Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One Tuesday Morning

One Tuesday Morning 
Eleven years ago
People woke to start their day
Little did they know...

Rushing off to their jobs
Sending kids to school
No time for that kiss and hug,
"Mom, it isn't cool!"

One Tuesday Morning
8:46 in the morn
A plane has hit a tower,
Fear in us is born.

An accident some said,
The plane had a flaw?
At 9:03 the next plane strikes, 
Our nation watched in awe.

We knew then that our Country
Would never be the same.
So many lives would be lost,
Our hearts forever changed.

One more plane attacked
Into the Pentagon
Our Soldiers quickly packed...

the South tower fell...
It crumbled before our eyes.
Some said this must be hell.

10:03, one last plane
In a field in PA...
Thwarted by some heroes
On the plane that day.

10:28 am 
the last tower goes down, 
A country now in shock
But we will never drown.

America is strong.
We will never forget
Those who gave their lives
We'll be better yet...

We'll take more time to hug
And give that kiss goodbye
We'll be stronger than before
America will survive.


McCammons said...

Thank you, that was beautiful!

Anne B. said...

Again, I thank Frank and all of the Garcias for your roles in protecting my freedom!!! (((BIG HUGS)))!!!