Thursday, August 9, 2012

The North Pole

Last weekend we had a chance to go to an amusement park here called The North Pole. We went with a foundation called Starlight who arranges all kind of fun events for kids with special needs. We've been invited to SO many of their events since we moved here, but we have always been out of town or someone was in the hospital, so we were pretty excited to be able to go this time. Best of all, Starlight paid for the tickets, so we just had to buy lunch and enjoy our day. :o) Thanks Starlight for all you do for our kids!! Here are some pictures from our day...

Of course we saw Santa while we were there... what's the North Pole without Santa?! ;) The kids told him what they wanted for Christmas... some of it was news to me! LOL 

Riding in a flying tree ornament

Touching the North Pole. It was COLD!!!!

 Taking a ride on the North Pole Railroad

More flying ornaments. Sounds dangerous!

 Riding in a bug

Feeding the reindeer. I think Rudolph was out playing reindeer games. ;) 

I wanna see them FLY!

Eww... he's licking her hand! LOL 

 Trying to steal Santa's sleigh. Thankfully it only works when reindeer are attached. 

 It's TOO bright out here!

Talking to Santa... he's a jolly old soul. ;)

That's all from there. It was a fun day! :) 


Lynn said...

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Mundanemomma said...

Cool! We have a place very similar near us in Ontario called Santa's Village!

Emily said...

Do Kass & Kam still believe in Santa?