Monday, August 27, 2012

Q&A #248

Random question inspired by my recent trip to TN- hope you aren't bothered by it. Do your kids have a southern accent?
Actually that made me smile! :) We are originally Californians. Kassidy and Kameron were both born there. We moved to TN when I was (very) pregnant with Kennedy. When Kassidy went into pre-k the year we moved there, she had a wonderful teacher named Miss Lynn who was VERY Southern... sure enough, after a couple months, we started noticing a few words that Kassidy would say that had... well... twang. LOL It was awesome! When Kameron started school, eventually the same thing happened thanks to his awesome teacher Miss Jana. Not long after we had a friend visit from California who very quickly pointed out that *I* had an accent! NO! Surely not! haha But then Frank pointed out that sure enough I said words like "night" with a twang. Fine. LOL I don't think Kennedy ever really picked it up too much but Keeghan, oh my word, he was the BEST! He still says some things where I think, "There's my little Southern boy!" Kass and Kam have all but lost their accent, and I think I have too (but I could be in denial), but if you listen to Keeghan talk long enough you'd know he was born in the South... and I thank his preschool teachers for that as well! ;o)

Kam looks so much like you! So with Keeg being your last baby in Kindergarten, does this mean Kellsey is also in Kindergarten this year too? I meant to ask how your mom toilet trained Kellsey so fast? I can only imagine how difficult it is to train a child who is non verbal or is Kellsey now talking and understanding English better?
WOW that's the first time anyone said Kam looks like me! Thanks!! :o) Maybe his looks are changing a little as he is growing! Yes, Kellsey started Kindergarten a few weeks ago... you can see her first day picture here. She was pretty much potty trained during the day before she left here, BUT when she would get mad at me she would make herself pee just as a control mechanism so she had to stay in diapers. She had to stay in them at night as well because if she got overstimulated during the day she would poop and then eat it and/or "paint" with it. Fun times. Thankfully she's stopped doing that since going to a more calm environment. Her understanding of English has been GREAT since about 6 weeks after she came home from Ukraine, it's the speaking that's been the issue, and that hasn't changed. She's pretty much on a timed bathroom schedule and it's working well. 

How is Kellsey doing in her class in TN?
OK. There have been some serious safety issues with her overheating but hopefully they understand now how important it is to keep her cool. We'll see. 

I am in the Co Springs area. If you do any more walks please let me know. If I can, I would love to join and support. 
I sure will. It kind of came up fast this year and I wasn't prepared. Next year I'll do more advanced warning and planning. Maybe. ;) 

It was great meeting you in person! I've always thought Kennedy was such a pretty little girl in the pictures but she's much more beautiful in person!
Aww thanks!! :) It was great to meet you, too! I got to meet so many new people at the Walk that I wish I had more time to talk to. We'll have to get together for a playdate or something sometime! That would be fun!!

Question - Kameron seems tiny in the photo next to his friends ... is he really small for his age ir is this just a strange angle?
Actually, the twins are quite tall for 5th graders! LOL Kameron is pretty average height for his age I think... he's ALMOST as tall as Kassidy who's in 7th grade (but she's fairly short, so that's not saying much haha). Frank and I are both short, so none of our kids are going to be giant. ;) 


Alice Fraggle said...

I always love these posts! Thank you for answering the questions you get.
I was wondering if your Mom will participate in the DS Walk in TN for Kellsey or would you fly "home" for that?
I'm so glad to hear that she's doing well in school. I bet the safety scares made you wish you were there to fight for her, but I'm sure your Mom is doing wonderfully! Have you ever thought of having your Mom post about Kellsey? Just a thought! :D

Reccewife said...

I LOVE southern accents!

Jen T. said...

Um, I listened to Keeghan talk...a lot...last week and didn't catch the Southern at all, lol.

Mama2Kayden said...

I was wondering how you are doing with missing Kellsey? Has it been hard on you? Also, are any of the kids missing her more than others, or have they just adapted back to the way things were before she arrived? Do you feel that Kellsey will remain permanently with your mom sInce she's doing so well in the calmer environment? Sorry for all the questions! PS. I hope next year you will put a donate button up for the Buddy walk! I would love to donate to Kennedy's team!

Lynn said...

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Shoeaddict said...

Eating poop? Wow, you really, really have been through A LOT. I'm so sorry for you, your family and for Kellsey.