Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hope and Courage

By: Christine Vecchione RN
Hope is what parents have as they await test results- hope that the news will be good.
Courage is facing the reality that your child has cancer.

Hope is what the nurse has every work day- hope that staffing will be adequate and there will be quality time to spend with patients.
Courage is being short-staffed again and still getting through the day with a smile on your face.

Hope is what parents have after their diagnosis conference- hope that their child will beat the odds and win the battle.
Courage is preparing family and friends for the possibility that they may lose the battle.

Hope is in the heart of the nurse caring for a terminally ill child- hope that they will be able to die with dignity.
Courage is advocating for that child to those who desire to extend the length of a life and forget that the quality of that life is also important.

Hope is what parents have as their child undergoes tests to check on remission status- hope that all tests will remain negative.
Courage is facing the results- if they are negative- supporting your child as they begin a normal life and if they are positive- supporting your child as they begin the battle again.

Hope is in the heart of the nurse whose patient is near death- hope that somehow they can bring comfort to parents who are losing their baby.
Courage is doing the same for someone else next week.

Hope is in the parents as they listen to the options for a child who has once again relapsed- hope that a miracle cure will be offered to them.
Courage is choosing to say “stop-it is time to end treatment.”

Finally, hope is in the heart of the nurse and her teenaged patient as they sit on her bed in May 2002 making plans to see parts two and three of a movie trilogy which will air in December 2002 and 2003- hope exists even though they both know that this hope is not a reality.
Courage is that nurse seeing the movie on opening day as planned- alone- to honor a memory.


ourjoyfulljourney said...

Goodness that brought me to tears! Very beautiful! Going thru the cancer with our parents and grandparents is hard enough..i can not begin to imagine this journey with one of our children! My heart breaks for those who have to go thru it and my prayers go out to them!
And for the nurses who daily live this...they are special people. People who bless others so amazingly with love and hope..i pray God blesses each of them!

Notsopc said...

Oh the tears.... To the parents and nurses and the docs who give the courage and the hope....

BridgetPirie said...

Well, that made me cry. As I consider my own son maybe not being around forever, this poem gives me more to think about.
I love the photos of Kennedy. She is just amazing.

Erin said...

Not sure how I found myself on this blog today, but it came at a perfect time. As a pediatric ICU nurse and a cancer patient myself this post was absolutely beautiful. It hit home especially this week as myself and coworkers have been struggling to fight for a little girl who has everything in the battle against her. She has parents who have such hope, more hope than I believe I have ever witnessed, but I can see the pain on their faces when they think no one is looking as they look at their baby girl and realize that maybe the better thing would be to let her go. Their courage is surfacing. I am honored to be a part of these children's and families lives. Thanks for a beautiful post.

Lisa G said...

Words of truth-- wow --it's so hard to fathom that others don't see life this way, that people live their lives and never know what a day of childhood cancer looks like on the unit---so proud that Kennedy and your family know the positive outcome of this ugly thing called Cancer!! love you Renee...

Cindy said...

This made me cry. So beautiful.

Anne B. said...

So very true and extremely real! Thank you.