Saturday, September 22, 2012

Q&A #250

Keegan is too funny about not wanting to learn Spanish! I was wondering if Frank speaks Spanish? I think I recall you saying that he is from Mexico? Sorry if I'm wrong about that!
So sorry I missed this question before! I just found it buried in my email box. Sometimes one or two slip through the cracks! ;) Frank does speak fluent Spanish... in fact, in college we took a Spanish class together, which you would think he would have aced... but ummm.... I got a B and he... didn't. *ahem* LOL In his defense, that Spanish teacher REALLY didn't like us, but that MAY have had something to do with the fact that we were ALWAYS late... and I only got a B because he helped me with my homework! LOL But yes, he speaks Spanish and was born in Mexico. He lived there until he was 11. Unfortunately, he hasn't been able to teach the kids too much because he's deployed so much, so a lot of their Spanish experience has come from Dora. Scary, I know. 

Was anyone in your family a match for Kennedy? Just curious, thank God she never needed a transplant. I've been on the marrow registry for a few years now and last year I got notification that my sample had been chosen for "further testing" due to my age, etc. Still hoping I'll get that call someday to donate.
WELL, actually in Kennedy's case (and I should have posted this but I didn't want to get too long winded and confusing) because she has Down syndrome and kids with Down syndrome USUALLY do so well with just chemo (obviously there are always exceptions to the rule) they decided not to check our family unless it was absolutely necessary. It's expensive and of course a little traumatic for the kids who aren't used to getting poked. (It would be a blood test to make sure they were a PERFECT match.) Since I was 8 1/2 months pregnant with Keeghan, they DID rush and make the arrangements to store his cord blood which viacord held for free since Kennedy was going through chemo. However, they never typed THAT either, so we don't know if he was a match. When Keeghan turned 5 (in May) it was turned over for general use so it could have gone to another child who needed it or for research or whatever, I'm not sure. I know a few kids who had perfect sibling matches and I know a few kids who had LOTS of siblings and none of them were matches... it's kind of a crap shoot. Hopefully we'll never have to find out if one of us is a match for Kenn, but I have been on the registry for 4 years now and I do hope that I'm a match for someone someday. I'd love to pay forward to another family... so many people did so much for us when Kennedy was in treatment.

I am now selling Rodan and Fields Skin care products! I have decided that in the month of September, 7% of my profits are being donated to a Childhood Cancer Research organization. Why 7%? because everyday 7 children don't make it to see tomorrow :( Go to and order today! (chose to be a preferred customer and save 10% and get free shipping!)
Thank you!!! Everyone go check it out! :)

And I don't know do they make you go through any sort of mental tests before they deploy your spouse? Perhaps that needs to be a part of deployment. Figure out who has a propensity for depression and making sure that those are set up with a therapist who can closely monitor that situation.
Ummm no. There's NO way they could enforce this. While the Soldier (or Marine or Airman or whatever) is definitely "property of the military", the spouse most definitely is NOT. The can "strongly suggest" things, but they can't MAKE us do anything. 

Yay! Does she still get followed by oncology now that she is officially declared Cancer free?
Yes, but we are officially at once a year now, which is like... NOTHING! haha She will have to have her yearly echocardiograms and blood checks for the rest of her life but that's do-able! Hopefully she'll never be an ongoing patient there ever again! 

Would it be possible for you to switch to Tricare Standard to be able to see a civilian provider? There are copays and such, but you could go where you want to go. I don't think the whole family has to switch - I think you can do it just for you. However, you don't get priority on base if you're on Standard (not that you're priority now, lol!) and you have to be on Standard for a year before switching back to Prime.
Yes, we've actually been talking about that and trying to figure it all out. I'm just worried if something IS really wrong, I don't want to get socked with a ton of medical bills. That's good to know I can switch back after a year if necessary. I'm most definitely NOT priority now. It can't get much worse than it is. But HEY, they can see me in MARCH! LOL 

That stinks that you can only see a doctor on base ! How frustrating ! Is the urgent care civilians or on base?
The urgent care is civilian. That's what makes me so mad. They don't have enough doctors on post to take care of their patients so they tell us to just go to urgent care INSTEAD of just letting us get a doctor off post who can actually, you know, take CARE of us and follow our care adequately and then they get mad at us for using the urgent care like a doctor's office. Well HELLO then make more room for us to come see YOU!!! Jerk heads!! It's so frustrating. And infuriating. And irritating. And annoying. Grr! 

 I;m curious to know what's on her arm in the picture of her with the cake (not the purple bandage- I'm assuming that's from getting blood drawn). Is that a temporary tattoo? 
No, it's permanent. Just kidding! LOL Yes it's a temporary tattoo. I think it was a bunny or something like that. She and her friend Brooklyn put them on a couple weeks ago. I can't even tell what it is anymore but that darn thing won't wash off! haha It's long lasting, that's for sure! Every time she takes a shower I try to wash it without her noticing or she will say, "Noooo not my tutu!" hehehehe


Sewconsult said...

Tell Keeghan that when he learns Spanish, he can have "secret chats" with his dad. It can be their special language!
Always great getting updates and seeing what questions folks have.

Michelle said...

I think there is a rule that they have to see you with in 30 days or refer you off base. See your patient advocate in the hospital. I am betting they can help you with that.

skeleigh said...

If you ever decide to switch to TRICARE Standard, the max you pay out of pocket per year is $1,000. That is the catastrophic cap per family, per year. I know this because we did it with Keeghan.

Drug Free Anaconda said...

THANK YOU for promoting Rodan+Fields for me! I am going okay this month...would love to be able to donate more!

Mama2Kayden said...

Too funny about you and Frank taking Spanish class together in college and you doing better than him !! Haha!
What degree did you both end up getting? I'm assuming not Spanish degree ?:)

Julia said...

rubbing alcohol gets those temp tattoos off quick, if I remember correctly lol.

McCammons said...

Rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover without acetone will get the temp tatoo off without any pain.... :)

Dawn said...

Baby oil also removes those pesky temp. "tutus.' Students at my school are not allowed to have them visible (they are a distraction) and teachers have become experts at quick removal.