the Gods. She definitely has toenails... in fact, right now they're pink and purple! haha

K sounds like she is doing wonderful and you could see your kids were happy in the pictures this summer...you could tell something was different (not that they dont look happy but maybe a little less stressed?... dont take that the wrong way). It must be a relief to know she is in good hands with you mom 
Not taken the wrong way at all! Several people have made the same comments and I can tell you that it's not just in pictures. It's been a stressful couple years for them. I am so thankful for my mom and that all 5 kids are getting the love and care that they need right now. :)

 I love the pink guitar Kennedy has. My daughter would love that.
I think my friend Brenda said she got that in Downtown LA but you can find them in little shops that sell souvenirs from Mexico and stuff. Kassidy had one when she was younger that we actually bought in Mexico. Keeghan has it now (it is brown) and he and Kennedy play with that thing all the time. Poor thing has broken strings and everything, it's well loved! haha

Ever consider putting Kennedy in modelling? She definitely seems to have the right stuff! The camera LOVES her! And Keeghan is so cute! 
She and Keeghan actually both just signed up with an agency. Who knows if anything will ever come of it, but maybe... 

What great pictures do you think your photographer wants to come to louisiana?
I'm sure she would if you bought her a plane ticket! ;o)

who is that handsome little guy in the small groups with the girls he is too cute.
great pictures 

That would be Jaemen :). We just love him!!

Do Kass & Kam still believe in Santa
But of course! Santa's REAL! ;o)

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Vivielle said...

Random question inspired by my recent trip to TN- hope you aren't bothered by it. Do your kids have a southern accent?