Thursday, September 20, 2012

One Big Medical Update...

I haven't done a medical update on the kids in awhile. We've been to a whole slew of appointments in the last several weeks so I thought now would be a good time to do that.

I'll do Kass and Kam first... they're quick and easy - They both had well child checks today and they are both doing great! Healthy, active, typical kids. They hear well, they have 20/20 vision and neither one had to get shots which made them both very happy. ;)

Keeghan had a rheumatology check up a few weeks ago and they changed his pain medication to something else. I can't remember what it is off the top of my head, but he takes it every day to help control flare ups from his palindromic rheumatism. So far, it seems to be working much better than the Naproxen that he was on before. He went to the ophthalmologist as well a couple weeks ago at the request of the rheumatologist. Since palindromic rheumatism is in the same family as JRA, he wanted to make sure his eyes were ok. I guess with JRA can come issues with the eyes and they want to catch them quickly if they occur. The ophthalmologist was pleased with the condition of Keeghan's eyes. He has 20/20 vision and no worries for now. They will see him again in 6 months. He had a well child check this week as well. He's overall a healthy kid. He weighs 37 pounds and is 43 1/4 inches tall. He passed his hearing test which shocked me because he never seems to hear a dang thing I say! ;) I guess it's just selective hearing! HA! He didn't have to get shots either, thank goodness!

Now onto Miss Kennedy... she saw GI a few weeks ago to talk about her colitis acting up again. It's been bad for awhile now so we were anxious to get in and figure out what to do to help her. I really like this GI as she is very thorough. She wanted to make sure it is still JUST her colitis that's causing her diarrhea so she did blood work and stool samples to check for lots of different stuff. Both of those came back normal except that her thyroid was off for the first time ever. They said to have it repeated in a month or so to see what to do next. The next step is an upper GI and colonoscopy on October 15th. They will take biopsies and that will confirm the colitis again (or possibly something else) and she'll come up with a treatment from there.

Beyond that, Kennedy's been battling some awful headaches. She's been waking up in the middle of the night crying with them, unable to concentrate at school because of them and has been just miserable. This has had everyone pretty concerned. On Monday she went to her hemonc appointment (which we were looking forward to!) and she ended up being a pretty sick kid when we got there. She had a fever, swollen lymph nodes, and was just crying about her head and neck hurting. Her doctor was pretty concerned. He put her on antibiotics due to her high fever and swollen lymph nodes and she's doing much better now, except she's still having headaches.

Today she went to the ophthalmologist, partially because it was time for her yearly check up and partially because they wanted to rule out vision as a cause for her headaches. Everything checked out ok there though. Her eyes are about the same as they were last year and he didn't see any reason her eyes would be causing her pain, especially since she's been waking up in the middle of the night with her headaches.

She ALSO had her well child check the other day. Of course her "check up" was a little more involved. She weighs 40 pounds and is 43 1/2" tall. We talked a lot about the headaches and what could be causing them. Her ped mentioned that it could be due to her thyroid being off, but it's not THAT off so he's not so sure about that. She's also been having trouble lately with her blood sugar crashing out of nowhere. She has hypoglycemia, but it's been well controlled with diet... that's no longer the case. It seems to crash no matter how well she's eaten. That's been a little concerning too. He said that could go hand in hand with her thyroid AND it could be contributing to her headaches. I also keep going back to the fact that she always holds the back of her head when she is in pain and when she had her spine fusion surgery in 2008, they used a substance called BMP to fuse her which has now been recalled... because it causes cancer. And of course a child who's already HAD cancer has a higher chance of getting a secondary cancer anyway. *sigh* SO her ped is sending her to endocrinology for thyroid and blood sugar and ordering a CT scan, just in case. She also failed her hearing test which means that her darn ear tubes fell out again and fluid has built up behind her ear drums. Grr!!! This is the most annoying problem EVER. So we'll head back to ENT and she'll probably be scheduled for more ear tubes. She also got a referral for cardiology for her yearly echocardiogram to make sure all is well with her heart. It always has been ok in the past, but because of the chemotherapy she was on, she has to have it checked every year because of the long term effects it can leave behind. I think that's it. And that's enough.

BUT we walked out of the hemonc office with her official CANCER FREE status. FINALLY. Monday was exactly 5 years to the day that she finished her final chemo. And so we had to celebrate of course! Everyone at her dance studio was happy to celebrate with us!!

We'll be celebrating again on Monday at Chili's!! We hope you'll go too and color a pepper for Kennedy!!

Oh one more person... ME... I am currently battling with tricare and the military hospital here trying to get to the bottom of some weird health stuff going on with me. It's been frustrating as heck. In the meantime, I have bronchitis that almost turned to pneumonia because they couldn't manage to see me on base, yet they won't let me see a civilian provider. Grrr!! Whatever. I have antibiotics now thanks to urgent care so hopefully I'll feel better soon and they will get to the bottom of my other stuff soon... but I'm not counting on it. SO glad my kids go to civilian doctors!!!

OK That's it!! Thanks for reading if you made it this far! I promise no more medical stuff for awhile!! Please be praying that they figure out what's going on with Kennedy's headaches. They are no fun for sure!


ourjoyfulljourney said...

Praying for you and for kennedy!!! :)

Notsopc said...

Whew... Glad things are mostly good with all.. praying you and Kennedy get all better.. Hope Frank is doing well and staying safe..

Monicas Mom Musings said...

Ugh, my friend's husband is in the navy, but they are stationed in TX right now on I believe an army base. Anyways, they are seen on base for medical needs and my friend was telling me that everything is so slow. She brings the kids to the hospital because she can't get them in for sick visits with the doctor. So her son last week was having extreme ear pain. They went to the hospital and were instructed to see their own physician 72 hours later. She called to schedule that and they were like we can see him next Tuesday (over a week later). Ummm that's not 72 hours. I think they ended up squeezing him in, but it sounds like a nightmare. Socialist medicine she calls it actually. I hope that's not where we're headed.

Hope you get those headaches figured out. And the rest of your stuff too.

BTW I don't know if I've seen an update about Kellsey lately. I guess nothing much to report is a good thing, but was just wondering how she has been adjusting to school and everything.

Amanda said...

Would it be possible for you to switch to Tricare Standard to be able to see a civilian provider? There are copays and such, but you could go where you want to go. I don't think the whole family has to switch - I think you can do it just for you. However, you don't get priority on base if you're on Standard (not that you're priority now, lol!) and you have to be on Standard for a year before switching back to Prime.

Anyway, just a thought - you may have already thought of it!

Holly Aytes said...

Glad that things are ok for the most part! Hope y'all get to the bottom of the headaches. Taylor has started getting those. We went to the eye dr but everything was fine there. They were alittle concerned b/c her headaches were affecting her vision. They said they were ocular migraines and were common in girls her age (12.5) due to hormone changes. Wonder if that could be Kennedy's case (I know she would be a little young but seems like hormones start raging younger and younger). Hope you get your health problems worked out soon. I wish Tricare wasn't such a pain to deal with sometimes. I remember growing up when base care was fabulous! People wished they could see a base dr not the other way around.

Becca said...

Poor Kennedy. :-( I hope you can get to the bottom of her headaches, and hope it's an easy fix!! Great news about being cancer-free!! Wow, 5 years already?! Fantastic! And that cake is absolutely beautiful...

McCammons said...

Poor Kennedy. I hope they figure it out soon. I have thyroid issues (had cancer and had it removed) and I get migraines, especially bad when meds are off. I would hate to see a little one dealing with headaches. As for tubes, I know what you are going through. My oldest had 4 sets of tubes in. He is partially deaf in one ear because his first pediatrician waited way too long to do anything about the damaging ear infections and URI he was getting. When we changed Drs she was shocked. I would know , as you did, as soon as they fell out because he wouldn't hear very well. Hope the next ones last longer for ya'll.

Mama2Kayden said...

Sorry for Kennedy 's awful headaches. Hopefully it's just related to the ear fluid buildup and can be easily fixed. Fingers crossed! Yay for a cancer free diagnosis !!!!!!
That stinks that you can only see a doctor on base ! How frustrating ! Is the urgent care civilians or on base?
Hope Kellsey is doing well and had a good checkup as well.

Vivielle said...

So glad that Kennedy is cancer free! YAY! I;m curious to know what's on her arm in the picture of her with the cake (not the purple bandage- I'm assuming that's from getting blood drawn). Is that a temporary tattoo?